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    Morning all! No bargains today! :(

    ...But they're coming in a real news post tomorrow! :D :D :D

    Oh, and Mark:
    Did Chulpa Loopa pick a game for the Community Kudos?

      make sure you get COD: BO at JB Hi-Fi in there ($79)

        It's actually cheaper online... and I tend to go for the cheaper version, even if it is missing a box. But don't worry, it is in the article!

        I already posted this in the Community Kudos last week, but if you haven't read it already, I'll just repost it:
        Congrats to both you guys, it’s well deserved!

        And seeing as we’re on the topic of bargain/deals and you like PC stuff, Black Ops at Direct2Drive is only $60:

        Also, when you’re at the check out, put in the promo code:


        And it becomes $45. I say this now, because Black Ops is out on tuesday (I think) and I’m not sure if this is for pre-order only.

          The $45 deal expires today, so if anyone is keen, it's best to get it NOW!

          GO GO GO! XD

          I purchased this thanks to NotoriousR, big thanks again! :D But, do you have any idea when we will be given our key code (i assume in email form???)

            Honestly? No Idea. The site says the release date is 7AM PST, November 9. Assuming PST is Los Angeles Time, that translates to 2AM Wednesday the 10th. So I'm assuming when you wake up Wednesday, you'll be ready to go.

            Of course, this is all speculation, and they could email you a trollface and say you have to wait a month just because they can.

    COD: Black Ops Midnight launch:

    Wetherill Park(Syd), Knox(Mel), Indoorpilly(Bris).

    JB HI-FI:
    VIC – Bourke St, Chadstone, Knox, Southland, Werribee Plaza.
    NSW – Glendale, Miranda, Newcastle, Parramatta, Penrith.
    SA – Adelaide City (look at site for times).
    NT – Casuarina.
    QLD – Loganholme, Townsville.
    TAS – Hobart.

    NSW – Albury, Ballina Fair, Bankstown, Bathurst, City Centre, Blacktown, Broadway, Campbelltown Mall, Casula Mall, Charlestown Square, Eastgardens, Erina Fair, Grafton, Griffith, Hornsby, Hurstville, Kotara, Lakehaven, Lismore, Liverpool, Macarthur Square, Manning Mall, Miranda, Mt Druitt, Narellan, Nepean, Orange, Port Central, Parramatta, Plumpton, Rouse Hill, St Mary’s, Tamworth, Tuggerah, Warrawong, Warringah Mall, Windsor, Wollongong.
    ACT – Belconnen, Canberra, Gungahlin, Riverside, Tuggeranong.
    VIC – Bayside, Frankston, Bendigo, Broadmeadows, Camberwell, Eastlands Ringwood, Epping Plaza, Greensborough, Knox City, Shepparton, Southland, Watergardens, Wendouree, Werribee, Woodgrove.
    NT – Casuarina.
    QLD – Cairns (Stockland),Cairns Smithfield, Calamvale, Helensvale, Logan Hyperdome, Morayfield, Robina Town, Strathpine, Sunshine Plaza, Townsville, Toowoomba.
    SA – Arndale, Colonnades, ElizabethG, Golden Grove, Marion, Munno Para, Renmark Plaza, Tea Tree Plaza.

    Check the sites for times. The game is $79 at JB

      Sorry if this sounds obnoxius... but do people really still go to midnight launches?

      What's the draw? (sorry if it sounds ignorant, I've never been to one)

        I went to one for GTA4. It was actually pretty cool because i was on holiday in the US so went to a gamestop in San Diego. The launch was nothing special (didn;t even have any consoles to play in store etc) but there was a domestic that occured right infront of the crowd (I don't condoe domestic Violence) but this one was funny because the guy was the violent one initially, but his missus then launched at him with a piece of timber and a shopping trolley then about 4 cop cars and a fire engine rocked up... We even got interviewed by the police.

        It was a VERY 'GTA' launch and a good story to tell the next day.

        Also, I would have gone to the Kinect one in times square, just for looks...

        Not sure, I was planning on going tonight, but I've never been to a midnight release either. So I want to see what it's like.

        I don't go to midnight launches. Mainly because Western Australia gets shafted. But I probably wouldn't go anyway. Sleep is good...

      I've got my copy already paid for, so just have to head into GAME tonight to collect. Also might see RED tonight before Black Ops launches....

    Hey guys! As weekend comments usually don't get approved, i would like to say Happy (belated) birthday again to TadMod and The Cracks!
    You guys get many goodies?!

