"Super There Will Be Blood" Will Make You Laugh Like A Bastard From A Basket

This uproarious short - a finalist in Empire Magazine's "Done In Sixty Seconds" competition - reduces all the key dramatic scenes and dialogue of "There Will Be Blood" to 8-bit presentation. Pick up that milkshake!

"Super There Will Be Blood," by Owen and Adam from tomfoolerypictures, had me snickering from Plainview's first tumble down the shaft, and it's a minute of your time you won't mind wasting. Good job guys, now get working on Lego No Country For Old Men!

Thanks to mindsale for the tip!


    Was hoping for an "I'm finished!" at the end.

    Looks like a few more bits than 8, my friend. Unless you're talking PC Engine, but that's kind of cheating.

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