Super Meat Boy Teases New 360 Chapter, New PC Character

Minecraft guy and Captain Viridian of VVVVVV are known to be two of three playable characters exclusive to Super Meat Boy's upcoming PC version. Team Meat teased the third today; looks like the guest star's game name rhymes with Shmachinarium.

There are three more characters to be revealed, and Team Meat dropped these hints: "One of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic."

As far as things we know that we know, a title update has been sent to Microsoft for approval "and should be up by the 21st (we hope)," saith Team Meat. "This update will fix all known bugs, erase all 0.0 times from the leaderboards and come with a totally new music track by Danny called Dr Fetus's Castle. But the biggest addition to the update will be the 1st new set of 20 internets levels."

That first new level is "The Sewers of Dross", and in it, you'll be using Gish only to navigate 20 levels "that ramp in difficulty from medium to soul crushing". That means they adjust in difficulty from "very hard" to "Eli Eli lama sabachthani".

Super Update! [Team Meat]


    I am enthused about the Gish levels, but even more enthused about the prospect of shooting up a couple of thousand spots on the leaderboards when those 0.0 times disappear.

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