    Also, in "on sale"news - and this one you guys HAVE to get - as part of the DotEmu sale at you can pick up Raptor: Call of the shadows 2010 edition for just us$2.99!!!

    Do yourselves a favor and GET THIS GAME! No excuses! This is pretty much what 2D shooters are all about - NOTHING BEATS THIS GAME IN ITS GENRE!

    Also, they have the Gobliins Collection, Ishar Collection and Robinsons Requiem collection for the same prices. I haven't played any of those games, but Gobliins and Ishar seem like they'd be well worth the look!

    ALSO - Zavvi's Mega Monday sale see Splinter Cell Collectors Edition for around $28Aus! Shiny!

      sorry, i fumbled - it's 2.99 if you buy the other games with it.. otherwise it's a little over 4.. so stuff it, buy em all!!

      $4 is still damn good for such a classic, though :)

      Haha, thanks man!

      I didn't get any presents (as I'd gotten them a month early, lol), but I did get a job offer in the CBD, so we'll see how that pans out. *fingers crossed*

      I'll add those to the lst when I get home today!

      Isn't Zavvi British? As I recall, they have a bit of an evil exchange rate, charging more than the conversion... I'll leave them out for now...

      If you have any more, feel free to email me at tadmod(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll put it in (with credit given, of course)!

        AUD-UK exchange rate is actually pretty alright these days. Off the top of my head, each UK pound is ~$1.60, combined with the slashed prices from Zavvi or, means games come in from $20 (I think Zavvi has a current special on Bioshock 2 for ~10 pounds or so) to $70 (Black Ops on PS3). The latter isn't so impressive considering we can get it for $79-ish here, the deals like the former are always great if you've missed a new release game and forgotten about it. Add a few bucks for postage and credit card conversion fees, and you still get pretty good deals.
        A far cry from when each pound was ~$2.20 AUD. :\

      Thanks :P

      Got a couple of DVDs and some cash. And my friends got me the first 3 volumes (in 1 book) of the Dragonball Z manga, as well as a (Ginyu) Goku figure and a Frieza saga Krillin phone charm.

      And I got cake. Yummy chocolate mudcake.

    So, I bought a 360 slim for fable 3, Fallout Nv etc as my PC Isn't that amazing. Fable, Wayy too short and that second half is over so quick I didnt know if it was the end or not.

    I was putting the games on my HDD and found out my New Vegas is scratched :(. Does anyone have a remedy for this?

      If it's in regards to the CD, try a bit of toothpaste if you don't have any CD cleaner fluid. For a dental solution, it's also not bad for a CD cleaner.

      Toothpaste... Serreliously it works. I have tried it on my GTA disc when i bought it home day 1, driped it on the floor and then kicked it???

      You apply dry to the entire disc, wipe off with a soft cloth or paper towel, you wipe from the inside of the disc outwards gently until it is all gone. No water and no hard scrubbing is required. I suggest you look around online first for a vi or something, but it does work!

        I'll try this when i get home, Thanks!

        I tried Window cleaner, I'd read somewhere it would work. I havnt tried it yet; Fable 3 was too tempting as I hadnt finished the first part yet.

      The remedies I'd suggest might result in a slap on the wrist.

    Greetings and salutations! How was everyone's weekend? I didn't get to spend as much time playing games as I would have liked thanks to my wife having friends over for a semi housewarming party/birthday bash. I did still manage to fit in a good few hours of gothic 4 play though. I'm really in two minds about this game now. On one hand it's very gothic like and exciting, but on the other it's kind of limited and feels like it's just missing a chunk of something. Mostly it's just the character stuff that's slightly annoying me though. The way you level up your skills is very bland. You used to have too learn how to make advanced potions and lockpicking etc.. now to make a potion, all you need is a recipe and ingredients. Same with smithing. Don't need to learn/level up the skill.. just recipe and ingredients. You're also given a lockpick by a character at some stage, and from then on you can open any chest that doesn't require a special key, and the way you actually pick the lock is not very challenging at all. Seems to take away the fun of getting new levels so you can pick the harder chests without breaking all your lockpicks cos from what I've seen, you can't break the one you have :\ My biggest gripe though is spells. You only have 3 :\ Fireball, Cold Blast and Lightning. The only saving grace to that is that when you level these spells up, you can hold down the button to charge them up to do more damage/bigger blast radius etc. That actually works quite well since you don't need to swap spells all the time, but as an avid magic character user, 3 spells is a bit pathetic :(
    All the same, the adventure side of the game is quite good. Such a beautiful game and plenty to explore!
    Has really got me tempted to go back and play gothic 2 or 3 again just so I can get my fill of character development though :0

