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    Well, my planned weekend of Fallout: New Vegas got eaten up by Smackdown VS RAW 2011. Something hilarious about making a Created Wrestler in the image of Corey Party-Boy, having him G it up in his entrance, all while clips on the big screen behind him are from him getting his head smashed into the mat repeatedly. That, and a slo-mo shot of fistbeard clotheslining him. (I'm a sucker for any game that has a replay editor.)

    Rasslin' games are one of my gaming guilty pleasures.

    Speaking of Guilty Pleasures, I'm getting Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 this week, shit yeah. I'm looking forward to this one.

    Guys, I don't have much time, so I'll just list the sites offering them.

    Weekly Deals:
    - Steam: Halloween Sale, THQ Week
    - Impulse: Halloween (plenty of good games)
    - GamersGate: Halloween Sale
    - TellTale Games: Preorder the BTTF Series and get Puzzle Detective Free.

    I'll update later on during lunch with individual deals and prices.

    Ok, here we go:
    - Devil May Cry 4 - $9.99 (Haven't played it, but looks good)
    - Aliens vs. Predator - $9.99 (Great MP)
    - Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition - $4.99 (AMAZING! BUY IT NOW!)
    - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle - $9.99 (Pripyat & Chernobyl, buying separately = $40)
    - BioShock - $4.99 (Great Game, On par with Half Life 2/System Shock/Deus Ex)
    - Ghostbusters: The Videogame - $9.99 (Haven't played it, but seriously, Who You Gonna Call?)
    - Zombie Driver - $4.99 (Great fun, brilliant time-waster, worth the price)

    - Amnesia: The Dark Descent - $10.13 (Absolutely Amazing Game)
    - Fort Zombie - $2.52 (Haven't Played it, looks fun though)
    - LightWeight Ninja - $1.00 (Looks like a good time waster, my mate says it's great)

    - The Whispered World - $14.95 (AMAZING GAME, a real nostalia-trip!)

    TellTale Games:
    - Back to the Future, Series 1 (5 games) - $24.95 (Get Puzzle Detective Free)
    - Meet the Players Pack (21 GAMES!!!) - $29.95 (Too good value. If you don't buy this, you're silly!)

    - Day of the Dead Bundle - Anything>$1.00 (3 faily touching games, worth the money :D)"

      Great work and all, but I'm now wondering... How the heck were you able to go back and edit your post!!????? *bamboozled*

      You sir, have the Kotaku gift of the gods!

        I'll tell you when you grow older.
        I will give you a hint however:
        It invloves Duct Tape, a Darth Maul toy, a bobble-head and a chicken.

        Actually, I was just having issues posting my wall of text as a response, so I had a massive whinge to Mark, who was kind enough to fulfil my request. XD

        I was absolutely wondering the same thing. TARDIS, perhaps? :P

        I'm going with an email to the magic squirrel.

          Actually, he emailed me, lol.

          Also, I may or may not have some exciting news soon, depending on how quickly Marky Mark can write an email XD

            Just sent an email!

              And here's the exciting news:


              BARGAIN EDITOR!

              Yes, I will now be doing a weekly post with all the bargains from various sources! I'll try and make it as comprehensive as possible, platform independant and simple to follow (unlike many of my comments, lol).

              So if you have any bargains you'd like to see featured, don't hesitate to contact me at tadmod(at)hotmail(dot)com with an appropriate tag-line (eg "BARGAIN - COD:MW2 for $1.99). I'll be submitting the article tuesday mornings, so preferably before monday nights would be the most convenient for me.

              Has that made you perspirate with excitement? No? oh...

              Well, at least I got chicken*...

              *Cookie for reference

                Hey congrats on the gig man! I do kinda feel a bit sad in that Loops would have loved your new gig, especially after that massive bargain hunter artical he wrote a while back :( I know its a field in which he excells at!
                Maybe you can do some collaborations with the loopster on bargain shopping outings, or hows about a Tadmod v Looster $150 challenge, where you both have $150 bucks each (supplied by kotaku) and then you spend the weekend spending it and come Monday you both put up how you spread your wad!!??

                Oh, while Kotaku is handing out jobs, I desperately need a job I can do at home, such as *wink* approving comments. I have skills in that 1, I can read. Thats pretty much it, oh, but I can also open a tin of Pal without cutting the webby bit between my thumb and hand anymore.

                  I like the idea of the Tadmod vs Loops bargain challenge. I like it a lot.

                  That seems like a really cool challenge, especially seeing how much Chuloopa adds to the community here.

                  If Mark is keen, I am definitely in!

                  If it were to go ahead, I'd like to see a bit of variety in it, such as platform specific purchases (Xbox, PS3, PC, Wii, DS, etc...), genre-specific purchases (RPG, FPS, RTS, etc...) and other such challenges.

                  Also, @Mark: Receive my last email? I'm curious as to the format allowed, lol XD

    Still no GT5 release date.... :(

    In other news, I filled my time with PES 2011 - can't say I've played a soccer game since Fifa 90-something back in the Playstation days, so I'm happily getting my arse handed to me over and over again :)

    Oh and has anyone seen Ninja Warrior before? Saw ads for it on SBS so watched it last night... think Wipeout (which I hate), with a Japanese twist (awesome), for guys/gals that are actually strong/talented. Watching people handstand-walk around an obstacle course before having their arms/shoulders give out and land on their heads? Win.

      That show RAWRKS so does the one before or after it...Ultimate Banzai? No that isn't it.

      Japenese have this certain crazy work-ethic that makes these kind of shows so much better in the land of the rising sun.

      I saw Ninja Warrior a few weeks ago and was seriously impressed. I keep forgetting that its on though as I hardly watch tv these days. Someone remind me on friday please!!!!

        Hey mate - did you see you won the community Kudos award last week? How you holding up, old fella?

        On topic, i've never even heard of Ninja Warrior so i just Youtubed it then... HOLY SHIZNIZ THAT WAS AMAZING!!

        Those guys are AWESOME :D

          Yup I did see I won! I was super stoked too! :D I saw it late on Friday night, and posted my replies, but I don't think they were approved until saturday. But big thanks again to TheCryingGamer and Kotaku, and all those that said nice things, you all gave me warm and fuzzies, it was like the Furby craze all over again. :D Now my kids won't get their DS's back!

      GT5'S GONE GOLD!! :D[gt5]-discs-are-being-stamped-as-we-speak

    Im struggling with New Vegas, I love it don't get me wrong, but unlike any other game, i am overwhelmed by the size of it, and I don't mean having to walk everywhere in the wastes.

    I have been playing for about 20 hours (3 hours per day for the past week!) and i am at about level 15 but as i open up more of the story, there just is more and more to open up. I think I am making a dent in the progress and then i am hit with another 5 quests.

    I am a completionist so i am going for all side missions etc but man this game is huge. Really enjoying it but finding the weapon mods either really expensive or hard to find the right one (but I think i cqan get around that later on).

