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    Do NOT play CounterStrike source on full volume when you have a headache.

    I'm just sayin'...

    Worst weekend EVER! :(

      A bit of backstory because the previous comment made no sense:

      Friday, had exams all day. Promised a friend to play CS:S ALL weekend.

      Saturday, My head decided to play the drum part from "viva la vida", my neck decided that "broken" is the best state, and my stomach was adamant that vomit is my favourite flavour. I decided that CS:S was the best idea.

      Sunday, Feeling worse than Saturday, I was certain that forgetting about my sickness in CS:S would be the best idea. It wasn't. I got sniped at the distance of 1 meter... while my headphones were on... on full volume...
      I couldn't hear for about 20 minutes :(

      Overall, I feel like taking a sickie tomorrow just to make up for such a horrid weekend.

      Being sick on weekends sucks really hard :(

        Looks like I'm not the only one who had a bad weekend.
        I spent mine coughing up alien lifeforms.

          Ma'am, I feel your pain :(

          I'm feeling slightly better today. I got a free coffee from my boss this morning made of warmth, rainbows and hugs, so all I need now is a blanket and I'll be good :D

        My weekend:

          I am so jelly :(

          I was too sick to sleep! HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?! >:[

            Wow that sucks. I normally get annoyed/grumpy/irritable if I want to sleep. Take some ..... things.... to make you sleep!

            Or play Jenga!

              HOLY CRAP!!!
              Something i may actually want more than a nerf gun - that thing is AWESOME!!!

              I love the things that geeks with too much time come up with!

              ROFL, that super proud dopey grin he is wearing the whole time is what makes this ultra awesome!

                I lernt not to ride down hills uncontrollably on a ripstik, and my knee faced the punishment :(

                oh and Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


    Bring on Thursday... Or at least a broken street release date.

    That is all :)

      On the topic too - does anyone know if the chromeline DLC cars that come with the Collectors Edition of GT5 are premium or standard cars?

      Just looking at 'pre-ordering' the game before Thursday just in case, and was trying to justify the Collectors edition (~$129) over the normal one (~$77) and some cash to go towards upgrading my DFP to a G27.

        I saw the Collectors edition for $110 somewhere...

        I'll try and dig it up for you! :D

        $113 posted from

        They also include a GT5 Key Ring and 3 exclusive stealth cars (Honda NSX GT500, Mazda 787B and McLaren F1)

        I pre-ordered the collectors edition however $129 (JB HiFi) compared to standard edition $77 (BigW)...

        $52 - No DLC is worth $52, I don't care how "exclusive/premium" it might be.

      Alot of people look to be playing it already overseas... so hopefully it breaks release here also.

        JB and Harvey Norman are doing mid night launches. If street date breaks before then, do you think they'll inform us or we'll be forced to wait until midnight, as not to affect their midnight launch?

          It is was a significant release date break, then I would imagine that they would sell it... they wouldn't want to be missing out on lost sales to other stores.

          not entirely sure though, let's just hope for a broken release date.

            Here's hoping.

              What exactly is required for a broken street release? A docket? A phonecall? Something else?

              Just thinking... how easy it would be to fake a broken street date...??? ;)

    I slept for 10 hours last night, but somehow it feels like I slept for 3. How the hell did that happen.

    Also - did anyone watch UFC? RAMPAGEEEEE

      Oh, and 426 comments last week. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet...


        Take it as a sign that your editing has brought more active KotakAuers! XD

        Also, get my email? It has my crappy MvC entry in it :)

          I think I did get your email - I haven't had a chance to rummage through. We get so much spam over the weekend it's unbelievable!

            ahhh, cool cool. I want to know about the resolution thing because being disqualified due to that would suck SOOO HARD! :(

              If it has got too low a resolution, they won't even consider it for printing - just an FYI.

              I work with a lot of magazine advertisements, and the constraints are there for a very good reason - if you don't meet them then you have to start over again..

              If you have it a bit over 300dpi, though, it should be ok - just try not to be under.

                yeah, but I can't make it the resolution they want...

                The specs say:
                - 11"x17" at 300dpi
                - under 10megs

                11"x17"300dpi = 5100x3300pixels = 145 megs...

                Right now it's at 1680x1050 (I think). Will they automatically reject that? I know it's tiny in comparison, but I seriously don't know what they are going for, under 10 megs, or 11"x17"?


                  Sorry mate, never got the chance to reply to this...

                  Should be fine, just chuck it in at as high quality as makes sense. If yours gets chosen we can worry about it then!

      I missed the UFC fight... Puhleeease tell me Penn beat Hughes???

      *looks at the news* *phwew*


        I KNOW!

          Big props for being a fan of UFC though, Mark. Fingers crossed there'll be less half-naked-erotic-man-hugging references on Kotaku under your guard, or at least they'll be made in jest ;)

        I was looking forward to the Penn Hughes fight, it barely even started! like, 21 seconds or something...

      Rampage, I must say, I found hilarious on The Ultimate Fighter when he was a coach. Man, did he give it to tities! But, I felt the fight needed another round or two, I didn't really feel like it was a win for him...

      I will say though that we need some more Aussie representation, Sotiropolous (spelling?) is really doing well in the ufc and had another convincing win in 123. Onya!

        Seeing Sotiropolous at UFC in Sydney earlier this year and his win over Joe Daddy Stevenson was surreal... really hope he can continue to back it up and hopefully bring another UFC back to Oz :)

          I think UFC is coming back to oz in jan or feb... hang on

            Well, I just replayed it, Sotiropolous mentioned it will be back Feb 27th in Sydney.
            Somehow though, I get a feeling the fun police will kick into action after the next one and that will be all for down under.

            I must say though, there was once a time when I thought it was a pointless brutal sport for dumb meatheads. But to see the amount of training these guys put in, using techniques from so many different combat styles, I really came to appreciate what these guys (and girls) are willing to do. I think it was The Ultimate Fighter reality show that sucked me in... *rolls eyes at himself*

              Yar TUF is good at that; if OneHD picked that up, I can only imagine how much good that'd do for the sport in Australia.

