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    Played Fallout 3 this weekend. I completely forgot how awesome it is. Sure the occasional bug and crash, but the game is spectacular! I also have to finish Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Morrowind (for the 30th time)...

    Too many games, not enough time...

    Also, very long list in tomorrows Cheap$kate Gamer, get prepared to SPLURGE!

      Also, forgot the link to the Cheap$kate Gamer facebook page, which you can post on to notify me of any further discounts encountered.

      I'll post updates from the page for bargains which expire before the article goes up on Tuesday.

      You can find it here:!/pages/Cheapkate-Gamer/152834628095335?v=wall

        I want to 'like' your page but I fear my femaleness may make me conspicuous. :P

          There are already a few girls on it, so don't worry about it XD

          Really, in the end, it's up to you ;)

          Solve this problem by googling the biggest penis you can find and use that as your facebook display pic.

            -Googles "Biggest Dick"-

            ... All I'm getting is pictures of Steve Jobs


              As a PC fanboy, I completely approve of this.

              I actually laughed out loud at this :D

      Good stuff Taddy - sorry i haven't gotten anything through to you yet - i've been absolutely pile-drived with stuff over the weekend and last week - hopefully i'll get a bit more active on getting things through to you this week :)

        Don't worry about it, my man, I found a heap of good deals. I just fear that some of them may have expired. If possible, I'll have a quick look at them this evening to make sure.

        If you can, post it on the facebook page, it makes it a lot more accessable and much easier to keep track of. My emails are a mess! XD

      I still haven't beaten Jade yet, got to the big city and was almost done then got distracted.
      Just got the Dl content for Fallout 3, those hillbillies wiped the floor with me!

        Jade, like all BioWare games, is amazing, and ridiculously large. I love them for it :D

        Yeah, I found dogmeat for the first time EVER yesterday! EPIC companion! He stood on landmines and NOTHING happened to him :D

        I love the woman who asks you to contract radiation poisoning "for the good of science". My favourite quest is still the B&W one where your dad is the *SPOILERS* dog */SPOILERS*. Best mission EVER!

          I'd like to say that adding the word "spoiler" around a single word doesn't give it decent spoiler protection, therefore i am now spoiled considering the next game i was thinking of tackling after mass effect would be Fallout GOTY...

          But also it's an older game now so it's my own fault for not having played the damn thing by now. :P

          Still haven't got Jade Empire.. might have to look into it..

            I'm incredibly sorry for my folly! I did not intend to ruin your gaming experience in Fallout 3. Please accept my sincerest apologies!

            Jade empire is amazing. It needs a sequel! Definitely worth checking out!

            Agree with Tad, Jade Empire is fantastic - an epic Bioware RPG in a quasi-ancient China setting. Definitely worth checking out (it'd be fairly cheap) and yeah, it does need a sequel... urgently :D

          Awwwwwwww, I didnt find my dad. I went totally ballistic with that knife. Couldn't figure out the "nice" way to complete that mission.

          I hear one of the Dl missions is similar. With Chinese Communists.

    So minecraft is almost there with multiplayer.

    We just need damage implemented then we're set!

    Anyone else pumped?

      If I could properly metaphorically express how pumped I am at the imminent Minecraft MP functionality, I would probably say I'd be closer to a pneumatic pump than any other...

      ...That is to say; I'M FREAKING PUMPED! :D :D :D

      I want to do it but have not found anyone else to play against/with. I am keen for an invite if anyone will have me???

      Ooooh yeah. Major pumpage.

    After years of searching (not really), I finally found and subsequently was able to save this image on my computer.
    Kotaku needs more sharks and gorillas high-fiving in front of explosions.
    For this week's Community Kudos maybe?

      Ahhh good old Doctor Mc Ninja - If we want to use the image we'll have to contact the author for permission, although i'm sure he's be more than happy to oblige!
      Dr McNinja is one of my favorite web comics EVER

      If no one has checked it out yet, head to and read through them.

      I do, however, second the vote to use the image as our community kudos picture with all permissions granted! :)

        I ask you, good people, how you can resist a doctor who is also a ninja, a gorilla receptionist, a mustachioed teenage gunslinger, and a raptor named Yoshi.

    Here we go vintage gamers... A family a couple of houses down have an ORIGINAL Super Street Fighters II Arcade cabinet. I am 100% sure they have no idea how much it could possibly be worth... and frankly, I have no idea either. How much do you think I should offer them? Obviously I don't want to rip them off.