    Anyone else overwhelmed by the size od this place, do you stay in one area and finish all missions or do you start a bunch of missions, then tick them off later on?

      I haven't got around to New Vegas yet but I found the same thing with Fallout 3. It was overwhelming to me at first and I thought "shit, how am I going to get through all of this?" But I found that I enjoyed every bit of it. Even though it was by far one of the longest story driven games I've played I never put the controller down from boredoms sake.

      Kinda... Though I've been taking a slower pace to the game, my game save says just under 20 hrs and I'm only at Level 8.

      Have only just decided to move into Novac and rent myself a room there, that's where I finished last night. Just been a wandering back and forth the southern part of the wastelands.

      Despite this, am loving every second of it!

        Just on Novac, I loved that the town got its name from a broken 'NO VACancy' sign out the front. You can kind of imaging the whole world being turned upside down and peaple coming up with names in this way.... if the original place is wiped from existance... pretty cool.

          Thought the same thing when I saw the No Vac sign Fatshady.

          I've played about 12 hours or somthing so far. Sitting at level 8. I've just passed that town, forgot its name, were you find the Great Khans who were with the guy who shot you. I'm at road 188 or somthing, just recruited that Brotherhood Scribe to join me. Kind of sad when I found out I'd have to give up Boone to have her with me, loading screen tip said I could have two companions at once but the internet tells me that's one Human companion and one robot or Dog companion.

    What a weekend of gaming!
    I actually got more in than i thought it would.

    So after playing the delicious demo, i bought Super Meat Boy and i am LOVING IT!!

    I have never enjoyed a game that i suck at so damn much in my life. I don't know what it is, but the game is like cotton candy laced with crack... If you haven't got it yet, GET IT!

    Also, hit up steams halloween sale and finally got Plants Vs. Zombies, Zombie Bowling (more fun than i thought it would be), Red Nation and an airplane dogfighting game i have now forgotten the name of for a total of just over $12usd... awesome!!

    Also i had $19 on an eb card, so i went to get some classic Xbox games which are all 50% off as EB tries to clear them out - i walked away with 5 awesome games. Fatal Frame, Outrun 2, Ghost Recon, Cold War and Grabbed by the ghoulies - only having to pay $2 on top of the $19 i had on the card.

    Also, i am finally at the second last chapter of War For Cybertron after playing it on and off for a few months. The Autobot section, IMO, seems to be harder than the Decepticon chapters. Maybe it's just me. I'm still thoroughly enjoying the game, either way :) Plenty of fan service, that's for sure.

      I just bought a Euro Outrun 2006 coast to coast from eBay...9 bucks, a steal!

      Fatal Frame is the US name for Project Zero, I hope it works in your Xbox. I only played that game for an hour though, then I gave it away. Not because it wasn't awesome, which it was, but because I was too scared to play anymore. :P

        Oops.. i meant Project Zero lol

        I already knew that Fatal Frame and Project Zero are the same game, i just have a bad habbit of getting the versions confused. I most certainly have the PAL one :P

        Pretty chuffed about it too :D I love games that make me wet myself :D

        ..and then i have nightmares...

      *lovingly pats the excited sweat from your brow.. dab.. dab-a-dab.

      You seem mightly excitable my dear boy! Its about time you got PvZ! I also managed to get my elderly grandma addicted to PvZ, she loves it more than a cheap meat sale at coles.

      I picked up batman AA and deathspank, but with a constant stream of visitors this weekend its been hard to try them out yet.

      I also hit a wall, in that upon trying to download Batman AA, I found out my C drive is crammed up the waazoo, bugger. So I gave it a good clean out, and STILL can't fit it in. So, I have a problem here. When I installed Steam, I just plonked it on C:\ without a second thought, little did I know just how fast it would take over! Does anyone know if you can move your Steam library to another drive? Or is the only way to make a steam backup, uninstall steam, then reinstall it on another drive???

        Qbo! Here is your answer! Yes it can be done. I did this myself a few months ago. Worked a treat!

        The following instructions are a simple way to move your Steam installation along with your games:

        1.Exit the Steam client application.
        2.Browse to the Steam installation folder for the Steam installation you would like to move (C:\Program Files\Steam by default).
        3.Delete all of the files and folders except the SteamApps folder and Steam.exe
        4.Cut and paste the whole Steam folder to the new location, for example: D:\Games\Steam\
        5.Launch Steam and log into your account.
        Steam will briefly update and then you will be ready to play. All future game content will be downloaded to the new folder (D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\ in this example)

      I keep meaning to do the Autobot chapters but every time I boot it up I find the Multiplayer too hard to resist!

        lol - i haven't even touched multiplayer yet :P

        Played it in the demo though, which was pretty neat

    Off to Perth tomorrow! I have my last exam today and then off to get some sun. The weather in Melbourne has been ridiculous lately.
    But my point is... a week without games, *sigh*. I just bought a few games from the steam sales.
    Picked up Bioshock which I never did get around to finished and also the STALKER bundle. Which I have no idea what its about.
    Anyone else played it? How is it?

      Why Perth?

      I was born there and...

        I'm a Melbournian through and through but I lived in northern WA for 3 years and met my Mrs there. So we make frequent trips to Perth to visit family etc. Best beaches in Aus.

          My wife loves it there...when I visit the family I can't wait to leave.
          I'm not the outdoorsy type or into sport.
          Perth just doesn't do it for me.

      Why would anyone come over here for a holiday?!?


        I think it's the wine and surfing at Margaret River.

          Or Perth Zoo...I love that place, but I think it's more of a Nostalgia thing.
          My first home was in South Perth Apparently(not that I remember).

            it always surprises me how so many of my fellow countrymen have travelled overseas but never interstate or their own backyard! admittedly you have to be able to cope with the vastly different climates, but we have so much to see!
            it probably doesn't help that it is cheaper to get flights to Bali than it is to the north of WA...

    Anyone played TFU2 yet...

    Where's Aaron... I need to vent about the incidental canon errors.

    At first I was like...

    Wow, those are R41 starchasers... and those are Z-95 headhunters. Nice touch, instead of x-wings.
    Then I saw some y-wings, completely plausable given the timeframe.
    Then I saw the a-wings, and that's when it started to unravel. A-wings weren't produced until just before Endor, and the rebel fleet is big compared to what it should be... and they shouldn't have a nebulon-b frigate until after Hoth.

    I know it's pedantic... but it's bugging me.


      Oh, and I think I saw Vader hurling a bolt of Force Lightning at me during the final phase of the end battle... I really, really hope that my eyes were deceiving me, or that he was just reflecting some...

        The level where you tear through the frigate to the engine room... there's no way you could do that much damage and still have the ship going.

        Even if it could, you wouldn't do that much damage to your own damn ship.