              It seems like one of the few reality shows where there isn't a huge amount of post-production work, and what you see is what you get - particularly with the fights (as comapred to say, the Contender) being all real-time with no editing trickery or sound effects - just 2x 5 minute rounds of raw fist-against-head action.

              Oh and as for GSP vs Koscheck with the current TUF series. Koscheck is such a knob.

                I was hoping the male "nurse" would whacked josh square in the face. I mean, sure, stir up the fighters, but leave the paramedic crew alone. He indeed is a knob.

      Rampage's win came down to a coin toss though - Really wasn't much between them.

    Finished off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood over the weekend and it was time well spent. In fact, I enjoyed the experience so much that it's gonna get my vote for GotY.

    I really enjoyed Halo Reach and ME2/RDR were pretty slick, but Brotherhood was just a brilliant little surprise. Two months ago I wrote it off expecting it to be a stupid little excuse for multiplayer, but I've been roped in and haven't even touched the multiplayer yet.

      I kinda feel the same way. Never got the chance to finish it, but spent roughly four hours of saturday playing, and I'm completely in love with the game.

      Don't know about GOTY though - so many good games: Reach, ME2, RDR, Gow3, SMG2, Limbo, Super Meat Boy...

      Looking back, it really has been a great year for games.

        It has been a great year, I remember looking forward from the end of last year thinking it was going to be a bit quieter...

        And you need to take the rest of the day off to finish AC:B. Do it now!

      Brotherhood is such great fun, there is so much to do! I'm about halfway, at Sequence 5, but it there is so much other crap that I get distracted with, it's awesome. It's like with RDR, where I mean to do a story mission, but end up doing something else, except with Brotherhood, it's worse, hours can go by before I remember which mission I intended to do.

      I refuse to pick a single GOTY, but this is definitely one of the best games this year :)

      I have to agree, spent the entire weekend on it, but damn it was worth it, still haven't touched the multiplayer, but my cousin kinda took my copy once I finished the single player component

      I'd like to say a friendly "i hate you all"


      I actually haven't finished AC1 yet, i got too bored - but i'm going to get back into it after i finish Mass Effect, then into my copy of AC2 and i may even get brotherhood then :P

        Are you one of those dudes that has to play every game in a series before playing the latest one? You poor soul...

          Sometimes - it depends on how story driven i is.. i keep getting told i need to play the AC games in order, so i kinda have to suffer through the repetition of AC before i can start AC2 :(

          I played Gears 2 before Gears 1 - and that didn't really make much of a difference - although it did make the 1st a little less enjoyable i guess, due to having less weapons and slightly stickier controls..

          But you know, i have no trouble playing sonic 2 before sonic 1 :)

            Yeah, maybe it would be worth playing through the original AC1, then you get to see just how much of an improvement AC2 really was.

              I have to do things in order. I hate not knowing bits of a story etc. I finished AC1 but feel by the time i get to Brotherhood the multiplayer will have died down.

              Was just looking at some of the suggestions for game of the year on consoles and realised I'm at least a full year behind in games. I just finished Mass Effect 1 and currently playing Batman:AA. I think I might have to bump AC2 to the top of my list and then play brotherhood straight after.

              The only time I get a game near release is if i win one from Kotaku. (By the way I did play the first mission of Vanquish and its pretty cool. So many bullets!)

          Haha, that's funny... I've just been thinking about how great B.Infinite's trailer is, but how I should really go and actually finish the first one. And then the second following that. Now I wait for my torrent of abuse...

            That's ok - i still don't even own a Bioshock game yet (waits for rotten tomatoes to be thrown)...

            I was actually thinking of picking up #1 from eb next week...

              Yeah good to know I'm not alone. I tend to avoid FPS's these days like a plague after a long string of disappointments, but this series popped and got my interest. Then I saw gameplay, injecting drugs and having powers and my fight/flight instincts told me to, well, fly.

              Now the infinite trailer is dangling like a carrot, like some prophet telling me to go back...

                I'm keeping Infinate as far off my radar as possible, all it will do is confuse me more.. lol

              "i still don’t even own a Bioshock game yet"

              You are dead to me - I say good-day to you sir.

            Didn't finish the first one... have no iterest in the second.

            I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing it.
            It just bugged me so much, and I don't know why... but I couldn't keep going.

            When I listen to people go on about how it revolutionised gameplay / fps's / storytelling / the whole industry... I just want to throw up, in their general direction.

    Oooh, I found it better!

    it isn't a region-locked game, so purchasing this should have no repercussions :D

    Happy Racing!

      Meant to be a reply to Gobbo.

      GRAN TURISMO 5 FOR $99.00 + P&H


        Needs to be a bricks and mortar store (Adelaide) so I can be doing unthinkable things to the game as soon as humanly possible (rather than wait days/weeks for postage)... :D

        Unless Amazon have changed their shipping policy, games cannot be shipped out of the US.

          There's a global store.

          Looking through it, GT5 seems to be there, so I'd assume it'll also mean shipping to Australia.

          Also, a cut-down link to the store page.

    Alan wake $25.99 at oz game shop :)

    just got the inbox from them...

    So i played some more Mass Effect on the weekend and man am i loving the heck out of it of what!!!
    I've come to a horrible fork in the road though, both Liara and Ashley have expressed affections for me, and i have expressed affections for Liara and kept things up in the air with Ashley.. I get the feeling if i get nasty with both of them, though, it will only lead to trouble later..
    Personally, i want to get it on with Liara because, well she's blue and she's hot... for a blue chick.

    As for Ashley, i hate her, i hate everything about her.. but man she looks so good, and she's a soldier - so you know what that means.. oh yeah, she'll be into all sorts of stuff and probably goes for all that hair pulling and stuff.. Reow..

    Sure i know none of this happens in the game, but we all know the creators WANT you to take the narative to your mind...

    Now i don't know what to do.. While i'll probably end up bedding Liara, i just know i'll be constantly thinking about the freky-deaky sexings i could have had with Ashley...

    ...If only Liara was like the total recall chick that had like 3 boobs!! 3 BOOBS!! Man that would be the total clincher!

    Life in Mass Effect isn't easy guys.. it's not easy at all!