      $500 - $1000 depending on condition.

      I'd love to have one as well some day, though I'd probably fall for pac-man or donkey kong instead. Street Fighter was never my forte.

      LET ME COMMENT, KOTAKAU! This is the 5th time I've submitted this message...

      If they have no idea, id offer them about $500 for it, and if they refuse, that will leave you a little room to add and extra $100-200

      While i'm not sure of the exact value, i'd certainly say there would be people willing to pay over well over $1000 for an original.

      Bah.... No idea what these other lads are talking about, but go into Trading Post bargain mode!! Go to the bank, and get out $300 in $20 notes. With the $300, grab a slab of VB. Take the slab and the remaining pile of $20's over.
      Over him the money, by bringing it out when the wife is around. She won't see any need for the stupid boxy toy thing cluttering up the place. Maybe comment that her shoes look a little worn... This should encourage the wife to nudge, or wink at the hubby. Its a done deal.
      Then, out of the goodness in your heart, offer the hubby a slab of VB (prepared earlier) if he will give you a hand to move the thing over to your place.

        *Offer not Over. I would donate my entire collection of dead bonsai tree's (I always forget to water them, months on end....) for the thrill of having a real edit button on Kotaku. *sigh

          Where would the fun in that be? As it is, people can't delete their embarrassing mistakes :P I wonder if anyone has ever drunk-posted on Kotaku...

            Wait, you mean you haven't? ... ... ...

            This is one of those "everyone turns around and gives you the "no it's just you" looks", isn't it?

              You mean people actually post on Kotaku while sober???


    I took in my copy of Vanquish on PS3 that i won and he straight swapped it for the 360 version, no problem. I didn't even have to beg. Apparently it helps that i'm in there every damn week lol.

    So that means i have a Vanquish PS3 DLC code for the Tri-weapons pack - which i will happily give away to a kotakuian who wants it! So any takers?

    Also, another massive thanks to f4cti0n for giving me his 360 racing wheel - what a legend!

    Also, you'll all be happy to know that my dad got nothing but games for his B'day and a bottle of "Shirtless Kirk" Cologne - to make it even more full of awesome, the bottle even says "set phasers to stunning"


      I used to have an EB dude, they moved him and I found him in the city.
      They moved him again, apparently they do it on purpose.
      Then I got a new guy, he quit and moved to JB where he says they encouraged him to give discounts to regulars, so I shopped there instead.
      He became an area manager and I have't seen him again.

      I go into stores now and they seem to know very little about whats going on with games...

        Funny you should say that.. i went to Werribe EB before the weekend and they had one guy on with 4 girls, at least 3 of which must have been xmas casuals. None of them really seemed to know what they were doing and it looked as if they had been hired just because they looked purdy.. that stuff just shits me to the hilt... Their customer service wasn't even that good.

        At least in G-town the staff at the Eb's all seem to know what their doing, even the girls, with the exception of one who is a bit of a stupid fat cow *ahem*... But the rest of them are awesome :D

          I actually got better service Saturday from a female in EB and she was much more "easy on the eyes" than the nerdboy I asked.

          Don't judge a book by it's cover and all that...

          I know enough about games that I'm prepared to cope with their lack of knowledge for the sake of eye candy.

          Although it's a bit unnerving watching the stereotypical WoW fanatics fawning over a hot girl.

        I thought I had an EB dude. Then I found out he was a dick. Then I found out all EB dudes are actually just dicks. Now I struggle to step foot once a month at best in an EB in fear of the swarm of 'may I help you?' approaches that I know for fact by experience that they never, ever can...

        But since my local Gametraders closed it is the only game speciality store fix on my local visit to the shops. Sigh...

          Start ordering online, that site Tadmod featured in Cheapskate rules, waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than Electronic Buttock.

            Yeah already onto that one, pre ordered Donkey Kong from them a couple of days ago. Too good to refuse! We'll see how delivery goes...

              Yeah I preordered Dragon Age 2.
              3 cheers for TAd!

              Also really want to play Donkey kong (Massive fan of the Country series) had to make a choice, went DA2.

      Best aftershave EVER! And a belated B-day to your Dad. He knows me, I'm sure.

      Free 360 wheel eh? What an awesome gesture! :D It must be the time for them... more below!

      I bought my Wii from an EB store a while back, and the guy who sold it to me chucked in a bunch of freebies because I bought so much stuff. I bought the Wii, extra Wiimote (with the bundled game), the corresponding nunchucks, Zelda Twilight Princess, Smash Bros Brawl, and a couple of other things, and I ended up getting ~$60-100 off the total price. Some people are just awesome like that.

