Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Collection Dated

We wondered, we hoped, we dreamed, but now we have it. It's official - Nintendo are bringing Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Collection to Australia, set for release on December 2, for $39.95.

The 25th Anniversary Edition contains all the games originally put on the Super Mario All-Stars collection released on the SNES in 1993 - Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - but it also contains a 32 page booklet detailing the full history of the Mario Bros. series, along with hand drawn characters from Shigeru Miyamoto. Also included is an audio CD containing all the music from 25 years of Super Mario games.

The version of Super Mario Bros. on the disc will differ from the 25th Anniversary edition currently installed onto the new red Wiis - it's the original version minus any of the quirks like the '25' replacing the question mark blocks.

Also announced is a new addition to the sparse choice available from Club Nintendo members. From the 11th of November members will be able to redeem 2,250 points and receive one of three 25th anniversary Mario t-shirts


    Yay for the shirts! I have 2900 stars that have been sitting there for ages waiting for something good to come along. Hopefully they're of decent quality given the price relative to other items in the catalogue.

    God dammit it Nintendo Australia... what is with the boxart! The Japanese special edition is so much nicer...

      Ummm pal, what you showing us is the box that will contain the disc book etc, the Japanese disc art is basically the same as ours, don't fret as you will get the same box as they are.

        I just got an email from Nintendo then... they are doing it right for once...

        Crisis over... :p

    Oh, so now I see why they never attempted to put Super Mario All-Stars on the Virtual Console. Sell each NES original individually then package All-Stars as a retail package years later.

    "Also included is an audio CD containing all the music from 25 years of Super Mario games."
    If I were to buy would be for this.

      ALL the music from all 25 years? Must be an audio bluray.

    Chances of me buying this = 100%.

    I already have this on the Snes! My Snes still works! The Snes controller is far superior to the Wii Remote or Classic Controller!

    But $40 isn't much money, I'd get to play the games on a modern console through component cables, I get bonus items and I do like spending money on crap I don't really need.

    Decisions Decisions! AAARgh stupid Nintendo tempting me...

    I might get this.. it would be a sure thing if it had super mario world too...

      Technically SUper Mario World wasn't in All-stars when it came out, that was only bundled with the game with purchase of a SNES. This brings back great memories, as well as frustrating moments. At $40 how could you pass this up?

    Sweet! $40 is an awesome price. Its funny because Ozgameshop wants $61! We finally get something cheaper!

    Even though I already bought Super Mario Bros. 1-3 on the Virtual Console, have the GBA remake of number 3, and don't have a well paying job, I will still get this.
    The Audio CD is so appealing. Plus, I'm a sucker. And it's not bad for $40. I don't know why I was expecting $100 >.>

    I'm still saving my points for the Game & Watch Collection. Whilst living in a world where wearing Mario themed t-shirts does not give off epic nerd vibes would be nice, it's not the reality.

    This would be terrific if it contained the NES originals also. The collision detection in the re-makes is different so they are essentially different games in regards to speed running through a level.

    So we're actually getting a Nintendo product at about the same time the rest of the world (or at least Japan) gets it? That would explain all those airborne pigs I saw earlier.

    Hang on- so this is just the same game I got with my SNES 15 years ago? While it's a fantastic game, what's the deal? This should be on VIRTUAL CONSOLE for a lot less!

    Game Overthinker suggested that if Nintendo really wanted to make money they should resell Super Mario All-Star, but mainly as a vehicle to include a level editor. Now THAT is something I could have gone for!

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