      Does it help if you think of both of them being modelled by a fat hairy sweaty man? (not using any stereotyping, nope not me...)

        I think that may even make the game that much better..

      Haha, a friend had to make this decision yesterday or the day before. For context, he chose Liara and I chose Ash. An excerpt:

      Me: But man what's up with the poetry
      Just before I sexytimed [Ash] she kept spouting poetry and I was like

      Him: Liara probably wouldn't have done that
      But then there is the whole EMBRACE ETERTINITY thing
      That's creepy as hell

      Me: And the eye brows, right? (He seems to have noticed that the only Asari that has eyebrows is Liara)

      Him: Yeah, are they drawn on or wat
      She doesn't even like people
      Who is she trying to impress

      Me: Maybe she is like Milhouse's mum
      She has to draw her face on

      Him: I guess
      I do not get ash
      Why was she so mad
      What happen
      She was all
      lolno I wouldn't kiss you that's against the rules
      And then
      What is up with them

      I know, such a deep, amazing philosophical discussion on romance in the Mass Effect universe.

        Yeah i know, whats with the whole "rules and regulations" bluntness, followed by the sort of "hey big boy" thing...

        ...I think the eyebrows are going to bother me now.. bloody hell.. i never noticed that before..

          It's like the Bioshock 2/Bomberman thing!

          CANNOT UNSEE

            I rue the day that someone pointed out the bomberman/bioshock 2 thing to me.

            I truly rue the day.

        That's pretty deep really. I had a conversation with a friend about it, and we couldn't even remember the names of the characters.

        Liara was "the blue boobs alien chick" partially because of

        Whereas Ashley was "the bitchy one".

        Truly we teenage males are a respectful bunch, with high regards for the deep personalities of characters. *sigh*

      No, keep it up with both of them! Eventually they'll both "need to talk" with you, and what follows is one of the funniest confrontations in the game. Ashley makes some really bitchy comments!

        Does she ever NOT make bitchy comments?

        But if i go with both of them it'll screw up future hook-ups!

          I think there's only a few hook-up choices in ME1 anyway, so just take the opportunity when it presents itself... otherwise Shepard will end up all sad and lonely, and without the possibility of the awkward reunions if/when you play ME2.

    I had a weekend of 30something, out of shape guys playing Kinect Sport and Dance Central with a few beers. I didn't remember it was possible to be this sore.

      How awesome is Dance Central?

      [Does 'what's up' hands]

        [Throws back a 'Don't Hate']

        As a guy who generally doesn't dance unless forced to or extremely drunk, I had my doubts but IT.IS.AMAZING!

        I can still only hit four stars on Soulja Boy but my Kylie Minogue dance is flawless.

      No dancing for me but I played an advanced level of adventures reflex ridge. Olympian is crazy hard.. i didnt think that hard would be that hard!.

      It is also funny watching the avatar with its hands on its knees panting as it goes up an elevator!... I am 29yo with a 50yo left knee so you can cetainly feel the workout!

        Truth be told I probably bought too many games at once for it but Adventure got old pretty quick, does it grow past the four mini-games?

          There are about 5 minigames, but all incrase in difficulty. Try out olympian in reflex ridge. It is advanced difficulty.

          I got 484 'A's.. what can you do?

    $68 GT5 anyone?!

    Well you can if you live anywhere near Moore Park, and get there within the allotted 2 hour time period.

    Links and details here:

    Of course i couldn't care less about this game, but i know a lot of you guys do so i really hope this helps some of you out :)

    If i notice anything else, i'll let you guys know

    Just putting it out there. RDR soundtrack... One of... if not the best soundtrack to any game. Or maybe Halo: ODST...

    Or Scott Pilgrim Vs the World...

    or Fallout 3...

    awwwww shit....

    Whats everyone elses favourite game soundtrack?

      Secret of Mana


      Snaaaake EEEaaaater...

        Wipeout, Wipeout 2097 and Ridge Racer game discs :)

        Snake eater soundtrack = what 007 movie soundtracks SHOULD be.

          Climbing up the ladder that never ends. So amazing.

            Western countries say "its just Japanese game design"
            Japanese say "Hehe, check out those westerners... suckers"

            That ladder was so awesome, so gutsy to just go for something like that.

            I used to let the intro run every time i booted it up!

      I loved the soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country

      Also, Vampire: The Masquerade's soundtrack was awesome!!

      Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate had an epic gothic-vocal soundtrack. Made Dual of the Fates seem like a street-busker.

        For those of you who haven't played Chaos Gate yet, i rest my case..

        Just pity the first songs are the epic ones.. grrrr...

      Orchestral arrangements of Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney music.
      Hands down.
      The hands. They are down.

        HOLD IT!


        The only "tracks" i will ever remember.

      Much love for Scott Pilgrim OST. That thing single handedly got me into chiptunes... alas I cannot find anything that betters this. Play it more than the game, which is really saying something in my case.

      As for others, Shadow of the Colossus and Silent Hill 2 are favourites. Play a few Zelda's every now and then but eh, more for nostalgia I think.

        Oh! Oh! The Dig! THE DIG! Amazing OST.



      Also, this song sounds like it could easily fit in Halo Reach (both written by Martin O'Donnell).

      Mechwarrior 2
      Awesome pieces of music, I still listen to it.

      Ledgend of Zelda on the SNES is one I find myself humming all the time ;)
      I also love the Gothic 3 soundtrack. It's pretty epic music, some of which is done by the Bochum Symphony Orchestra.

      Yes, RDR was awesome with the music, but your all nuts...
      Best soundtrack goes to.....
      everyones happy. :D


      Jet Set Radio Future! Winner HANDS DOWN!

      So like... am I the only one that thought Uncharted 2's soundtrack was truly awesome?

      Though I do agree with Serrels, Snake Eater has an awesome soundtrack (as well as being the best in the series).

      Super Metroid and Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition.

        All the Katamari OSTs
        DKC series.
        Castlevania Symphony of the Night
        Anything Uematsu
        Anything Akira Yamaoka

      I'm partial to the Professor Layton soundtracks, while you can try get over the annoyingness of some of them they really are beautiful.