      Thats awesome that you could straight swap it. Looks like we are all getting that winning feeling again from the vanquish comp.

      Too bad there isn't some multiplayer or co-op we could have tried out as a Kotaku group.

      Yeah the guys at my local GAME are pretty good (and a girl lol) even tho an EB are there to I prefer GAME cos you get that card and the prices are better too!

    No gaming for me the past week because boyfriend was having exams. Can't wait to get hands on AC: Brotherhood tomorrow (or the day after, depends on when the game will be delivered)! Also I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so I'll be heading to the cinema for HP7.1 this week as well. :)

      You know, i feel like i'm the only person IN THE WORLD who hasn't seen a single HP movie.

      I've seen bits and pieces from when they've been on TV, but still...

      I really have to sit down and watch them..

        Or read the books.
        Well, assuming your boss doesn't give you flak for that as well.
        Things are obviously lost in translation between book and film, so if you have time, go to the source, but if you're not particularly interested, the films are pretty okay, despite skipping stuff.

        Although, while I was reading the end of book 7, I was thinking "Man, this would make a pretty good action sequence in the movie".

        I'm with you, not watched a single one, but with kids, they are always being played, I just leave the room... mostly...
        But my kids always play this video, which gets stuck in my head ALL day long.....

        Im also with you mate. Have not seen a single one of em.. don't really want to either.

          Same here... or read the books.
          Same with Twilight for that matter.

          I was thouroughly disgusted to note that my local bookstore now has a "supernatural romance" section.

            You should burn it - burn it with fire.

            Twilight is a pox on this generation and the supernatural genre as a whole. Vampires DO NOT SPARKLE!!

            It will be a cold day in hell before i ever watch or read twilight...


              Twilight is nothing remotely close to Harry Potter. I think I got the whole plot of the Twilight series from this list:

                Damn, that list was funny.
                Apart from the weak third entry, the Underworld movies are my favourite vampire movies - the vampires are awesome, the werewolves are pretty cool too (Michael Sheen, anyone?), nobody sparkles, people die, and Kate Beckinsale is hot.

      No AC:Brotherhood for me yet.
      I couldn't decide which collector's version to get and while I was paralysed with indecision I seem to have run out of money that could be used to buy a game.
      Oh well, maybe it will appear under the tree at Christmas time.

        yeah, i took to long being convinced that the game would be awesome and missed out on all the cool collectors editions - so now i'll just wait till after release to get it at a cheaper price.

        There will more than likely be a bunch of the other leftover CE's anyway, which will then go down in price after xmas :)

          I still haven't preordered AC: Brotherhood yet as I was waiting to see if it was any good first. Now I'm hoping EB has on of the Codex editions spare when I go to grab a copy on Thursday (I got the Black edition of AC2). If not, I'll just grab the standard one from somewhere like JB.

        "Oh well, maybe it will appear under the tree at Christmas time."
        Subtle *hint hint* to Strange's husband.

        I've got Assasins Creed still sitting around unplayed! I did start playing it, but got stuck in some dark room 2 minutes in, went to my pc and started playing Trials. I really must get around to playing it properly.

          Yeah I'm about halfway through AC1 (only bought this year) - I do intend to finish it sometime in the next few months so I can move on to II, Brotherhod will be a while off yet

        Maybe :) The reviews for it are OK. Got my sis-in-law Fable III and Mass Effect 2 (for $22 from OzGamesShop) and my bros F1: 2010.

    I finally got my shelves fixed to the wall this weekend! That meant I could start filling it with toys! Got about half way through. Dun think I'm gonna have enough room for them all though :\ I have a lot more than I thought ;) Will definitly take some pics when I'm done.
    Also got back in to Gothic 3 on the weekend. I discovers a community made patch and extra quests and stuff which made it all the more exciting!
    I also discovered that a group is making Hexen in a Doom 3 total conversion! I downloaded the demo on saturday, but haven't had a chance to play it yet, but from the vid, it looks pretty ace! Check out this link for more info and downloads!