      Hey mate, good weekend thanks! :D I spent it trying out some games under Windows 7. I started with F1 2010, which I'd brought from steam, which ran about as smooth as gravel sandwiches under vista. But it ran ace! So, I played it all damn weekend (trying to win championship).
      You make me interested in Gothic, I havn't tried any of the series yet. I need a time extending device....????

        heheh if you like rpg's then I would highly recommend giving it a go. If you want a real challenge, try and find yourself a copy of gothic 2 though. Played through good few hours more of 4 last night, and it's either a lot easier than it used to be, or i'm just more used to gothic now and kick ass. I'm sure it's the former though. Reached my first major decision point last night though! That really made it feel like gothic. Much approved! Looking forward to seeing what's coming next!

    I spent all the weekend playing New Vegas, with the odd break to Naruto: Ninja storm 2 and Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2. I'm actually liking Ninja Storm 2 a fair bit more than I thought. Just hate the fetch quests.

    Also, spent an hour last night in New Vegas inside a vault overgrown with plants and zombie plant monsters. Reading up on the story through computer logs, and it was a legitimately scary experience, especially the first few times I was walking through the foilage and hear a loud "HISSSS!" followed by a giant green bastard leaping at me and taking off a quarter of my health.

    Anyone else played through that part, and did you find it scary?

      ^^ Spoilers above and below sort of ^^
      Anyway, yeah I loved that part. I especially liked how they would lay on the ground for just a bit too long, so you think they are already dead, or how their name is in orange/amber before they get up so they don't show up as a red enemy until they attack. It was a pretty good part. I also like the greenery out the front in contrast to the fallout 3. This is like Oasis in FO3... GOod part.

        My strategy just turned into swinging a rebar club like crazy as I walked through the grassy bits. occasionally I'd hit one of the bastards, knock him down, then finish off my crushing his skull.

      I'm curious: is Raging Blast 2 much of a step up from Raging Blast 1? I've got RB1, and quite enjoyed it as a spiritual sequel to the Budokai Tenkaichi series. And the inclusion of of the 'Plan to Eliminate the Saiyans' OVA is also a major draw for me.

      Also, did they scrap that stupid star system for unlocking content? Man that pissed me off.

        It's the same game, with a fresh coat of paint in the form of new camera angles, a few new characters and ditching the story mode. Star system is gone, and the story mode has been changed to "galaxy" mode, which is similar to how Supersonic Warriors 2 handled it. Which I think is good, as I was getting so friggin' sick of playing through all the sagas with each new DB game.

        Also, plan to eradicate the Saiyans isn't worth the price of admission, it's just 30 mins long, poorly put together and really is just "Oh my god, hatchiyak! Kamehameha!" The end. >_>

    So Last week i said I was getting Kinect at launch, not for the games but for the tech. I will play some games but I just wanted to check it out first hand.... Then, Mr Waffle posts over the weekend (last weeks TAY) a piece of news that I had missed from over 2 months ago. Kineck will not recognise Aussie voices???

    Now, the article from Sep 1 on Kotaku did only speculate about Aussies, but did suggest that Canadians were not getting voice even though they speak english?

    What I would like to know is has this been tested locally and does it actually work for Aussies. Have the Kotaku guys got one yet (Im looking at you Simon Pegg), are there places in AUS you can test this out, has anyone seen any Aussie sites confirm/disprove this theory.

    As I am buying this for the tech, This will basically stop me from getting it day 1 I think?

    Any help is appreciated.

      We should be getting our kinect units really soon – I'll first check out my unique scottish brogue (and hope it doesn't explode) then I'll get the most bogan aussie accent in our office to test it out. We'll let you know as soon as we know.

        I hear that George from Beauty and the Geek is free and he would certainly fit the criteria for an 'Aussie Accent'.

        Also, how about getting an Aussie to put on an american accent?? If you say
        "XBOX, Y'all turn on now Ya'hear!" will it work?

        If you can't find anyone, I am in the CBD so hapy to come and help out....

        But I would like to get an answer as I had not heard this before. Cheers,

      Funny thing about the voice recognition for Kinect: I did testing for it.

      I came in for a day last year to a place in Chatswood, for a company called "Appen" and tested it out. I didn't, however, get to use the motion controls. They were disabled for my test.