      If you mean the Scott Pilgrim Game (on XBL/PS-whatever-it-is) check out Anamanaguchi, they're the ones who did it, and some of their stuff is free from their own site.

      Either way, both the game and the film rocked.

    So, I had a thoroughly depressing weekend (nothing bad happened or anything, just to clarify), as I finally got around to watching Toy Story 3 (which almost had me in tears, twice). I'm not sure how I managed to miss it while it was in cinemas, but damn (of course, it's pixar, what do you expect?).

    I also saw Harry Potter 7:p1, and holy crap, that movie was amazing. It almost had me in tears... three times. Its pacing was much slower than the previous movies, so some people might not have liked that, but I thought it worked really well, and Emma Watson was a huge stand out. Anyone else taken the time to see it (if not, it has this random teenagers blessing)?

      Saw it on Friday night, and fell asleep 3 times... can't say I'm a HP fan, guess I just went to score brownie points with the missus :P

        I love the books, but the movie really bored me. Needed a good 15-30 mins cut I reckon.

          Too much wandering around in desolate fields and craggy mountain tops, amirite?

            So consensus is, for any normal person it drags on too long? Reasonable. As stated, I liked the length, but I'm a fan of establishing shots.

            Hell, I thought the Peter Jackson King Kong was a good length, even if it did take quite a while to get to the monkey (Tripod song (actually the song takes a while to get to the point... irony?)).

            But in terms of pure composition I thought it was a significant improvement over the earlier movies, although it used some special effects that I thought were a little superfluous, and its colour correction was a little OTT.

            But yeah, I am a fan of the books (I still hold that I was reading them before most people...), and really, it's a whole lot shorter than how it went in the books... Unless you read stupidly quickly...

            Anyway, that's me done for now, and in the interest of keeping a civil tone, I respect your opinion, but disagree(your opinion is wrong(Yes, I am aware that that makes no sense, that's the point(I'm being an idiot, but refuse to do it in the normal internet sense of calling you... uhhh, I dunno, something mildly offensive and wildly immature))).


              There's establishing shots, and then there's 50% of a film being mountains and forest and not much else. I walked out of that film wondering what happened. Not much. Lots of nothing. Lots and lots. Which for a Harry Potter film isn't very exciting. I haven't read the books so I suppose I didn't find the lots of nothing as exciting as others...

              And as someone who has worked as a film and tv editor for a stint, the editing in this was atrocious. It was more like an early, early rough cut than something refined. Seems like the producers rushed it out the door...

    My weekend was nothing special.. bit of gothic 3 (still) and working on some stuff with Sughly to prepare for the little Kotaku community game thingo.. but the crapper is.. my careless wife broke the foot off one of my figures yesterday :( and of course it would have to be a limited edition one that I can't buy anymore :| GRRRR!!! On the plus side, I unpacked a few more boxes and found a Naruto wall hanging I got in Tokyo, that has almost all of the Characters on it from Shippuuden! w00t! Now I just gotta decide where to hang it! Also dug out the cloth map I got with Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and will find somewhere to hang that too!

      Noooooo! That sucks. Which figure?
      This is why we're looking for a good sturdy display cabinet with locks because collectibles + toddler = disaster-waiting-to-happen.

        It was a Cenobite called CD from Hellraiser :(

    Working through my shame list on the weekend. First up is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Taking a long time since I'm a bit of a perfectionist trying to get 100% each level.

    Hopefully by next weekend it will be Dead Space which I'm over halfway through.

      I would say that Dead Space is probably my favourite game that I've never finished. I'm so close as well...

        Another game of which i am yet to even start.. man my pile of shame is bad... real bad..

          Pile of shame? My list of incomplete games far outnumber my list of completed ones. Usually because the next big thing is out and I want to play it straight away, and then the next one and the next one.

          I have all these games I refuse to trade in because I might want to return to them one day. By the time I realise that is not going to happen, EB will only give me five bucks for it. :(

        The funniest thing I find is that you're sometimes literally that close from the end and when you re-visit the game you have to start from the beginning because of the learning curve and/or the storyline.

        I'm such a completionist.. I'm still working my way through UFC and I'm only up to 63. Trying to avoid hearing about the weekends fight :(

          That's exactly how I feel about Dead Space. I don't want to just jump in right at the end.

          But I'll have to, because Dead Space 2 looks incredible.

            I got up to the end of FFIX and thought oh I'll wait until I do the sidequests before I finish it. Never finished it. Started again for the above reason. Same thing happened.

            On a similar note I gave up on FFXIII around the point where you have freedom for once. Not sure I'm too worried about revisiting it any time soon though.

              I did the exact same thing with FFXIII. There I was, thinking I was the only one, and now I'm brought crashing back into mediocrity.

              On topic, if such a thing exists in the Kotaku TAY thing, my greatest shame for never finishing is psychonauts. I reached the bit where you're supposed to perform 6 friggin perfect jumps and actions, all the while protecting some kid, all off the one save point (aka, the carnivally bit, it has some name, I dunno). Frustrated me to no end, wel, until I gave up, that was an end to the frustration.

              To Sughly

              I finished FF9 about 4 times doing most to all the sidequesting each time. That choco map mini game was real hard.

              I gave up on FF13 the same time, having read that the world would open up and be like a true FF and then being sorely dissapointed when it wasn't.

                Haha, yeah that's pretty much what happened with FFXIII. Don't get me wrong with FFIX though, I HAVE actually done the side quests once upon a time, way back on my first playthrough, and yes I agree it was awesome! I dunno, I just think back to FFVII/IX and just think there's more to them than just nostalgia. These more 'mature' and realistic looking FF's are just losing the point in my eyes...

                  Even though 8 was my personal fav, I can agree. The best FFs are currently on DS and they are all cute.
                  FF13 totally missed the point for me too.

                  It can't be just nostalgia, I been back to play plenty of old games from my youth and the 3 FFs on PSX still keep me playing.

                  Resident Evil 1 on the other hand...

    So I finally beat Fable 3. I had a blast playing it and can't wait to go through again with an evil character but I must say I'm a bit disappointed with a couple of things.