      Dude, we got doors for our ikea book cases - i've just spent around 3 weeks trying to get the damn things on!! I would try for 15 mins or so, crack the shits, leave it for a few days then repeat the process. Those things made me so damn angry! Finally finished them last night. But now i can't see my Figs - which Bee seems to think is a good thing :P lol

      Normally i'm really good at putting furniture together, but these things just refused to click in - i literally had to have them at a perfect angle and hammer them it, when you're meant to be able to just push them and click them in.. :|


      Also a Hexen mod? SWEET! :D

        hahhaah i know that feeling well. I was trying to put these little basket rack things together a few weeks ago with the wife, and they were supposed to just snap in. I had to hammer the crap out of them :\ At least it's all done now! And I'm sure my wife doesn't really want to see my figs either, and when you see, you'll prolly know why, but screw her! I love em! ;)

          As an avid figure man, no i won't understand why when i see - in fact i would be most likely thinking "holy crap dude, there's a tiny spot there that you missed that could easily fit an EVA!"

          Also, glad to see you're starting to get much more settled in the new house!

    It's Mad Monday on over at Zavvi...

    Highlights include FFXIII, Just Cause 2 and Bioshock 2 for <$20, Front Mission Evolved and HAWX 2 <$30, Enslaved ~$40.

      I reallly want to play the new front mission so that price is reallly tempting.. Still haven't got JC2 either..

      Unfortunately tonight we'll be doing XMAS shopping for FAMILY on Zavvi, so this means no games for me :(

        Bleh, you can probably give Front Mission a skip. I got it, thinking that giant robot pew pew would still be pretty awesome even it were an average game, but... it's just so average. Too average for the fun-ness of giant robot pew-pew to shine through.


          Man that stinks...

          Any idea what the newer Armored Core games are like? Are they anywhere near as decent as the older ones?

        I'm stingy too! I never got JC2, but I still play the demo religiously, lol!

        The parachuting is good enough to make the rest of the game seem awesome. I don't care how repetitive it is. Parachutes. Seriously. Awesome.



    wait, I mean...


    So pumped!


      Next week is going to be craziness, refreshing Kotaku/Ecogamer/Palgn/etc on a minute-by-minute basis waiting for street release to be broken... :)

      I love the Daytona song.
      The lyrical high point for me is
      "Hey he, hey her he, hey he...DAYYYYYTOOOOONAAAA!"

      Also the game over song that begins spelling gameover and ends in gibberish. Pure class.

      GT party? I'm planing on a GT weekend when I get my plan all together. Are you gonna play with a wheel or stick to controller?

        KOTAKU RACES!!

        Got an original DFGT - it's old (GT3/4 vintage), but has served me well and is continuing to do so

        Dual Shock here... I know I'm missing out by not having a wheel and will look at getting one down the track.

        Know a guy that supposedly can get them cheap, so might find out what the prices on a G27 or GT wheel are.

          Hmmm, how cheap??? I'm interested if he can do me a deal as well! Probably the GT wheel but if the g27 is a great price, I might go for one.

            What Qumulys said re the G27 +1

            When I find out I'll let you know...

    Chilli Cheese Twisties = awesome breakfast.

      I'll stick to my Sultana Bran, me thinks.. lol

        Isn't that, like, food for old people to stay regular?
        That should be their next ad campaign. "Sultana Bran: Helping the elderly with regular poop-cycles!". Hm, yes, a better ring to it than "Fight the Fuzzies", whatever that meant.

          You're thinking of all bran..

          I'd like the advertising slogan "Poop like Chuloop.........a...."

            Be on the pooper, just like Chuloopa!

              Firm but consistent non-tardy stools inbound.

      I've become hooked to Jarrah Brazil style coffee. Which is my entire breakfast.
      I cant eat on an empty stomach.

        Coffee is the breakfast of Champions! It's all I have aside from a cigarette ;) Can never eat before lunch or I feel sick all day :\ Couple of coffee's is plenty to keep me going though!

    Does anyone else care about "Deadly Premonition"?

    Started playing on Saturday night, didn't realise it was a comedy, sure the shooting bits are spooky but the main chunk of the game, the sandbox part is "HA HA" funny.

    It's not just bad game development(there's plenty of that), the music is comical and the main guy sports a very cheesy grin.

    The whole presentation reminds me of Godhand, the kind of cornball humour that only the Japanese can do.

    I was shocked because everything I'd read about it claimed it to be a Resident Evil clone inspired by Twin Peaks (which it is) but there is so much more.

      It's been on my radar for a while.
      So it's definitely worth a purchase then?

        Needs importing so it isn't as cheap as it should be. Graphically the games stinks, but there is a lot more going on here.

        If you can get past the Dreamcast looking graphics, the shoddy voice acting and the horrible shooting parts...then yes it's worth it.