      It was eerily accurate for my voice. It only cocked up once, and that was when I said "stupid tiger" instead of "silly tiger". I believe it had something to do with kinectimals, lol.

      I doubt it will have an issue with Aussie compatability, unless you do happen to sound like Alf Stewart... you could hit up Jinx on twitter though if you're worried.

      It can recognise yanks from the bronx, the deep south, washington and boston... and it works with pomms from all over england.

      I got it from here-

      There's a link to the official MS support for voice-

      Now, that site says you can change the supported language... so... maybe that means we'll just be able to switch it to US? I've honestly got no idea. I seem to recall someone saying it would be locked out entirely for Australia (as in, the menu would be disabled so you can't even change to USA etc), but I have absolutely no idea where/when I heard that, so...

        Thanks for the follow up. It was also mentioned on this site on Sep 1.

        I was actually just saying thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will wait til later in the week. I have a pre order so I can still get it, but I am keen to get to the botom of this... Cheers,

    Dunno if this has been posted previously or not, but EA have a new Play 4 Free Battlefield coming. Vids and closed beta signup here:-

    Foxtel FAQ is up on InsiderX FYI:

    The mian thing I was interested in was...
    There are 3 different streaming qualities, and each will use a different amount of bandwidth. High quality streaming will use approximately 800mb/hr, medium quality will use approximately 540mb/hr, and low quality will use approximately 360mb/hr.

    Is anyone else wondering where the hell Elder Scrolls V is? I know I am. Here's my take on the situation if anyone cares to read it:

      Yes, yes, yes. Morrowind is still one of my favourite games, and Oblivion was pretty damn good too. We all know a new Elder Scrolls will sell extremely well. They just need to scrap the damn Gamebryo engine for something newer. While it was fantastic four/five years ago, it's really showing its age in New Vegas...

      I'd actually like to see them replace the controls with something like the puppeteering in Assassin's Creed and then let your numbers sort out the rest.

      I've only played part of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion about a month ago, but even in late 2010, I think it stands strong as a great game (graphics-wise, controls & story). The only downside that kept me from playing was the manual save, and reading about doing certain quests broke the game. I think I rely on game autosaving/checkpoints too much, which is why I'm not suitable for playing this. :P

      Is no. 5 even in development though?

        Auto-save is the absolute worst thing to rely on in RPGs like the Elder Scrolls. Manual saves provide freedom to make multiple choices, to recover from errors, and the security of knowing that glitches and bugs probably won't kill your save completely.
        My brother usually relies on auto-saves and/or a single manual save slot, and this bit him on the ass when he lost ~5 hours of his New Vegas character due to a corrupted save...

        Anyway, Bethesda really know how to make enjoyable games. If they could update or replace the Gamebryo engine to something not too dissimilar, it would be super awesome. That engine is dated...

          I only really started playing properley recently. Started a game about a year ago and kept getting into other stuff.
          Doing Shivering Isles at the moment and loving it.
          Will be excited if they make five.

            I think graphically it's great. The BGs especially and the difference between the bulk of the game and the Shivering Isles has really helped.

            For me the big let down is the music, there's about 4 or 5 tracks that seem to repeat. I was expecting something more manic and dissonant for Shivering Isles (like the visual difference)but it all sounds the same.

    Hey Mark, was just wondering if you got the email i sent you over the weekend. I sent it to [email protected] - is this the right one to be sending to?

      So I'm guessing from the deafening silence that it's either the correct address, or nobody cares. lol

    Been playing super Mario 64 on an emulator as well as minecraft. Damn that games addictive I can play for ages without actually making any progress. Question any
    Other good 64 games

      Conker's Bad Fur Day was pretty amusing, and Goldeneye was a classic.

      Starfox 64.


      All of the above.
      But how can you miss Zelda:OoT?
      Also, Lylat Wars is awesome (otherwise known as Star Fox 64).

      Perfect Dark!
      Also, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer; don't be fooled, it was a surprisingly awesome game. Probably the only good thing to come out of that movie. Well, except maybe well-choreographed lightsaber battles. I can't watch the original trilogy anymore without noticing how lame the lightsaber fights are. :(

        We could spend forever talking about N64 games...
        And yes, Episode 1 Racer was awesome.
        Perfect Dark is one of the greatest console games ever. I even bought the XBLA remake :P

          Ohgod, I lack both a 360 and Wii, so I'm missing out on all the delicious remakes.
          *weeps quietly in the corner*

            Wow. You poor sod.
            I currently own both the N64 and Wii downloadable versions of Ocarina of Time, and I intend to get it on the 3DS as well. Remakes are awesome.