    The ending was very lackluster. There was all this build up for the whole game about overthrowing Logan but the actual revolution itself felt way to short and easy. Then when you get to Logan he just gives up. I felt that was all fine though, there was still that shadow thing to deal with. I thought there was going to be a really big epic battle at the end. Instead I got a few minutes running through Bowerstone (which admittedly did look awesome with all the sand and shadows around) and an easy fight against a possesed Walter. Very disappointing. Fable: TLC you got an awesome fight againt Jack in his human form and then later a fight against a Dragon. Fable 2 you had a boring fight against a crystal and then killed the bad guy in one shot. Fable 3 was an improvement over Fable 2 but no where near Fables boss fight. Hopefully Fable 4 will be better. Also I thought there was going to be some sort of connection between Reaver and the Shadow. In Fable 2 we find that Reaver is given immortality thanks to making sacrifices to some shadows and in Fable 3 he has that wheel from the temple of Shadows and there's a statue in his house of one of those mechanical bird things the Shadow uses. Guess I was wrong though.

    Another problem I had was they pretty much removed character morphing. This was one of the features that made the Fable games so great. Pleanty of other RPGs feature moral choices but non of them had your character change in such obvious ways based on those choices. I went through the whole game waiting for my good character to get a halo or wings or something but got nothing. Well ok nothing isn't entirely right. What I got was ugly. My face went very pale and I lost my eyebrows. Just before I fought the shadow it seemed that some actual good morphing would happen and I'd get wings. I did get wings but unfourtunatly the damn things only show up when I flourish in combat or during a couple of expresions. At least getting the wings fixed my characters face so I actually have eye brows now.
    Worse then the good character morphs though is the internet has informed me that the evil morph is pretty much the same thing (that is a pale face) but with dark eye shadow and that they've removed the ability to get horns. What's the point of playing an evil character if you don't even get horns?
    I was hopeing Fable 3 would be a step forward from Fable 2 in character morphing. That there would be a lot more different morphs, that there would actually be a morph that turned you into a full demon like to one on the Fable 2 box but unfortunately it was a step backwards. If the PC version of Fable 3 comes with an editing thingy for modders I'll definitely pick the game up on PC because I know they'll be modes out there to add more morphs or at least make the wings permanent. I love Fable 3 so much and this lack of morphs is really ruining it for me and bringing me down. Just like the boss fight hopefully morphs will be fixed in Fable 4 or more hopefully though unlikely a DLC for Fable 3 will come out and add them.

    Oh and Kotaku you really need to add a preview button so I can see what the structure of my post will look like and whether it's going to be a wall of text or not.

      Your comment was quite readable. I know this sounds lazy, but I really agree with everything you said. The hero looks most 'normal' when he/she has neutral morality. I've just started a new game slot for an evil character and she just looks nasty instead of badass. The boss battle was way too easy and short.

      Something to add though: I bought most of the houses early in the game. The houses went down to 0% condition too quickly and I didn't bother repairing them after I earned enough money.

      Also, I found a game balance breaking glitch that allows you earn massive amounts of money or multiply weapons (pretty much anything) with very little effort, so I could stay as a good character until the end and fix all the nation's problems.

      Agree with all this. It felt like a step backwards in a lot of areas rather than forwards, which I found mystifying.

    The wife was away all weekend, so I cleaned and slept for the few hours between many, many starcraft 2 games. Many.

    Damn you false hope, and damn you karma.

    This is a tale of my ps3 dualshock controller. As some of you may, or may not remember, I did a bad thing. When I purchased my ps3, I got the standard included controller, and paid for an extra dualshock one. Then, within a week, the included cheapo one's six-axis function stopped working in that ducky game (don't hate).

    Hmmmm, I thought, and then proceeded to put the el-cheapo one in the dualshock's packaging. Off I went to k-mart hoping my slight dodgyness would not be noticed. As I handed over that puppy, I knew it would be bad karma, but the glee as I got handed a fresh dualshock version was overwhelming as I raced back home. Two dualshocks for the price of one, hazaaaa!!!
    score: me 1 - karma 0

    Well, then my daughter got a new puppy. This puppy found my (bloody expensive) 10 meter HDMI cable run a delightful treat, and treated himself to a desert of the rubber thumb-stick grips of my new controller.
    score: me 1 karma 2

    Luckily I was able to make a better thumb-stick grip, by building up a concave ring of masking tape goodness, yes, it was hell ugly but it controls better than ever!! Take that karma!
    me - 2 karma 2

    This was all short lived, as I went to have a play on the weekend to find the controller would no longer turn on. :(
    I tried different cables, multiple usb's, but nothing. :( So I did what any man would do. I said to myself, "I will fix this!!!!" I bravely made my way into the garage and rolled up my sleeves.

    When a bloke claims he can fix something, even before attempting to learn anything about the project before him, you know its going to end badly. But somehow you convince yourself that it will not be too bad....

    So I try to get it unscrewed. What the hell?? What freaking screws are they using here!! Most of my screwdrivers wouldn't even fit in the damn hole, and when I found one that did fit, it still wouldn't grip in the little buggers head. Damn it!!
    So, I head to bunnings for a jewelers screwdriver set. This will certainly be cheaper that buying a new dualshock controller I tell myself. Success finally is had (after a 2 hour delay) and the tiny screws start coming out one by one, and I carefully put these microscopic things on a tray. Once all the screws are out, I try to get the case to separate, and then like wet soap in a toaster, it slips out of my hands and hits the floor. Some bad words are spoken.

    A few bits fling off and I have no idea where they came from. After picking it up I start to examine things, tongue out the side of my mouth with the "hmmmmmm" sound and expression Stimpy has when he's thinking. I put the flung out bits to the side for now.
    Upon seeing the battery is still connected, I realise my skills at fixing it have diminished by roughly 95%. Perhaps, I dumbly think, the problem is under the circuit board, so I unscrew that next, which means I had to unscrew the little motors too, then, my shaky fat fingers lose grip again, and it makes it second rendezvous with the floor, except this time it bounces off the tray I had the screws in on the way down.