        Will help if you are a David Lynch fan, Twin Peaks espesially.

      It's been on my Radar for a while too.. really surprised to find out it's funny though... is it worth the buy?

        It isn't totally funny. But humour is definitely there.
        It's still a story about a guy investigating a murder, but some of those character moments are hilarious.

      It's a game so bad that its weirdly good. Also, its easy achievement points as well for gamerscore whores.

        Y'all need to get yer butts to here:

        This guy gets it. Just wish this article was completed...

    I'm pumped like oggob above ^ about Gran Turismo. Finally. The whole damn reason I choose a PS3 rather than a 360... Yes, its been a painfully long time.
    BUT, I have a project in mind which I'd like to get going. I want to build me a cock-pit. If anyone has a racing drivers seat lying about unused and your in VIC, let me know! Otherwise there's some seats on Ebay which seem to be OK.
    I have a tonne of wood in the garage which is what I will build the frame out of. I would have much preferred to do it in metal, but I sold off my mig welder years ago after I finished building my old 2 door LJ Torana. Wood though, will mean more weight, which is a downer which brings me to the list of my plan/aims.

    1. It must be light, the whole unit needs to be dragged off to the side of the living room when not in use.
    2. It will have to be adjustable to some degree, with either the seat being movable, or steering wheel, or pedals so as my kids can reach everything too.
    3. I need to decide on what wheel to buy. This creates some dilemmas. I would love the top of the line logitech wheel, but its over $400. Also, I have no use in my left leg at all, so I would be paying for a pointless clutch pedal. On the flip side though when I have my other mates over I'm sure they would appreciate a clutch.
    But since I'm on a budget, I think I will go for the next logitech wheel down (no clutch, which I guess will also make it easier for the kids.
    4. I don't want it to look like a car, which is odd I guess, but I think a fake car looking thing would look cheesy. But on the other hand, I want it to FEEL like a car.
    5. Its got to be a pretty quick project, because if I buy GT without it finished, I'll just end up playing it with the controller and never bother to get it done.
    6. It's got to sit as close to the floor as possible because I will be using it with my projector screen a shadow of my fat head will ruin the fun.

    Wish me luck!

      I've got a better idea - i'll sell you my old HQ Kingswood!

      You can just convert it to be a ps3 car - replace the windshield with a LED TV, replace the engine with power supplies and your PS3, and replace the steering wheel for something that doesn't suck ass and isn't ridiculously heavy to turn!


      Thanks guys *winks*

        Your not helping.
        No wait.
        You are helping, because you reminded me of the day that Fonzy lost his eye sight, and he was all pissed off and stuff, and then he had the idea to bring his motorcyle inside. The Fonz then proceded to re-build his machine in the kitchen (i think) with NO EYE-SIGHT! Is there a day when the Fonz will ever not be cool? I think not.

      Check out GTPlanet and NeoGAF; both have had threads on DIY wheel stands (both premium and on the cheap).

      You'll probably need the better part of a weekend (this weekend, given it's out next week); if not, perhaps a cheap laptop table or something from Ikea might do the job instead?

      I'm thinking about doing something similar to this, this week/weekend:

      GTPlanet's forum dedicated to DIY Wheelstands:

        You ARE helping! :D I'll take a gander at those ideas, cheers for that! Actualllllly, with Loops idea above he's brainstormed me.
        I've just thought about a go-kart! What if I could find a go-cart frame (with a blown up motor or something) on the cheap. That would keep it low, and be rollable to move it about! Not sure how much it would set me back though, but it would be cool!

      If you want to save on weight, you could cut out sections of wood from the side panels, and then cover the holes over with something light that won't immediately break (some sort of plastic?).

        Possible even like black speaker fabric? Hmmmm, so many ideas now! Thanks everyone! :D

          If you want to be really cool, you should use black lycra like Mephisto did in Double The Fist! You could use it to fly then! ;)

      A guy i work with has built his own set up. Prob a lot more than what you are looking for but it is still worth a look for the sake of ideas etc. I will post a link when i get one off him.

      Basically it has 3 screens, a racing seat with harness and is on a hydraulic set up with force feedback. You go off the track and you KNOW IT!

        Phwoar! Sounds like he went totally nutso! Don't suppose he's selling it....?

