Super Mario Wii Bundle Is Not Japanese Internet Gold

To mark the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, a special Wii bundle that includes a "hacked" version of the game was released in Japan on November 11. It's November 12, and the bundles are flooding online auction sites.

The bundle is retailing for ¥20,000 ($244) and the few bids that are being placed are in small increments and do not hover that much over the retail price.

The bundle does seem to be selling on Amazon Japan and in retail shops. It's the grey market that is sluggish.

In years past, popular Nintendo hardware could fetch a premium on Japan's Yahoo! Auctions. These sellers will be lucky if they make the equivalent of a 20 bucks or so in profit. That is, if they sell their console at all...

Similar bundles are being released in both Europe and America; however, neither have the hacked version of Super Mario Bros. Perhaps these Japanese sellers should look abroad?

「25周年」の検索結果 [Yahoo!オークション via">オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Europe and America really don't get the hacked version? Cause we do.

    Anyway this is not the sort of item you can make a profit on right after release (and it's still in stock at retailers). You need to hold on to it for a long time, keep it mint and let a large pool of them become opened, damaged etc...then maybe you'll get more, maybe. Frankly I'm pleased, fuck profiteers who eat all the stock with no intention of enjoying it.

      Hear hear.

      By my reckoning you would need to build a whole market's worth of them, to sit on them in a container for 5 years, hoping that they will be worth something.

      Having said this, if anyone has a NES Special Edition Gameboy SP, I would like to know. Seeing as Nintendo have been so rude as to NOT do a DS version in the last 5 years.

      This guy did ok with a Phattie Boom Battie tho:

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