    So I FINALY got around to finishing Fallout 3 last night. I'm impressed(with the ending, not with myself).

    Two Questions:

    1. Was I supposed to find a dog companion? What's the deal?

    2. I hear the Dl content changes the games ending, does it change the way I think it will change?

      Everyone talks about the Dog companion! My play time was 70 hours or so and I did not see him once. Urgh.
      The DL content allows you to continue playing. I recommend it 120%.

        I just had a chat with a co-worker and he says he saved the dog from some mutants and that the dog can die...permenantly...

        I have the DL content here, I got the GotY edition, just wanted to see the original end before I stuck it on the HD.

          yep the dog was just north of megaton at the scrapyard. I ditched him also because the AI was pretty crap. He ran in front of a mini nuke i chucked and then i re-loaded, told him to wait behind me, hit the mini nuke again, this triggered a scripted event that made a wall fall donw behind me... which he was stuck in!!!

          I would however only suggest the broken steel DLC. I got them all, but this was the only one that didnt feel tacked on and it raised the level cap to 30.

      Yeah, you find Dogmeat at a Scrapyard. Unless you just go out wandering, you'll probably never find him, because I don't think any quests leads you there.
      He's kind of cool, I guess (I think he has a mass of HP), but I eventually ditched him because all the companions suck at sneaking around. :\

      As for the DLC, Broken Steel is the one that continues after the ending, and yeah, I guess it changes the game's ending (or at least your choice) so that you can continue playing. Just throw in Fawkes; he seems pretty cool with it.

        Part of the reason it took me so long was my aimless wandering.

        Met that little kid who got me to kill those damn fire ants...I also just walked to nowhere and did nothing plenty of times.

        Oh yeah and there was the time I got sniped and killed, had a few drinks that night, I bet the killer was obvious.

        But no dog.

      I found Point Lookout to be quite enjoyable, sends you to a hillbilly swamp and a church full of cultists.

      Mothership Zeta i didnt really enjoy, it just seemed too long and all you do is walk through hallways and zap aliens.

    Hey guys and gals!!

    I made it back from Sydney ALIVE!!

    Best of all i had an absolute blast with my little lady. We stayed at the Merriton on Kent Street, which was rather nice, and VERY close to pretty much everything.

    I'm sure you don't want to hear the boring details, so instead i'm going to finally answer the question of "which city is better, Melbourne or Sydney"

    I'm going to give each city a point in a number of categories, the one with most points in the end is the overall winner! YAY!



    1. Drivers
    Which city has the best drivers? Hmm tough question. People from NSW always say Victorians are Loonies, and Victorians say the vice-versa. Let me say this - in the city of Melbourne, people tend to stick to the speed limit and are aware that people tend to cross the street without looking, or at points they shouldn't be. Sydney drivers on the other hand, seem to be completely oblivious to what's going on around them. In my time in Sydney i have never heard so much honking or seen so many cars go FLYING around corners on the accelerator rather than the breaks.
    If you go to sydney and cross a road - you might die! But if you try to DRIVE on their crazy 1 way road - you will most certainly die or have a horrible accident.

    2. Shopping
    Melbourne has some of the best shops around, there is no doubt about it. Fashion and it's metropolitan lifestyle go hand in hand. But you know what? It's all too spread out. Your best shopping experiences won't be in the CBD, but rather in the surrounding and outer subburbs. Yes, the Melbourne CBD has some great shops, but it's also a lot of the same thing across more streets than you care to walk through. In sydney my partner and i walked the length of Geroge and Pitt street and more and couldn't do it all in just one day. There are so many fantastic shops in stunning locations. QVB and the more expensive "Strand" are in stunning heritage buildings that leave you in awe of their architecture.
    Also, all melbourne stores close band on 5-5:30pm, with late night shopping only on Friday nights. Monday night in sydney, 7pm and george street is still alive with activity and stores are still trading - it was brillaint! Sorry Melbourne, you actually lost out on shopping when it's one of those things you pride yourself on..

    3. Docks and other water-side areas
    Ok this is quick and easy. In Melbourne we have Port-Melbourne and the Docklands... big bloody whoop. Both locations are pretty crap to be honest, i should know as i lived in Port Melb for a number of years. The Docklands has been the biggest failure to melbourne that i can remember to date.. it's pathetic and a clear rip-off of Darling Harbour without any of the attractions.
    Sydney has Circular Quay
    Sydney has Darling Harbour
    Sydney has The Endevour, HMAS Vampire and The Submarine whos name i forgot, so i'll just call it the "Submarine Bob". All three of these completely destroy our proudest vessel - the Poly Woodside...

    4. Dining and watering holes
    Another quick one. Melbourne is FULL of AMAZING places to go for a fantastic meal at varying prices and pubs of all shapes, styles and themes. You can't go down a signle street without seeing one or the other, or a multitude of both. Sydney on the other hand.. oh boy.. We found it really difficult to actually find places to eat, and when we did they were asking almost $30 to sit down and eat a pizza... Poor form sydney - when it comes to fine dining and great bars/pubs, you come off second best - by far. I mean Adelaide seemed to have more than you!!... ADELAIDE!!
    1 Point to Melbourne

    5. Getting Around.
    Sydney loses points for copious amounts of one way streets and a lack of trams. On the plus side it gains points for having a train system that not only arrives on time, but actually takes you to relevant places and for having ferries, which get you across the bay much quicker than any bus or taxi. Oh They also have Water Taxi's, which look like new york cabs, only floating! Neat!
    BUT their ticketing system for bus's and trams is a bit silly and the Taxi's aren't as easy to spot as ours are.. "Hey look there's a tax... oh wait, no, it's just another white car".
    Neither place is particularly hard to get around and both have information booths manned by people who really don't care about where you're trying to go or actually helping you out.
    It's a cop out, but both cities have strengths and weaknesses that even themselves out... It's a tie.

    6. Tourism.
    Man - Sydney.. I have never seen so many damned tourist in my life. It seemed like the amount of people around us that spoke unaccented English were completely outnumbered by the sounds of French, German and several types of asian, including the editble chocolate coated type.. wait.. no.. i've just been informed that it’s ‘raisins’ i'm thinking of - my bad. Either way, that’s a BUNCH of tourists… This is mostly attributed to the face that Sydney is the most heavily advertised Australian city in the world thanks to their big bridge and opera (Oprah) house. Melbourne has it’s share of attractions, but I don’t think they really hold a candle to the ‘tourablity’ of Sydney..