    Help! My husband is suffering severe post-Red-Dead-depression.
    He enjoyed riding around trying not to be eaten by bears so much that even Mass Effect 2 felt flat to him, playing it as he did, straight after completing RDR.
    Does anyone know of a game which could cure him of this terrible ailment depriving him of the enjoyment of one of his favourite pastimes, so I don't have to deal with him moping around anymore?

      The zombie expansion?

      Well, if he enjoyed the explorer-y aspects of RDR, get him to play a Bethesda RPG - Morrowind would be my go-to game, but Oblivion is a bit more recent, and Fallout 3 would work if fantasy isn't really his thing. I haven't played enough New Vegas to recommend that game, especially with the supposedly huge number of bugs (it's an Obsidian game, after all), but that could work too. All of those RPGs allow you to tool around and explore vast landscapes. Oblivion even has horses!

        I finished the main story and am slowly working my way through the side missions in New Vegas on the 360.

        Only experienced two bugs:

        1. A NPC sitting in the middle of the bar in Goodsprings; and
        2. The Nightkin (which was supposed to be attacking livestock) in Novac which just stood there while I killed it.

        Nothing gamebreaking though...

          Did you end up sorting out your preorder DLC issues?

            Microsoft said they could not help and to contact Bethesda.

            Bethesda are yet to respond to any of my emails, and over the telephone the best I've gotten is, "I don't have the authority and am checking with my supervisor".

            That "supervisor" is an elusive chap because he never seems to be about when I call...

            Anyho, I made passing comment about it at a local EB Games when pre-ordering NFS (for the bonus codes) and they handed over a spare Classic Pack card. Given I had already returned FNV to JB Hifi, I felt obliged to buy it again.

            ...and damn glad I did! :)

      Cabella's Hunts.

      If he's seriously missing the "eaten by a bear" thing.

      Buy him a real horse.
      Or, My Littlest Pony has some colourful games.
      But I fear the feeling of freedom in RDR is hard to come by, I really loved it. Perhaps Farcry 2???

      Yeah I can reccommend the Undead expansion. I was pretty skeptical about it when announced, but I finished it over the weekend and got about 8 hours out of it, really enjoyed myself. Tell him there's zombie bears in it.

      Maybe try something completely different. Like Super Meat Boy or some other really fast action game or platformer. Then when he gets the craving for something more weighty he will appreciate Mass effect etc more.

      I just started batman after finishing Mass effect 1 really enjoying the change in gameplay styles.

    And now for something completely different.

    A Transformers: War for Cybertron sequel has been anounced and is slated for 2012.

      Sure, Transformers was great, but I'm still waiting for someone to get the brilliant idea to make a Captain planet, Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life or Angry Beavers games...
      ... well, I'd buy them...

        'That was a hoot!' is what I'd say if they made a Rocko game.

          And if there were a Captain Planet game, I know which element I would automatically gravitate towards...

          ... the power of heart.


            Both Rocko and Real Monsters had a Snes game.. they weren't that horrible either!

            Personally i'm waiting for a Invader Zim game :p

            That and a game based on Evangellion! Less kid-friendly, i know - but still an awesome prospect.

            If there was a captain planet game i would spend entirely too much time staring at Linka's butt...

            How about a Dino-Riders game? Bring that shiz back - IT WAS AWESOME!

            Also while we're at it.. Dinosaucers too!

            NOW THOSE WERE CARTOONS!! What ever happened to great shows like that?

            I would also like to put it out there, but Dinosaucers would HAVE TO BE easily the BEST 80's cartoon theme song EVER!!


              They did an Eva game on the N64, but never made it outside of Japan. Tried to play it via emulator & couldn't figure out what the hell I was meant to do, so I gave up.

              There's also an Evangelion typing game on the Dreamcast which also suffers from being entirely in Japanese & unplayable for anyone outside of the country.

            Let's not forget that heartboy Ma-Ti had a pet monkey, which I secretly bet was an assassin slave-monkey who was always able to take out enemies with swift and deadly precision.
            It explains so much!

              Ma-Ti: "Go, my pet. And don't forget to bring me back... His heart..."
              Monkey: "ooo eee ahhh!!!"
              Ma-Ti: "Muhahahahaha!!!"

                That makes him sound like someone Indiana Jones would have to defeat...

                Kali ma! Kali ma!

        What about Widget the world watcher?

        Or Eek! the cat?

          +1 for the love of Eek The Cat! That was a fantastic show...

          I'll throw in a slightly older cartoon also that was fastastic.

          Samurai Pizza Cats! They need to be brought back!

            SPC... oh god yes! Loved the episodes where the cousins (at least I think that's what their relation was) would come in and help them on particularly difficult battles.

