Super Street Fighter VI's Latest Costume Pack Is A Day Late

Yesterday would have been the perfect day for Super Street Fighter IV's Ryu, Ken, Dan, Gouken and Akuma to play dress-up with the new Ultra Shoryuken Pack.

At least PlayStation 3 players can pay $US3.99 today for these striking new costumes. Xbox 360 players will have to wait until tomorrow to put their 320 Microsoft points down.

I love the costume packs Capcom keeps putting out, though I've yet to buy one. I miss the days when alternate costumes were items you unlocked for free, instead of having to pay for them.


    super street fighter vi? when did that come out?

    Yeah dudes learn your roman numerals, IV is 4. VI is 6.

    Glad to see Dan is still kicking around in 2 games time.

    Mr Karate Dan? O_o

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