    7. Cost
    Not just some things, ALL THINGS. Hell, even Gloria Jeans in Sydney is 10-20c more expensive for every item on the delicious menu of caramelatte’s and Iced Mocha’s. While that doesn’t sound expensive, one café I went past would have cost me $5.20 for a Latte… FOR A LATTE!!! Umm, no thanks.
    Not only that, if you wanted to have a nice meal that wasn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, it wasn’t going to happen in the CBD. Melbourne has dozens of places at any time where you can get a damn good feed at a damn good price. In Sydney it felt like I was limited to Mc Donalds, Hungry Jacks and any other number of food chains if I wanted to get a meal that wouldn’t cost me close to $60-70 for all the trimmings. That being said, Lowenbrau in The Rocks is AWESOME. Mmmm… Pork Belly…

    8. Livability
    I have not come across one person, even in Sydney, that said they would rather live in Sydney than Melbourne. They say Sydney is a great place to visit, but not to live there. You know what, I agree. Sydney is FANTASTIC to visit, and you’ll always have something to do as long as you have an endless supply of money and you’re only there for no longer than a week – after that things could get stale. Sydney doesn’t have the dining and café culture that I’ve come to get used to in Melbourne. It seems like there is always something to do and somewhere to go – in Sydney, I just didn’t feel that aside from the tourist attractions. Plus as I mentioned, it’s too expensive in Sydney. Not just for food and drink, but for housing, rent and possibly hookers. I’m sure the price of hookers matters to someone out there, and I don’t jknow from experience, but I hear they’re pretty cheap in Melbourne :P
    In all seriousness, I know this is a bit of a cop out point and all a matter of personal preference, but Sydney is too busy and too touristy to be a good place to live.

    So Melbourne wins, but only just by the hair of it's nose.

    Don't take my word as cannon though, this is all in good fun - i'd like to hear what you guys all think, especially those from less fortunate cities/towns :P

    In the end i have a new found respect for Sydney, but it won't stop me acting like a typically Melbournian and slagging them off for no reason whilst blindly saying "Melbourne's better" no matter what the argument. It's what you do :)

      You and my missus would get along amazingly. All she ever talks about is how amazing Melb is, and how we should move back there.

        lol - to be fair i gave Sydney quite a bit of credit.. is stupidly expensive though.

        One thing i will always remain jealous of is that you guys get double decker trains..

        Well, if this doesn't get some kind of Community shout-out at the end of the week I'll be disapointed!! Hilarious read all the way through loops, you had me worried there for a minute that Sydney would win! I almost cried! But then it came Storming *pun home for a narrow victory!! Oh, and you reminded me of when I was in grade 4, we took a day trip excursion to Melbourne and saw the polly-woodside, wow, what a bore! But, we took a boat trip UNDER the west gate bridge! Ever since then, every time I went to Geelong, I would say "I've been under this bridge" to all who would listen. Now my kids yell out "shut up dad, we know already" but I still remind them that I went under this bridge.... yep, under.

        Must say a big thanks Serrelicious for the win on Friday, I saw it late on friday, so my comments wern't approved for ages, so a big thanks again!! Do you need my address again, or is it still listed in Gooses notes?

          OH! I forgot, I was also gonna say, when I get Super Scribblenauts, I'm totally putting in Melbourne vs Sydney, just for kicks :D

          Goose does have mad addresses in this doc he left me, but it would awesome if you could just shoot me your email.

            When we post, we have to have our email details filled out, can you see them with your editor powers??? Otherwise its jeffkent (at) pacific (dot) net (dot) au. Minus spaces obviously (just trying to avoid being email farmed by google or other evil empires... :)

          Damn.. under??

          Looks like someone is in line for another Community Kudos!

      I got lost in Melbourne and pulled over for speeding... told the policeman I was from Adelaide and couldn't figure out the "hook left" thing.
      He let me off, and let me do an illegal right hand turn.

      Good times...

        Oh the joys of Melbourne!

        Hook turns aren't that bad once you get used to them. I'd certainly prefer them over Sydney's copious amounts of one way streets.

        But yes, to an outsider it can be daunting.

        ... Sort of like Adelaide's roundabout of death in the city - yes?

          Britannia round about is fine... it's certainly nothing on the double circles in Canberra.

          The trick is to line up before you hit it, so you're going straight through... if you've got to make a turn on it, then it's a nightmare.

        Haha... mates did similar, but ended up doing the unthinkable; misread some signs, and ended up driving down Bourke street mall...

        Needless to say, aside from driving down tram-lines, their SA numberplates gave everyone additional ammo to point and laugh at... :P

          At least it was SA numberplate - if it were NSW plates everyone would have been diving for their lives :P

        Dude, I've still got my UK license. Any time I get pulled over it's like "deeplomatic eemunitee". The aussie police don't know what to do with the thing!

        I'm so reluctant to hand mine's over and get an Aussie one...

          *cop pulls out a revolver and headshots you*
          "It's just been revoked"

          ..... Damn, I wanna watch the Lethal Weapon movies now. That mullet, man.

          I don't understand that... aside from being able to park in the wrong direction, the roads in Britain are the same.

      Chuloopa mang, the weather here is still pretty abysmal.
      I think you've permanently broken our fine Spring weather.

        Listen, to be honest, i just saw a bunch of buttons and thought it would be fun to push them all - i had absolutely NO intention of breaking your weather.
        I am sincerely sorry.

        I shall make it all up to Sydney-siders by holding a massive even in your honor tomorrow. I shall call it "The Melbourne Cup".. it's a bit short notice, but i'm sure i can manage some good numbers and may even be able to include pony rides.

          You sir, I must say, under such a short time frame have put on a most excellent gig!

          Please tell me it will end up as a mud pit slip-n-slide with all those nice ladies in their nice frocks getting dragged around the track by rope slung of the back of all these strapping steeds you have organised??

            Yes i have organized both that, and midgets jockey's riding men in suits! :D

      Im going to jump in and say that i love Sydney... not really sure why but it just feels like home. Have spent a bit of time in MELB but not that much so don't want to have a go at your post cause it is prob valid.

      One thing though about the drivers.. i want to add a point about the road rules... Who the hell goes from the middle lane, to the left lane, sits there waiting until they can turn RIGHT!!!... That part always gets me. I sat there one morning just watching and trying to figure it all out... but SYD driving is horrible also...

        haha as i said, not having a go, just having some fun :P

        But the idea of a hook turn is that you don't obstruct tram tracks, that's the only reason they exist.

        If you turn right from the right, you'll be sitting right in the middle of the tracks causing all sorts of traffic issues, wheras if you turn from the left, you can wait on the side until the lights change so that you can go through with no one being obstructed :)

          They've put a tram down the middle of Adelaide now.
          No hook turns though... just no rights anywhere.
          You've got to go left and drop a u-ey.

            Yeah, that's been there for a while yeah? The Glenelg line?

            I've been to Radelaide a couple times now and will be back there in Jan - but this jan we'll probably just be going to Carrickalinga i think (hour down the coast from victor harbour). I don't mind rundle mall during end of year sales - picked up some damn good bargains this/last year around new years period.