    I spend the next 20 minutes staring at a pile of bits and looking for ridiculously tiny screws, one of which somehow made its way to the dead center under my car (why does that always happen???).
    I decide to test the battery with my multimeter, but it seems fine annoyingly. :/
    After seeing some rust like stuff on the circuit board, with its itty bitty surface mounted micro bits, I realise there's nothing left I can do. Perhaps the doggy slobber from snacking on it caused the rusting, dims sims for dinner.

    This is where the dumb hope comes in. You know, when you've pulled something apart, do nothing to it, but put it back together and hope that you've fixed it anyway??
    Well, I've fallen down to this stage now.

    Who ever designed these damn things has a lot to answer for, I think it needs six hands and a team of crack surgeons to put these bastards back together! The finger trigger buttons were the worst, and bits kept popping out, oh the rage and swearing I showed would have shocked Gordon Ramsey, I made up swearing combos with ease and reached a high score!

    I hit the (ps) button, fingers crossed...
    I lose
    Score: Me 2 Karma 317

    So the lesson kiddies is to be honest, and I've now learned my lesson!!
    Now that I have jewelers screwdrivers set, I'm going to fix that watch thats been in the third drawer down for the last 5 years.

      LOL. You really need to plan out what you're doing if you're going to take apart any small devices. I took apart my brothers broken DS to replace the top screen. Did a lot of research in the form of fix it yourself videos and diagrams. Took my time taking it apart and drew a rough diagram to sticky tape nuts and parts to it. Oh and work on a low coffee table too.

        Your far too organized, real men don't need plans, just bigger hammers :D

      Huh funny that. I've never had any problems with sony controllers. I've bought 3rd party ones that's just died in like... 2/3 weeks. But my original controllers (PS2 ones) have been working for well.... farrrr too long. And my ps3 ones don't show any sign of slowing down!

      Good luck with the reassembly though LOL

      Add +1 your karma score for telling the story, surely keeping Kotaku-ers amused is worth afew points :)

      dawwwww *hugs q-bo*

      My poor boy!!!!

      I have to admit, i now have -1 to my karma for laughing througout most of that.. I've done that with a couple of things before in my time, too... Let me say this.. I spend most of the time trying to get it open, then the rest of the time just staring because i have no freakin idea what i'm looking at..

      ...then it goes in the bin because i can never work out how to put it together OR because i've lost one spring that was so tiny it make you wonder what the function of it was in the first place!

        Less than 3 extra parts once assembled = success in my book. Yeahhhhhh!

      That was nearly word for word my first experience in stripping down a 360. The case is made like a safe and i actually put a very sharp metal object into my hand trying to take those damn xclamps off (RROD repair #1 of 7)..

      Good luck buddy.

      The PS3 controller is an absolute b**** to open, it took me in excess of an hour to do mine. The screws took time, the real annoying part was trying to open it once you've unscrewed it. Get a stanley knife or something and continuously run it through the grooves and stuff. And assembling is ok, it's just you need to line everything up perfectly. I'd offer to take a look at it, but it sounds like it's disintegrated into a mess of circuitry, casing and a distinct loss of screws :P

        lol, it is a mess. On second thought, looking back, I had nothing much to do on Saturday, so this is better than wander around target or something...

        What I will need though is a replacement. Any suggestions on a controller (3rd party) which suits bloke sized hands, not kids hands?? I find the official ones really hard to grip onto. :/

          Honestly? No idea. I've always found the PS controllers to be a perfect fit. Maybe look for some Logitech or MadCatz controllers?

      I remember pulling my PS3 controller apart about a month after the PS3 was released. There was nothing technically wrong with it, it worked just fine. I just noticed that every time I used it my hands would get covered with ants. Closer investigation revealed that a colony of what seemed like a thousand ants had taken residence inside my controller.

      PS3 is childs play when compared to replacing a HDD in an Apple powerbook! Now there is a real challenge!

    Am i crazy for thinking this?

    So how much more awesome would Iron Man 2 have been if the title and sub title were this:

    "Iron Man 2: Iron Harder"

    i'm sure these improvements could have been made across a lot of movies - so what movies do you thing could do with name upgrades?

      Watched IM2 for the first time last night...

      Pretty run of the mill superhero movie.

      "Congratulations Mr Stark, you have discovered a new element. Although it is almost impossible to synthesise."

      10 minutes later...

      "Congratulations Mr Stark, you have made a new element."


        Haha! Run of the mill is an understatement. I apologised to the friend I invited to the cinema as soon as the credits came up.

          But after the credits. Best bit of the movie!!!!!!

          I was so excited!!! I can't wait. I know there is a high chance it will be terrible but I don't care.

        I thought Iron Man 2 did a really good job of walking the tightrope that is pleasing the Diehard comic fans and the average movie-goer at the same time.

        It sticks to the Iron Man Mythos fairly consistantly throws in a few nods to the wider Marvel universe and does it while being watchable to a far wider audience than the usual comic geek.

        I've been reading the comics for years and I enjoyed it. Also plenty of my freinds who never have and never will read them were able to watch and enjoy it.

        I can't say the same thing about 90% of comic movies out there, Hulk and Spider-man just sort of made it up as they went along, only vaguely using the comics for reference (no web shooters-WTF???!!!)
        X-men had little to nothing to do with the comics.
        Wolverine did the same and was one of the biggest peices of crap I've seen in a long time.
        And don't get me started about Daredevil (didn't bother with Elektra).
        Superman returns was fairly boring.

        With only a few comic movies doing what Iron man does (The Dark Knight, Sin City, 300 , Watchman) and also being watchable to such a wide audience(Dark Knight, Sin City), I really don't understand how someone can say something like: "run of the mill superhero movie".

        In response to:
        "“Congratulations Mr Stark, you have discovered a new element. Although it is almost impossible to synthesise.”
        10 minutes later…
        “Congratulations Mr Stark, you have made a new element.”

        You do realise you are watching a super hero movie right?

        Spider-man was bitten by a radioactive Spider.
        Hulk turns into a big green guy and his pants ALWAYS stay on.
        Superman is an Alien and our yellow sun makes him invincible.
        Fantastic Four where zapped by radioactive rays.
        Flash was doused in chemicals and struck by lightning.
        Batman is rich so he can do whatever he wants...