            SPC! I can't beleive I forgot that!

            I was obsessed in 7th grade!!!

      Yay! War for Cybertron was a Transformers game that didn't blow hard. The transformations were useful and fun, and the robot shooter mechanics were pretty solid.

      i LOVED WfC and the fan-service it offered up!

      But what could the sequel be? Escape from Cybertron?

      That;s right kiddies, it's a transformers-style kart racer! Race the evil decepticons to a new homeworld, shoot robo-shells to take out whoever is in front, or drop oil-tin-peels to annoy those behind! It's non-stop-fun for the whole family!

    So, Vettel took the title. Watching the race, he clearly outperformed everyone on the course. Alonso was screwed over by the poor tyre-change call, and his surprising inability to get past Petrov. Webber was pretty lacklustre, and didn't even seem to challenge Alonso in the second half of the race.

    And what about Schumacher's crash. That was surprisingly early in the race, especially for someone as experienced as he is. It did look like his teammate bumped him, though, which caused his spin.

      Well I didn't think Webber would win, I thought he would be taken out. Its almost like he had been given orders (and maybe cash under the table) to just not perform up to scratch. Pit bosses would look silly if the number 2 driver would win. Not sure what to think of the whole thing now. Next year will be be a complete unknown I think, but Webber will be given much better respect in our media now.

      I stayed up to watch it even though I had a nagging feeling it would all go wrong - was surprised Webber didn't pit during the safety car, he could've pushed up into 4th easily enough in hindsight, but then being stuck behind the slower cars ruined his day. Ferrari based their strategy around racing Webber, so that screwed them too, not that easy to pass around Yas Marina.

      I think Red Bull were happier with this outcome, Baby Schumi's a better marketing prospect and while normally I think he's a bit of an arrogant shit, he handled things well this week. Looks like a real champion, so if it's not Webber I don't mind that it's Vettel.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Auditore Edition - not beefy collectors) from DSE for $89.

    Not bad if you've left it 'til last minute.

    Got my wife a new HTC Mozart phone today. SItting here right in front of me.. taunting me.. Can't wait to get it home and hook it up to xbox live and see what goodies I can find! ;) Hopefuly I'll be able to download all the games I have on my xbox already. Would make the wife happy anyway.. she loves playing Super Puzzle Fighter, and I'm sure she'd love to play it on the bus as she goes to work.

    For those who don't keep up-to-date with Penny Arcade.. this could possibly be some of their finest work to date..

    I don't know about everyone else, but it speak volumes to me. lol


      What the hell is that...

      You shouldn't make me laugh like that... I work in a hospital dammit.

        Dude - you should know better than to pay attention to anything i say or post in a place of work, especially a hospital!

        Glad yuo enjoyed it, though lol

          It's the creepy grin on his face that makes it.

      So good it takes 5 replies!!


          F (see where I'm going with this?)

            L (Now I realise this is 4 replies.... oops... edit button goddamit!)

              Make one more comment thick with sexual overtones and all will be fine in the universe!

                I love this bit...


    Thats right!


    This post has no relevance. I just want to be loved.

      Outrun on XBLA is kinda cool!

        I was checking out the LIVE Outrun because of the post here that said it dissapears at the end of the year.

        Did some research and found that if you buy the original Xbox disc of 2006 Coast to Coast you get a lot more tracks(double). Also I found it on eBay for $9.

        Doesnt play in HD but looks good enough and runs widescreen which is great since none of my other originals do.

    131 Coments and Monday isn't even over yet?? I guess everyone's having as productive a week as I am... ;)

      Are at least 50 of them mine yet? LOL

      Yeah.. got mondayitis BAD today!

        As at 5:18 - Chuloopa - 25 comments Q-bo 21 comments.
        Your a machine!

    Just a happy note to NotoriusR, I had another fiddle with codblops after the update. Funny thing happened, when I INCREASED the graphics details, and added 8xAA the game went smooth!?? Not sure whats going on at Treyarch, but I'm actually enjoying the single-player mode (not bothered with online yet). Although, strangely, the game does look rather dated graphics wise, but I guess this mostly due to the console market. Otherwise its been quite fun now. :)

      So the game stability and frame-rate **improved** when you upped the detail and added AA?!? And 8x at that?!?
      I'm tripping out.