            Actually spend new years night on the river torrens next to the fireworks display.. i must say i was rather impressed with what Adelaide pumped out. Perfect night for it too :)

              Yeah... the Glenelg line.
              It's been extended, it now runs all the way down King William to the casino, and then along North Terrace and out to the brewry...

                woah woah woah woah... Adelaide has a CASINO?!

                  Yep, and I hear next month we're getting a picture theatre.

      Hobart > all.

      Better weather, sweet eff all traffic, awesome food & drink alongside the fact that I can happily order online anything that I need but can't get locally (like cheap PC parts).

      Definitely don't regret leaving Brisbane to move down here. No sir.

        I agree. Melbourne and Sydney are nice to visit, but overall, Hobart is a nicer place. Smaller, less people, less traffic... It's terrific.

          I lived near Hobart when I was a kid, we left when I was about 13.
          Always wanted to move back there but my husband won't even move as far south as Melbourne because he's afraid of the cold.

      Chulpa Loopa:

      I've lived in Sydney my entire life.

      It is:
      - overpriced (everything: rent, food, activities, etc...)
      - boring (bad restaurants, crappy nightlife [only clubbing])
      - competitive (try finding an entry-level IT job in Sydney. I dare you)
      - overpopulated (too many people, not enough space)
      - unpleasant (5 cigarettes per square metre in George Street, more buskers than businessmen, etc...)
      - extreme (one day it's 50 degrees, the next it's hailing...)

      So whilst I love it with all my heart, I can see the clear flaws... and my time in Melbourne a few years back has shown me where I want to move after graduation!

      Let me give an example:
      I have applied for about 200 jobs in Sydney, got 2 interviews. I have applied for 5 jobs in melbourne, got accepted for 3 of them (unfortunately, I didn't read that they were in melbourne, so couldn't accept... fml).

      If I lived in Melbourne, I'd now be working full time for Desura (creators of ModDB and IndieDB)

        Ahahahahaa. You're all fools. Brisbane is where it is at. We have some of the best rock and roll in the country, we have Mana Bar (though I've never been I'm sure plenty of folks here are dying to go), and the weather is pure gold. I'd complain about the bogans, but this is Australia, and bogans are 95% of the population, despite what inner city living would have you believe.

    Finished assassins creed 2 over the weekend and started on gothic 4! omg! so coool! Feels very different, but so similar at the same time! Familiar names being thrown around too which is nice! Only thing I'm not enjoying so much is trying to find the ancient relics. They're randomly placed around the world, and you'd think they'd be in a chest or something.. but no.. just some tiny little object hiding in the grass somewhere.. damn hard to find! :0 Still, all in all, looking like a great game! Also made a start on he force unleashed 2 last night. That game looks seriously hot with all the graphics set to max. Seriously nice job. Anyway, gotta scoot for now.. work calls!

      Gothic 4 looks good but Ive never played any of the others and I can't find a good review.

      What's it like?

      What do you spend the majority of you;re time doing?

      How does it play? (Like Dragon Age where you just highlight an enemy and he goes or like Zelda and you actually slsah away?)

        For the most part it's just hack and slash at anything. I can't recall if there's a button to lock on to enemies or not. It's never had one before though. So far, I've spent most of my time just walking between quests and exploring various places. The landscape is just brilliantly beautiful! 0

        Damn post button. Grrr! Prolly more my computer but still! Was going to go on to say that you can craft things in this one! You could always learn recipes if you wanted in previous games, but this seems to take things a little further. I haven't delved really deep in to it yet, but it looks kinda promising. The thing I do miss though is having skills. The level up options are really different and kinda limited from what I can see. You used to be able to learn lockpicking and magic and stuff, but needed to be taught by people first to advance, but in this one I can't find anything about lockpicking, and magic just seems to be open right from the beginning. Just keep putting skill points in the bar and eventually you'll max it. Looks liek there might only be 3 spells though :\ Still, I've only played for maybe 6 hours, so might be something else out there. Think I've barely scrathe the surface of the game. Usually I get around 150-200 hours of playtime out of Gothic games, so I'm hoping this one is similar!

          Any of that RPG talky stuff liek Fallout or Dragon Age etc?

            I haven't played Dragon Age yet, so I can't really compare it to that, but it's also hard to compare it to Fallout aswell. I guess it has similarities to it on some levels, but it's more like... Oblivion I guess. Just not as customizable.

    Guys, just wondering what the recommendations are for best price and on-the-day delivery or pickup for COD: Black Ops next week. Any advice?


      K-Mart for $79, I believe. , Page 12. For PS3/360, and although it says there's PC, too, but with no mention of the price.
      Big W has PC for $78, but it says it's online only, and I don't know what Big W's shipping is like.

    Hey Mr Serrels,

    A while ago there was talk of the Kinect games being priced cheaper than ordinary games... did this end up happening, and if so roughly what is the rrp?

      Also, the Aus kinect advert just screened on 10... better than the Japanese and US ones, although it does pose one question: how bad does Rove McManus need work?

    Well I got RB3 in the mail yesterday. Got my game calibrated. Got the free Doors pack. I went to try one song out in quickplay before getting the wife in for a round and the PS3 died. Day 1 US launch model with the PS2 hardware for native playback. Four great years.

      I'm sorry for your loss.
      R.I.P PS3

      He's in a better place now, though - Silicone Heaven.

      Oh dude, that sucks.
      I know I felt gutted the first time my PS3 died and that was just a 40gig one, but launch backward-compatible version? That must feel awful. :-(

      yeah sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with your family.

      :( Damnit. A sideways frown just aint big enough for your loss. I soooooo badly want a launch model. I know it sounds stupid, but not for the extra usb's, not for the ps2 support, but I really wanted a SACD player! (yes, I'm serious)

        I still haven't tried the SACD playback. Maybe I never will!

        I'm taking the unit to a mod shop later today to see if they can resurrect it. At least long enough for me to deactivate the system and transfer the content.

    I started playing RDR undead last night. I had spent 2-3 hours completely rebuilding my PC (it works again!) so couldn't get into fallout as it was already 11pm.

    It felt weird having zombies in that world but not that bad. I had trouble with the controls but only because i have not played RDR for a month or so.

    I think it will be fun and not bad for less than 10 bucks (I got all three DLC's for 1600 points)

    Does anyone else find thenselves strangly attracted to John Marston's wife. Not in a sick man dating robot kinda way (Lucy Liu episode of futurama) but She just seems like a cool wife and mum...

      Bonnie MacFarlane was so much better...

        Word. My heart was breaking at the end when she was kicking the dust after meeting Marston's wife.

          Especially after all the shit that John went through to find her and get her back, Abigail was pretty much attacked by the green eyed monster at the very mention of him meeting another women who helped him. She seemed way too possessive.

    Tis my wife's b'day today, and the lucky bitch has the day off!! Left her sleeping on the couch this morning and tookher present to work with me so she couldn't sneak a peek or open it while i'm gone ;) Loking forward to the b'day dinner tonight though cos my sis is making chocolate crackles cos the wife has never had them before! YUM!