          Ouch FF were zapped by COSMIC embarrassing!

          Yeah that's fair enough, to a certain extent. It's one thing excusing super powers and whatnot to ridiculous circumstance, but excusing a couple of bad plot points to the same ridiculousness is going a bit far.

          I think the run of the mill superhero film suggestion isn't to look at how closely it portrayed things from the comics, but more or less how entertaining that portrayal was. And for me, having badly written dialogue, over-acted-bad-girl Scarlett Johansson, and unconvincing character development just made for uninteresting dribble for me.

          To each his own though! :)

            I think you aren't meant to take it so seriously. You should think of it like Dr.Who or Hercules: The LEgendary Journeys...tongue in cheek.

            It's a story about an Alchoholic Robot man.

              Fair enough, once again :)

              Some people are happy to see flashing lights and explosions despite whatever dialogue or character development is going on on screen. I'm not one of them I guess.
              Comparitvely I liked the first Iron Man. It walked a fine line of good character and plot development alongside action spectacle, and I loved it all the more for it. I don't think it's so unheard of to have a superhero film be well written and developed that can please the masses. Doesn't have to be some deep and complex development, just one that is plausible to watch, and enough so that I actually believe in the world and characters I'm spending 2 odd hours with.

                I think it's because I read. Generally when I go to the movies I'm expecting the dumbed-down version.
                Not with everything, but something like IronMan I can see is meant to be dumb fun and the big hit with explosions and boobs.

                The trick is to be 13 again and when Scarlett Johansen is speaking you have no idea about the quality of dialogue because you can't look her in the eye.
                If you are gay or female then do the same with RDJ and it should have the same effect(can't say for sure being a hetero male).

                On a nother note I just love seeing John Favreau making a complete fool of himself.

      No wait!

      The Good Wife: Iron Harder


        That's it. No more comments for the rest of the week... from anyone!

        Qumulys just made the Kotaku Community peak way too early.... its only downhill from here.

      Star Wars Episode II: Some Of The Worst Acting You've Ever Seen.

        Star Wars Episode III: Not As Bad As Episode II

          Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Yeah, it's embarrassing..

            I still don't get the prequel trilogy bashing that goes on. If you think about it and rewatch the original trilogy(with-out the rose tinted glasses) I think you will find that they are about the same.

            It's not like they are amazing film, they all use shocking editing techniques and also have some of the worst lines of dialogue.

            Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but I just don't see the originals being so much better than the prequels.

            That being said young Annie and Jar Jar are disgusting.

              And the reasonably bad acting. Nowhere near as bad as Hayden whatshisface, but still pretty bad. This time evenly distributed amongst most the main characters; all except maybe for Harrison Ford, because he always seems to play the same character, so I guess there's not much acting to it.

      Bruno: Bollocks

    well, i said this last week, but it seems that i was the last person to comment...

    so, as i said before, i am getting a ps3 tomorrow, so i was just wondering, what are some good ps3 exclusives i have missed?

      Well not an exclusive, but if you buy vanquish i have a DLC code i can give you :P lol

      Valkyria Chronicles!
      Yakuza 3!
      Uncharted series!
      Demon's Souls!
      Exclamation mark!

        *suspect eyes*

        exclamation mark isn't a PS3 exclusive...

        pretty sure its multi platform.

          Yeah, but all the cool kids are playing it! Why not own a PS3 copy just to prove how cool, hip, rad and "with it" (kids still say that, right??) you are!

      Bundle it with GT5!!


      I have only played the first one (because i heard that the second one was amazing. I have the second on in a draw at home that will get finished one day!


      Heavy rain is also great (although about 10ish hours

      I have not played many others...

        The second Uncharted is amazing, it improves upon every aspect of the first :)

        I don't know if you saw my list of recommendations, so I shall copy paste:
        PS3 Exclusives:
        Definitely need to play Uncharted 2. Other great games I recommend are inFamous, God of War III, Heavy Rain, I would say LBP, but LBP2 is right around the corner at a January 2011 release date, so probably should wait for that, the first Uncharted is also a great game, MGS4, Killzone 2 was a pretty good as well.

        I would also recommend Flower, which isn’t for everyone, but there is a free trial and unlock available, which is good in case you don’t like it.

        Also, these are just my opinion for PS3 only games, so you may or may not like my taste in games. And I assume you’ve played all the multiplatform goodness such as Arkham Asylum, AC II and AC Brotherhood, RDR, etc.

          Thanks everyone for the reccomendations, and here is my verdict :P

          Chuloopa: would love the code, but that's a recent game, and as such, that means i will have to pay full price for it, and i am too much of a tightass to do that :P

          Valkyria Chronicles: a lot of my friends reccomended this, and i'm a big fan of anime, so i will definently give it a try

          Yakuza 3: honestly haven't heard much of those games, but will definently consider it

          Uncharted: There was no doubt in my mind i wouldn't get these games, i really wanted to play them!!

          Demon's souls: once again, heard good things, i've also heard it's incredibly hard, and i don't do too well in hard games (i think i broke a few controllers playing devil may cry 3 on super hard)

          GT5: now, here's the thing, i really don't get gran turismo, i love racing games, but i'm not into the hyper realism sort of stuff, thats why i love my burnouts and need for speeds, but hey i've been proved wrong, will rent it and see if i like it first

          Heavy Rain: for some reason, when i saw this game, i thought "i would really like it" for some reason, but if it isn't that long, i might just rent it

          Infamous: i loved prototype, and i've heard this is almost the same, so i'd give it a shot

          GOW 3: i'm a bit weird with god of war, i really like the games, it's just i've never been bothered to complete one :P so maybe a rent for me

          LBP: i played it on PSP and i loved it, and i was planning on waiting for LBP2 and borrowing 1 off a mate

          MGS4: my friend wont shut up about this game, so i have to play it...

          Killzone 2: i played 1, and it was quite fun, i loved the melee kills :P my friend has it, so i will steal it off him :D

          phew... once again thanks guys, and i shall report next week on my wonderful journey through ps3 land :D

            +1 to Valkyria. I just started a replay of it myself. And I don't really ever do this with games. Unless they're adventures...