            And then there's the Mario All-Stars 25th anniversary edition :P

              THANKS MAN

              Mind you, I still have my N64 and SNES sitting around somewhere so I'm sure I could just play them whenever I wanted. :<

              *cries a bit more*


                Really, though, if you have the originals in a playable condition, the re-releases are just novelties. My N64 controllers are buggered (stupid loose analog sticks), so the re-releases were worth it. And all they really did to Perfect Dark was update the textures a little.

                3D Ocarina, though? WANT!

      Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie (SM64 with a bear & bird)
      GoldenEye (Stealth FPS)
      Perfect Dark (spiritual sequel to GE)
      Mischief Makers (Enix made 2D platformer)
      Diddy Kong Racing (MarioKart clone with a story)
      Mario Kart 64 (Mario KART!)
      Blast Corps (Cars, robots, trains -smash bulidings- FUN!)
      Snowboard Kids 1&2 (MarioKart clone with snowboards)

    I agree goldeneye is awesome although I needed to pull out the usb controller, cant do anything without analog sticks. I only have played a little banjo and kazooie. But what I played I liked. I have never heard of conkers bad fur day. What's it play like?

      Well, Conkers is a RARE platformer, so it play remarkably similar to the likes of Banjo-Kazooiee. But you play Conkers for the humour. Lots of violent humour, course language, and poo. Lots of poo.

    Well, the final version of the Cheap$kate Gamer article is now in the hands of our ever-so-able editor, Mr. Mark Serrels.

    I'm excited to see how the people of the community react to it :D


    Gah! I'm kind of screwed (not really). Exams are ending, and this is generally followed by a splurge in games. So far I've bought Ghost of Sparta($35 from the UK) and pre-ordered the Brotherhood Codex Edition($148), waiting for Super Meat Boy(I'm guessing $15) to hit Steam and to top it off, I saw a second hand Demon's Souls Black Phantom edition at EB for about $80 (which I could probably get for about $64). Is Demon's Souls worth it? I've heard awesome and terrible things about it, and I'm confused as to what I should do.
    Thoughts about the game from people who have it? Is the Black Phantom Edition worth it or should I search for a cheaper normal edition version?

      Try get a normal cheaper version online. But still an AU version, lest you get UK or US servers. The Black Phantom Edition comes with artbook (of pre-rendered CG models of characters, which is a bit meh), soundtrack CD, and a small strategy guide. The strategy guide is really handy to have if you need to quickly look up something away from the computer, but otherwise it's just a compact form of the wiki (
      As for recommendations? I really don't know. We know the Goose loved it, I rather quite liked it, but I certainly don't think the game is for everyone. It can be hard sometimes, it can be frustrating (FLAMELURKER *shakes fist*), it can be rewarding, but I imagine you have to be a bit stubborn to keep going even after you keep getting massacred or maybe a bit of a masochist.

      Hmmm, I was under the impression that the Black Phantom edition was the only Australian edition? And I got mine for just under $80 at EB brand new. If there is a 'normal' Aus version, go for that but the BP version is definitely worth it if it turns out you love the game, which does take a while to grow on some people. Don't give up before you get through the first area.

        Yeah, I noticed that too. From what I gather, the BP edition was the only Australian edition released here on launch. Though it would seem that anyone wanting restock of it got vanilla Demon's Souls, because that's all I can see on the shelves in EB nowadays (well, the few shops that have copies), brand new, not pre-owned or anything.

          Cheers guys, I'll probably just wait until it's cheaper/I have more monies.

    Starfox ftw I love it despite how terrible I am at it. Anyone know if they are doing a remake of it for the wii that would be awesome. mainly because of the motion control of the wiimote.

    damn you nintendo and your winning formula of a fox flying in space. Speaking of winning formula has anyone played super scribblenauts it looks so good have to get it, loved the original except the dodgy controls.

      They fixed the controls. If you like the first one, get Super Scribblenauts.

      I cant wait to give SS a go!! I'm just waiting on Mark to fling me an email for my postage details and I'll be stealing the kids DS's and never giving them back. mwahahahha

        It's super fun. So far, it's the only game I know of where you can give a girl the romantic gift of a raibow coloured shark...


    Now, let my media blackout begin until I've got the game in my hands... :(

      I know... seems like all the little bits and pieces that were never announced as features of the game are starting to flow quite easily now. Track list looks hefty, trophies are a great balance.