      If im not mistaken that is both birthdays close together (yours also) and close to xmas... expensive time of year huh? My wife and I are only seperated by 9 days so I know the feeling!

      Well happy Bday to her also, but how has anyone gone through life without choccie crackles....? Doesn't that get checked before you marry someone?

        I don't really know many chinese people who've even heard of chocolate crackles, let alone tasted them! My family introduced her to fairy bread on the first birthday that came around after we got together, and she loves that now, but again, not the sort of thing asian people really have in their lives ;) And yes it does tend to be an expensive time of year. Not only is it my wife's b'day today, but her best friend was born on the same day, as was my best friend! So 3 b'days just today! Then I've got my mum in a couple of weeks, and then my nephew 2 days after christmas! 3 more in january/february next year too.. damn crazy!

      Here's a Q-bo's Happy B-Day wishies sent in the direction welbots wife!
      How does she go with good-ole vegemite on toast?

        hehe she doesn't really go for vegemite, but then neither do i! We both like promite though!

      oops, completly missed this before..

      Happy belated birthday to you're lovely lady!

      I hope you wore some variety of sexy outfit.. like a male-nurse, or a man-maid or something :)

    Just a warning to all you regulars who might wonder where I have got too, I'm just about to yank out my vista install here and give windows 7 a whirl. I've spent 3 days backing stuff up, trying to organise it all!
    With 5 hdd's all whizzing about, I've surely forgotten something important somewhere along the line, but its long overdue for a service.

    If all goes well, I may be back up by tommorow, if all goes bad, I'm going over to loops house for a cuddle. ;)

    Oh and loops, if you haven't yet then re-read up the top posts about tadmods bargains, there may be something up there you might wish to do? (well I hope you would want too!)

      Thanks mate. We do worry when you are not around. Good luck with the install. I've been running 7 for a couple of months and I really like it. Never even bothered with vista so hard for me to compare but it should be worth the upgrade. Hope to see you soon and not in a few weeks cause you totally stuffed it.

        WIn 7 is ace indeed.. and a piece of cake to install.. surprisingly though, it's the first windows system i've come across that actually upgrades well too! analyses your system first and tells you if there will be any issues, and then when they're resolved, it goes ahead.. comes out running tons better than vista too! AMAZING! ;)

          I am Q-bo, lord of the phallice... For it seems I've cocked up my PC. :/ I totally forgot about my daughters (horrible) dell laptop from the 1960's (seemingly) so I'm typing on it now. Its better than nothing, for my update has not run quite as smooth as I had hoped.

          Step 1. Back everything up-done
          Step 2. Format spare drives
          Step 3. Realise I forgot to backup game saves-damn
          Step 4. Being smart, I saved my old HDD in case of emergencie, so I reconnect it
          Step 5. Windows has a poo because its pagefile drive has been freshly formatted, for I forgot to tell windows of my intentions-result = bsod - damn 2
          Step 6. Will not worry about gave saves now, I'll recover them when I'm back up and racing
          Step 7. Being smart (again) I thought I'd update the mobo bios, but there was only a new beta version, what the heck I think
          Step 8. Swear multiple times when bios update fails drastically.
          Step 9. Listen to the lovely beep beep beep and black screen which results - damn
          Step 10. Find manual on how to reset bios.
          Step 11. Pull house apart for 2 hours looking for manual.
          Step 12. Realise I could have just downloaded it on my daughters laptop-damn, I must be tired
          Step 13. Can't see jack shit (long story, but my pc is inbuilt (yes inbuilt) under a desk) and realise I need a torch to find damn mobo jumper switch
          Step 14. Spend another 45 mins looking for a torch-damn and blast
          Step 15. Reset bios-Hooray! Win!
          Step 16. Go to install Windows 7! Win!!
          Step 17. Waiting to start....
          Step 18. Still waiting, whats wrong with this disk I start to think?
          Step 19. New win 7 disk won't bloody read in my drive-damn
          Step 20. Sulk for next 30 mins
          Step 21. Realise I need to get a replacement disk from dick smith-damn
          Step 22. To be cont.....

            Wow, that sounded like great fun (please imagine this said in the high pitched just-drank-two-of-those-massive-red-bull-bottles-and-I'm-probably-about-to-have-a-heart-attack voice), we can be "main computer fried so we're using relics of an ancient era" buddies (Actually, this comp isn't too old, it was just outdated three years before we got it...).

            But in all seriousness, that sucks, and this is why I'm sticking to xp (also, it has nostalgia value, I'm so young, that windows xp reminds me of my youth... Kids these days...).

            Some motherboards require you to download the SATA driver from their website and load it up from a USB stick or floppy during setup, so I'd look down that avenue before spending money

            mate, I am on the edge of my seat.... Can't wait for the next instalment (get it) of this story!

              Step 23. Went back to Dick Smith, young boy at counter.
              Step 24. Ask for exchange
              Step 25. Young kid looks worried and says he doesn't think they can return opened pc software.
              Step 26. I get aggitated a little and cause a scene at which point he says he will go check with a supervisor
              Step 27. I see boy chatting with boss lady at back of the store, he points to me, I look cross
              Step 28. He exchanges it for me. *few!*
              Step 29. Install starts!! WIN!
              Step 30. All is running smooth!! More Win!
              Step 31. Hang on, where did my win xp go? (my drive is split in 2 parts, 1 for xp for audio work, then the windows 7 (old vista) spot.
              Step 32. In my haste I realise I've put windows 7 on the wrong partition.
              Step 33. Look up to gods
              Step 34. No signs of respite from them - damn
              Step 35. Back to square one, windows xp install.
              Step 36. Must now take my daughter to netball, but at least I know it is all working now, I must stop rushing and concentrate!
              Step 37. Late night again in store for me! *sulks*

                Got pics of an in-desk PC install? sounds interesting...

                  Yup, heres some pics.

                  I built the desk/cabinet myself, you can see the dvd drive mounted in here.

                  and here.

                  The pc sits underneath in a sealable section, but its a tad hard to see, but you can sort of see it here, with the door removed.

                  The whole setup has since had a new pc installed (in same spot, which was a pain in the arse) and is now trashed with junk everywhere *whistles* But the desk has inbuilt cupboards, mixing desk, and synthesizer.
                  It was fun to build, but I want to rip it apart and make a new design as I'm getting bored with it. But here's a whole room pic.

                  As for install...
                  Step Whatever I was up to, xp went on again no probs, win 7 went on again, no probs! Just a few more niggles to sort through, but steam is up and going again! Woot!