            And of course I support Uncharted(s).

      ratchet and clank. all of them

    I just came home to find a HUGE Goanna sitting on my BBQ! :0

    Check it out!


      That's pretty awesome tho :)

      Phwoar! Did you give him/her a name??

        I didn't but I was thinking about George :0

        It all happened pretty quickly.. I walked in to the kitchen to make a coffee, and I'm standing there putting the coffee in the cup and looked out the window to see that! I was like.. HOLY CRAP!! WHERE'S THE CAMERA!!!! he actually sat there nicely while I took some pics inside, and then I went outside to get some closer ones, and he started to head off in to the bush.. he sat there for a while though and actually let me get pretty close!

      So, BBQ'd goanna for dinner then? I'll bring the beer....

        heheh I totally contemplated it, but I had no garlic, so no dice. :0

      Something about you has always screamed "i have a massive lizard" to me... Glad to see i was right :)

      Stick yer thumb up his butt, that'll REALLLLY piss him orf!

    What do you guys think? Uncharted 3? Sly 4? GT6? A KB spin off? New IP?

      Man, when did we start having announcements to announce announcements?
      It's one thing to have a teaser like Bioware and Mass Effect 3, but I think when you reach a point where you have a little press statement to announce something to be revealed later on in the year, it is officially stupid.

        Oh, that said, UC3?
        The first two games seem to have ~2 year development time, and I guess announcing it a year out sounds about right.

      hopes for Jak 4

    urgh, just got back from first preseason training for football... I am... going... to... explode.

    seriously, only thing i can move right now is my fingers.

    4 km time trial right off the bat, then another hour of training immediately after. Urgh. Somehow, i believe, video games should make this easier.

      DOOOOOD! Sport?
      I just don't do it...wish I did, my gut is huge since I took this office job.
      One of the guys I work with plays footy on Thursday nights and he looks shattered on Friday mornings.

    Introductory word, awesome thing I was linked to via a webcomic I read (The Doghouse diaries, I thoroughly recommend it, it's in a similar vein to xkcd).

    It's a basic matrix thing, and it makes sounds...

    Ok, that was a terrible description, but it's a really good timewaster, and it's fun to make 2-bit art out of it to see what it sounds like. It's fairly old, I think, so you may have already seen it, but whatever, enjoy.

      Haha yeah, this thing is great. Found it a while back on a forum, and we all shared our tune-art.
      Let's share ours!
      (You can right click it and copy and paste music 'codes')
      If you squint really hard, it's almost a Black Mage!

      Pretty neat, man!
      Unfortunately those sorts of things never entertain my attention for very long :(

      I did like all the pretty "ding a do da loo do doo's" though

    Hey guys, could I ask something?

    Me and my friends are looking to host a private minecraft server for around 5 or 10 people, but we're having trouble identifying a good Australian VPS that's not balls expensive. I don't suppose anyone has any recommendations?

    Query to see if anyone else experiences it, does anyone else have problems opening Kotaku au (+ lifehacker and gizmodo) on their Android mobile phones?

    I'm just using the default browser, all over websites open promptly and fine. But Kotaku either opens very slowly, or not at all.

    I have a question for the ages, one that I have been debating all weekend, and I wanted to put it to you guys.

    Coco Pops or Fruit Loops. I used to think that Coco Pops was the clear victor, but after trying out Fruit Loops I'm not so sure...

      Fruit Loops FTW...

      For me, they stand tied on the top of the pedestal. They're each awesome in their own respect. On one hand you've got the most fantastic chocolatey milkshake crunch in the world, and on the other, a mix of fruity colours and flavours! Can't really compare the two! That's why they tie for me! Just depends what I'm more in the mood for. Chocolate or fruit!

        On a side note, I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only adult in the world who loves to indulge in a bit of childish food fun ;)

      Fruit Loops.
      You can eat them (conveniently and easily) without the need for that calcium liquid to accompany it, leaving you free to enjoy cereal in all it's high processed, unnaturally sugary, heart palpitation-inducing glory.

        You can totally eat Coco Pops without milk! Not to mention, they create an awesome chocolate milkshake. And you can make those LCM type things out of them as well. Coco Pops are the clear victor.

          What does LCM even stand for? I can not see rice bars being a lowest common multiple.

      Coco pops for sure.

      Fruit loops have that weird synthetic taste. I am pretty sure no fruit ever goes near them.

      But you can coat almost anything in coco and it is improved. anything....

      plus the have all the snap crackle and pop of rice bubbles.

        I'm sure no fruit goes near them, that's why they're called "Froot Loops" so you don't get mistaken. :P

        And nothing beats Froot Loops. They're the food of the ages.
        I'm pretty sure if you found a box in a post-apocalyptic wasteland they'd still be all crispy and edible.

      CoCo Pops.
      *Burnie Mac* Nuff Said

      Seriously, chocolate crackells... how is this even a question?

        actually, real chocolate crackles are made with rice bubbles and cocoa

          *Shakes Welbot*

          Good God Man!
          This is Talk Amongst Yourselves... take your logic, well thought out arguments, your reason and leave... now... whilst you still can!

      Milo or Coco Pops, that is the question.

      Why choose? Why not mix them together - half bowl each, milk, stir, eat...

      Let me know how it works out for you!

        sounds nice but i know i couldnt stomach that. be too much chocolate for me.

      I'm assuming the majority of you are, like me, a good friend to caffeine. So that being said, how can you all still drink coffee on top of a bowl of milk? I see the fruit loops and coco pops on my little shopping ventures and ponder their greatness, but then remember my love for coffee is stronger and my stomach would not appreciate that much cow juice.

      I can never decide between the two. I eat fruit loops at my house, and when I stay at my fiance's house, I eat coco pops. It ends up being even :-)

      I honestly don't understand how people can eat either, especially fruit loops: it's like chowing down to a bowl full of raw sugar! I'm not even close to being a health nut but I can't get through half a bowl of either before the overpowering sweetness forces me to go wash my mouth out.

    I discovered that my local Good Guys store sells pretty cheap games, They didnt have a huge selection but they had Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo Reach for $79.95, considering that the price for these are $118 at EB and $100 at GAME i find these deals pretty good.

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