      Now... where is that release date? I wish they would make enough to cover the pre-orders and get them to the stores. In that same time keep pumping out more copies and have a second shipment that is due before Christmas.

      Problem solved!

    Hey guys,

    If you need a laugh or you're just bored there was this good compilation of relatively funny clips over on gizmodo yesterday. Here's the link if you didn't catch it:

      Oh god, I almost cried from laughing at some of those. My favourite is the moonwalking one for sure.

    Around what time of the year would there be console deals? For XBOX360 specifically. At least until Kinect dies down a bit maybe?

    I'm thinking of getting my own XBOX, but not in a hurry.

      Try the post-Christmas sales (sometime in January). You probably won't see much of a reduction in price (they're pretty decently priced as it is), but you are likely to see an increase in the number/quality of bundled games or other extras thrown in to sweeten the deal. Also, if you are purchasing from somewhere other than department stores (such as K-Mart, Target, Big W etc), try asking if the salespeople can give you a better deal in some way, maybe by discounting some games if you purchase them with the console.

        I tried the post Christmas thing last year when we needed a new DS, seemed to me there were better deals before Christmas.

        When I was a kid waiting til after was always the go, but I've found it to be less so these days.

    So I just dug up my PSP so I could play the k-on! game. God, the whole PSN thing is even more of a mess than the last time I used it. Before, to switch between my aus/jpn accounts I just had to type them in on the login screen. Now I have to go to account management and 'delete' the account (off my psp) before it'll let me log in with the other account (which then becomes the primary account of the PSP). What a waste of time! And bizarrely it doesn't even lock me out of purchased content from the other account...

      That seems somewhat counter-intuitive. I've always found Microsoft's interfaces easy to navigate and set up, and similarly for Nintendo. No experience with Sony, but it seems like they want you to jump through hoops for no reason...

        Unless the PS3 has changed since the last time I used it, it was like the xbox, you could have more than one account, in different regions. It's just the PSP is "locked" to one account for some stupid reason (because people would never share a handheld device?!).

          This one time I lent my DS to a friend to play during uni lectures, and he scratched the screen (protector). And I'm the kind of guy who keeps his DS in 3 layers of protecting (soft case, hard shell, kept in a sturdy DS carrycase), so I vowed from that day on my precious would only ever be used by me and me alone. No dirty foreign hands will ever cause damage to it ever again...
          ... my precioussssssssssss...


    Was just investigating the foxtel on 360 thing and spotted this:

    Basically a list of shows that foxtel do not have the rights to broadcast over the internet... was not expecting this. Not that there are any programs that I am worried about, but more the potential for blackouts...

    Also, if you are an existing foxtel subscriber, you should get something without a subscription. As I already have access to TV shows online via their catch up service, I would have thought that I would get access to this on the 360... Seems that I have to get another subscription.

    Anyone get this yet and any thoughts???

      Hannah Montana Forever
      Hannah Montana I'll Always Remember You
      Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure


      I mean... uh....

      And nothing of value was lost.

      That just outright sucks. You should be able to just add the Xbox as another method of viewing onto an existing subscription, and the notion of blackouts is horrendous.

      I don't watch all that much on Foxtel (Mam does, though), so this isn't too important personally. But they need to start standardising stuff like this to make it affordable and accessible to the people who want it.

    So turns out I was imagining things or mixing up my Oblvion with my Fallout.

    I don't Have GotY edition fallout, I have GotY edition Oblivion...

    Don't suppose anyone in the Brisbane area would like to lend me their second disc for Fallout 3 GotY, would they?

    PS: Feel free to poke fun at how cheap I am.

      Not offering you mine because technically it's my husband's but what platform do you need?
      The 360 and PS3 GOTY versions can be bought for $35-ish at Ozgameshop .com and a few dollars less including postage from who also have it on PC for around $25.

        360 and I'm trying to spend nothing. I can buy the game or some NEW comics. I choose comics most of the time.

          I got one! From a friend of a friend!

    w00t! just sold my old fridge, freezer, washer and dryer to someone for $500! not bad since that's almost what we paid for it in the beginning :0 Gave them a free microwave for taking it all too! Microwave cost me $20 new ;) Mega WIN!

    I got my Kinect yesterday. Dance Central is more fun than I thought it would be. Kinect Adventures is decent but I'm quite burned out from playing 'resort' style motion control games on other platforms. Also Kinect needs a lot of space. For two player Kinect Adventures four metres to the wall was not enough. I could barely read the screen at that distance, yeah my eyes suck!

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