    So, two things from me;

    Firstly, got Fable 3 (should be studying), really enjoying it (I've finished it twice...), but I'm just not loving it. So much of it feels like the terrible future of gaming (ok, so it could be far worse, but games would need a real restructure price wise for this to work). It feels like they half finished the game, realised their deadline was quite soon, so they polished it up a bit, and released it. This will then be added to with updates to fix the glitches (please I hope so), with DLC to add everything that they only realised at the end they couldn't fix.

    In my opinion this is a shame, as I felt that Fable 2 had a really good arc, and I hit the end (never bought the DLC, I'm a cheapskate) feeling satisfied, whereas for Fable 3, I feel that it just got cut short.

    Also, the framerate takes the occasional random huge nosedives (though only in certain areas, and usually not in combat (though, that usually part is rather painful to write)). Also, in general, the graphics seem worse than the candy coated, rose tinted glasses I remember seeing them through from the second game (Although, the areas are way bigger, which is a blessing). Finally, the lack of Lady Grey is really killing me (but does at least have Chesty).

    Well, that was a fair hunk of text, onto my second point, I've thus far avoided connecting to Xbox Live, as I wish to retain the current Dashboard as long as possible (Or, I only have one ethernet cable in a good location in my room, and my wireless is dodgy in this part of the house). Do people recommend continuing my stubborn fight against the oppressive Microsoft updating system, or should I embrace the future dashboard, knowing that with it I bring myself even further into the future? (I hold the belief that we live in the future, I don't care about rashional arguments, and everything people say, we live in the freaking future. *pulls out phone* See, amazing technology *remembers that my phone is a crappy flip phone (god I love flip phones, they make me feel so cool)* Uhh, well, look at an iPhone. FUTURE)

    PS. Apologies for bad English and spelling, it's 1:49 AM as I type this and I should really be sleeping or studying.

      Never apologise for late night rants... I used to do them all the time when i was studying.

        Oh god, if I apologised for my late night rants I'd never have a chance to actually create new ones, I'm more worried about potential butcherings of the English language, my favourite stupidly inconsistent and poorly designed mongrel language.

          there was more to my post but the boss walked over and i am 'working'...

          As for the dashboard question you raise, unless you are still using the 'old' blade dash (launch dash) then the upgrade will only make minor changes such as changing the colour and the like. If you are an offline gamer, then there really is no benefit for you tat I have seen so don't bother. There will however be games that come out that will force the update for offline users (is that normally what happens?).

          I have not seen any reason to upgrade if you are not using live...

            I'd say I can relate to the boss thing, but I've been moderately contentedly unemployed for over nineteen years now. To the second point, I do use live a bit, although I don't play over it that often, so I'm running the previous swishy one, I just saw a bunch of people complaining about it in some other post, so I thought I'd try to get a reasonable opinion, so in that regards, thank you, I'll probably just update it tonight.

      Oh wow, just looked up a screenshot comparison of fables 2 and 3... Damn... My glasses weren't just rose tinted, I think I was sitting fifteen metres away from the tv, while not actually wearing any glasses as I played fable 2...

    I absolutely CANNOT stand that red dead redemption ad on the side of the page flashing at me all the time like some kind of attention seeking child. I don't care how much they pay you make it stop.

      Firefox + Adblock Plus add on = problem solvered.

        Yep Adbloc plus is really good, and does a terrific job. I used to use it on Kotaku, but unfortunately this means that Kotaku gets lets revenue, therefore I've choosen not to block Kotaku's ads because I want the site to keep going and for there to be money to send TheCryingGamer overseas to report on important events for us all to enjoy and read, however annoying the ads might be :p

          As I understand it, revenue is only generated when you click on the ads anyway. I never click on ads, so don't feel bad using AdBlock.

          That said, I can see all the ads in their Garnier goodness here at work.

    So, new xbox dash??? comments???? As most of the new features were once again focussed on North America, nothing more than cosmetic in my eyes.

    has anyone actually played around with the Kinect video, 50mb install then a 52mb update??? Interface seems nice enough so would be interested to see if anyone used it. It will work now with the vision camera so if there are 2 people with that camera (doubt it), then let us know. I am interested in the tech much more than me actually using it but want to know.

    Also, the voice chat was improved, has anyone noticed???

      It looks very... sterile.

      Some things are faster: tile swipes, keyboard
      Some things take forever to load: avatar marketplace, individual hubs for everything,

      I'm not enjoying having to load up zune each time I want to watch a downloaded video either.

    Minecraft help.

    I hear the halloween update is out (Hell aka Nexus)... how do i actually get it? play it? install it?

      In short, just start up the game, and it should update. The problem it has, is that so far as I'm aware, when you create a world, it's partially "locked" to that version, so any updates which add new blocks won't affect it. Given the nature of hell though, you may be able to run it through an existing game, I'm not sure...

      In short, try starting a new world, check to see if things look different, if they don't, then I guess you have problems.

        well i have problems then. I even downloaded a new .exe from the site just to get the latest version but still nothing.

        Should it be immediately obvious that things are changed or do i have to 'dig' around to find them (wow, what a funny pun the is lol)

        I mean when i started a new world, it did look a little different but only some colour and fog changes. Is there something that I can do that will confirm i have the update. Either via a version number or some weapon, block etc that only exists in the new game?


          Try going for a long walk - if you find both grass and snow then you have the biomes of the new update.

          So far as I can think, the most obvious change initially should be the biomes, so I guess look for snow in a world that doesn't have it everywhere...

          I guess, other things to look for: pumpkins, they appear above ground, but I have no idea where.

          Finally, if you have access to some stuff (I'm not sure if this will work in a pre-update world, but there's no harm in trying) try creating the watch
 and see if that works.

            I won't have gold for some time so the watch is out.. but the long walk sounds worthwhile and relaxing.. until dark that is!

            I will try this tonight.

            OK, I will have another look. Only just started a new world to get the update so have not really spent much time in it yet... I wish you could mograte your items to the new world...

    I have already asked an xbox question and a PC one, so here is the Iphone/ipod touch one...

    For Trials HD fans, it seems that some smart man has created quite a good Trials HD type App and it is only $1.19.

    Well worth it if you are looking for a bit trials action while on the run.

    I am just sad that Redlynx did not beat them to it. They have experience in iphone dev and have a great franchise. This guy has taken that idea and run with it, even down to using barrels and pipes and wooden planks and keeping the insudtrial setting.

    I actually like this game, I just would have preferred if Redlynx actually made it.

      Not having played much with iphones, I wonder if the precise timing and controls still remain which made trials as good as it is? Personally, I hope not, so Redlynx can actually release a iphone version which would be awesome. Its a shame someone beat them to it. :( But its a form of flattery isn't it?

        It is pretty decent (the controls), it has analogue lean forward/back but digital go/stop. It would have been better with a slider for acceleration but it is pretty good... Reverse seems to be powered by nitro however...

        For a buck it is worth picking up, but agree, Redlynx needs to release one that knocks this out of the park... they are clearly the leader with the gameplay so i have wondered why this did not come out earlier.. or if there is any chance of legal action however i doubt it... ???

