Sub Zero! Now Just Plain Zero!

We're actually quite excited about the new Mortal Kombat. It's doing that fancy thing of going 2.5D; rebooting the franchise whilst moving back to what made the series so popular to begin with. In short it's doing a Street Fighter IV, but in a Mortal Kombat way, if that makes any sense.

If you have any interest in the series at all, we thoroughly recommend checking out the trailer below. The new Mortal Combat looks fantastic, but almost feels like an old school Mortal Kombat. Despite years of disappointment, we're actually quite hyped for this.


    MK2 was the shit. Mythologies was ok as well.

    But nothing is going to take me away from my beloved SSFIV and TE stick...

      Iiiiii dunno. This looks pretty killer! I don't like this tag-team business but WOW this is a NICE upgrade!

    "The new Mortal Combat looks fantastic, but almost feels like an old school Mortal Kombat"

    Something wrong with that sentence, Marky? hehe

    yeah i saw this clip on the weekend from a US Kotaku post and it is looking pretty damn Spiffy indeed!

    I love the article title!

    Arnie in a gold lycra jumpsuit? Hell yes!

    Haha, gotta love the Arnie quotes.

    For anyone who does not understand the title, and possible future titles. Please refer to this:

    Quite possibly the best way you'll spend 10 minutes today.

      This comments section should now be about awesome arnie quotes.

        "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark... and prince Hamlet is taking out the trash".

        Get out....Get out!!!...Get down... GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!

        Your wish is my command!

        I would like to talk to you about Thomas Aquinas!

    I watched a few clips over the weekend, this game just does not impress. The gameplay looks rigid and clunky. Having over the top gore might have covered up that fact when I was 7, but not anymore.

    Cyrax! I saw Cyrax! I've been lazy and not following really any of this... so that clip was a revelation to me. Cyrax!

    Best use of Arnie quotes in rap form

    dammit, i'm a sucker for a game with x-ray bone crushing vision...

    although i was always getting this game, awesome effectsd or not

    I see about five classic Mortal Kombat stages in that video (particularly from MK 2 & 3). There is the acid pools, the subway, the bell tower, Shao Khan's arena with the chick in chains (I think it was originally Sonya Blade in MK2) and something that looks like it was from the MK on the N64. The desert stage also remind me of something from the N64 or possibly MK2.

    After playing MK: Deadly Alliance I am very happy then went back to the old stage designs that actually have some character to them.

    OH GOD he wrote "Mortal Combat", the ultimate flaw and mistake to make when talking about MK!!


    Subzero and Scorpion are nice characters and all, but I want to see what they can do with the other characters.

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