        Yeah, I saw someone mention it on a Steam thread about ATI performance. I thought it sounded crazy as I had cut everything back (no AA). So, I put it all up high again (1920x1200) and added 8xAA, and now it runs as smooth as a writhing pile of fat ladies in a jumping castle!! ? Makes no sense at all, but certainly worked for me! :D

      Then my mission is complete.

      And yeah, that's just a *bit* weird that you have to improve detail to make it run better. Imagine if all computers were like that. Then we could all run crysis! (I've been told my laptop will handle it at 1, or maybe 2 if I'm lucky, fps.)

        I guess it can only be related to poor porting code? Almost finished the campaign, but I must say that it looked like crysis in places, only at a much lower level of quality. Although, one particular waterfall was nicely composed, so I am planning to do a painting of that very scene as I had been stuck for ideas on what to paint next. My first game related art! I'm excited! :D

    I had to make the hardest decision today... Long story short i won a $500 Harvey Norman voucher and it was a decision between a Xbox 360 and a portable air conditioner for my bedroon for the upcoming summer, so i chose the AC, i already have a PS3 and i dont really play many games so i have postponed my 360 until i get a good job.

    At least i will be nice and cool in summer and if i had ducted AC i would have chosen the 360 in a second.

      The Xbox 360 is pretty much the opposite of AC anyway - it's something you'd use in a pinch in winter if your space heater dies.

      Wow, I spent my whole life living without aircon. Now I work in an office and I hate it.
      I would have totally gone with the second console. When you say you don't have a good job do you mean you work part time? Cos if you do then you won't be playing ANY games when you go full!

    Just figured out what's bugging me about the Black Ops campaign.

    He doesn't know who's tied him up and drugged him.
    And he keeps telling them he's not going to break... whilst he's spilling his guts the whole. freaking. time!

    It's like when Verbal told Kuyon that he wasn't a rat... after spending 90 minutes singing like a canary.

    So I was reading this neurobiology book ('cause that's what I do for fun when I'm not at home with my xBox and/or family), and the word "serrilously" jumped out at me.

    I blinked, and read it again. Serrilously. Serrilously. Definitely serrilously.

    Only on the fifth read-through did it remove its disguise and become 'seriously'.

    It REALLY threw me - I bet there's a section in the book that deals with how this works.

    Anyway, the point is: you guys have a lot to answer for. :)


      Yes, I know this meme is old, but I find it amusing.

        Lol, its very amusing! Our collective has much power, we shall soon take ownership of Mike and do with him what we must! mwhahahah!

          Oh that was brilliant. Almost as awesome as Winnie the FFFFUUUUU:

            I tip thy hat to you good sir, well played! :D

    I just gave a Mike a damn good reason to start posting 'Show us yours' again! I finished off my toy shelf today (albeit not showing all of them cos they wouldn't fit) and took lots of pics. Also took some of my workstation and gaming area! Hopefully you'll soon be able to have a gander at the life of the bot-man!

      I just saw the email! I'm out all day tomorrow (hence the reason why I'm still up sorting out tomorrows posts right now!) But I'll have a good look at it as soon as I can.

      Would be interested to see if you guys would like this to come back? My only fear is that we'd run out of people who wanted to show their set up? Keen to see what you guys think…

        +1 to bring it back! And, when you run out of ppl's to show, you could turn it into pets playing games! Photo's of pets playing Alley Cats is sure to be fun to see, and for us to try and make!?

          +1 for the return of show us yours.. it only needs to be a weekly thing at most, and just whenever people feel like showing their stuff off.
          If we run out, then we run out, no biggie :)

          I took a whole bunch of shots of my collection, but since then i've gotten a bunch of new things, so now i need to take em all over again.. lol

            I don't believe it was a really regular thing before from memory. I think he just did them when people sent in their stuff. Seeing people post stuff tends to inspre others to send in their own too though, so it might bring the numbers back up.


        This is the timestamp of your post:
        November 16, 2010 at 12:43 AM

        This is the actual timestamp as of this writing:
        November 16, 2010 at 08:35 AM

        When you said you liked Back to the Future, I thought you meant the movies!

          I just realised that I am, indeed, quite dumb, and thought that it said 12 PM, not 12 AM. XD

            You're a slacker McFly, just like your old man... he was a slacker too.

        I'll happily contribute to this sometime soon if this features come back.

        +1 for show us yours. And we can start with Serrels'...

        Bring it back...

        There is always something new that comes out and those people that buy stupidly expensive things will always like to show them off...

        Or perhaps a monthly post where everyone posts links to photos of things they have picked up in that month.

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