          Just an update on this game. I can tell it is only early days but I am the best in Australia for this game on the first 5 tracks.... all that Trials HD practice is paying off!...

          I doubt it will last long, but I am quite easily getting top 20 placings on all tracks...

          But I am struggling to connect to their leaderboards system... oh well, that was my moment in the spotlight... back to New Vegas.

    Well, this is great, I just fried my computer... fun (technically it's my father's computer... funner?).

    On the bright side, I might consider studying for exams now...

    But in the interest of procrastinating for as long as possible, I shall now explain my current predicament, in the only manner I know how... a poem (just a heads up, this poem will be terrible).

    Two score days, and one night ago (closer to a week and a half, but whatever),
    my computer broke my heart,
    For without warning, or heads up,
    it started to restart (see what I did there?).

    A bootup game informed me,
    that my toshiba was corrupt (-ed (not a note from the editor, just me making this bit make more sense from a prose perspective)),
    To fix it I should pay some cash,
    it really was abrupt.

    I am not so dumb, to fall for this,
    so I bypassed its design,
    and sent it running, on its way,
    as I wished to mine.

    To my horror I soon found,
    some programs did not work,
    Minecraft, chrome and svchost,
    this problem was a jerk.

    (To those wondering, svchost is this thing that's required to run pretty much any problem, and it got corrupted, so it would end up crashing every now again, and I would need to reboot the machine, which was a problem because you can't shut down without it, so I had to force it off, and when I restarted it would only do so correctly about two-thirds of the time)

    Thinking myself computer wise,
    I sought myself a cure,
    Combo-fix did thus appear,
    A program quite demure.

    I ignored the signs of danger,
    and ran a quicky fix,
    The program did some nasty work,
    and filled it up with tricks.

    (despite what this sounds like, combofix is, so far as I'm aware, quite a good program, my comp was just completely... rooted (you'll get this terrible joke in a minute))

    It backed up all essential files,
    and set up a restore,
    Then delivered me a chilling note,
    which shook me to my core.

    A rootkit program, it had found,
    (I mean, really, a rootkit? who uses those in this day and age? seriously? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
    but it could solve it all,
    just restart your computer now,
    and go back to Australian Crawl (this one is purposefully a stretch, I just couldn't help it)

    Alas my problems have not stopped,
    for when I turn it on,
    it simply turns itself off,
    and bugger this for a lark.
    (alternate final lines if you don't want to ruin it include:
    *So now I can't place a pylon. (only comp that I had easy access to that ran SC2)
    *and that is- AAAHHH A PYTHON.
    *its soul is now bygone (terrible use of the word here)
    *and so this ends
    (I'm so pretentious I think this is clever :P))

    So yeah, got rootkit fragged, I should hopefully be able to fix it with a disk-based linux boot, as it currently crashes prior to the startup choice menu thing (GRUB screen? think so...).

      Combofix is great indeed, but not able to tackle everything. Have you tried malwarebytes yet?

        It was next on my list, however, since the comp can't actually start up, it's not really a viable option atm =/.

          I beat ya! Mines up and going agin! Good luck though :D

            Gratz to ya, mines up and running now, but it's kinda slow, so I'm probably just gonna re-install windows at somepoint in the near future, and hope my backups all function.

    Hey-o guys!
    That's it. Screw the horde of relentless game releases over the next 6 months.
    I am going backwards... Looking for classics such as timesplitters series, XIII etc etc.
    Now is there an online store that stocks a pile of original xbox games?

      Yes indeed there is - Ebay.

      I, myself, am collecting a lot of original Xbox titles at the moment and there are only 2 places choc-full of bargains.

      1. Ebay

      2. Eb games.

      Yes, eb games.. most stores won't stock anything anymore, but the ones who do have xbox titles are trying to get rid of them for 50% off the marked price, meaning nothing over $6.50.

      I have picked up the likes of project zero, beyond good and evil, all splinter cells and much much more for a very poultry sum.

        But loops loops!
        I don't like ebay. I think its ewwwy. Also, I might be blasphomas, but this may be positive from the preownded department. It may be the only way to get classic games, that you did overlook early on.

          Whats wrong with ebay? It's addictive.
          If you're smart it can be a awesome source for games, especially outdated ones.
          I have made, as of now, more than 85 purchases in my time on ebay, with only one of those being semi-dodgy. I think those are damn good odds.

          Just picked up Ghost Master on Xbox for $5.50 today.

          Also, my partner had time before she starts one of her jobs today so i gave her a small list and asked her to stop by eb for me.. She picked up non-classics versions of Metal Arms and Fable: Lost Chapters for a total of $13.
          They had Knights of the Old republic there for $6.50, but i told her not to worry about it as it was the classics edition lol

          I have no interest in classics editions these days.

          When you're looking for older games, in all honesty, beggars cannot be choosers. Just hunt around and find stuff that's still in good quality and you'll be more than happy and save a pile of money while you're at it.

            I'm a keen eBayer. You just have to be careful. Read the write up carefully looking for a disk description. Check on the sellers score, most people seem to have 100%.

            It's very important.

            I've gotten amazing deals, I've also been shafted a couple of times.

            Mostly the experience has been good.

              Picked up System Shock 2 off ebay for ten bucks. Look forward to seeing if it actually works, and if I can get it to run on Vista...

              Really disappointed that TimeSplitters 2 isn't backwards compatible on the 360. I'd love to see it on the (deceased) Xbox originals service, or as an HD remake.

      Our local Sunday markets have copious amounts of old XBox titles kicking around. I'll keep an eye out if I see XIII or Timesplitters when I head up tomorrow..

    So i finished War For Cybertron yeserday with my day off.. the last couple of auto-bot chapters were absolute pains-in-the-butt with their difficulty.
    It was all worth it for the music that ran during the credits, though.

    Epic.. just epic...

    I decided to have a look at fallout 3, which i was still yet to switch on. I've just arrived in megaton and am still getting used to fallout being a FPS. So far it's kinda bland, but i expect it would get much better. Keeping the vats system is totally awesome, though.
    I still would have proffered it to be isometric and turn based like the original, however. :)

    Guys, I have news:

    It's so unbelievable... you might not believe it.

    Gran Turismo Five... has gone gold.
    Discs are being pressed as I type.

      I'm choosing not to believe it until I have the disc in my PS3, and am actually playing the game, which, given how much of a cheapskate I am, means that GT5 won't be released for another two years...

      yeah, that was surprising news, but if it's true then it's really not that far off...

      I'm picking December 9th... :)

      Fingers crossed we'll get a release date at the SEMA awards later today (AU time).

      That said, personally I'm hoping for a 'it comes out whenever it's delivered to retaillers', but hey, that'd be too nice a thing for Sony to do given all the delay hoop-la.

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