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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Like what are your favourite mobile games? What do you play on the trains, planes and automobiles (hopefully not while driving)? What do you play on the move?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us - more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

So let us know - what games do you like to play on the move? It can be on the iPhone, Android, DS, PSP, whatever - we're not prejudiced!


    Snake on the original nokia.

    amirite gaiz?

    Only have an ipod touch so...

    PvZ is a big winner. Only stopped playing it because i had finished it 6+ times.

    Solitaire is also a good one for mindless gaming. I am sure the rest will say angry birds, the backbreaker app was pretty fun, there is a virtual table tennis game that is actually realistic but my fav atm is...


    Trials HD rip off but they have done a pretty good job.

    Also, if you are bored for 5 mins, get the iDesktopVR. It is a Johnny Chung Lee (wii fame) port of the floating targets app. Makes for a pretty neat 3d effect on the ipod/iphone.

      Solitaire - can't go wrong, on whatever platform

        I just realised that this would prob be overlooked so wanted to get it an honorable mention.

      Had been looking for something similar to the floating targets demo Johnny had done. Thanks! I suggest checking out Epic Citadel, it's an Epic Games tech demo.

      As for me:
      Solomons Keep or Solomons Boneyard - dual stick RPG with cool loot
      Trainyard - puzzle game about trains
      Minigore - dual stick survival action game
      Drop7 - incredibly addictive numbers puzzle
      Truckers Delight - Outrun clone with 8bit graphics and sound. Potentially NSFW (I can't believe it's on the appstore to be honest. Youtube 'Truckers Delight' for context)

    With the DS as my primary mobile game system, I generally play turn based or puzzle games like disgaea, professor layton or ace attourney because it's easier to compensate for bumps and vibrations when the precision is reduced.
    Playing Elite Beat Agents or Trauma Centre on even a reasonable road is a frustrating endevour.
    I also bring along a supply of reading matterital in case the battery runs out.

    Either the DS or PSP on the train depending on what game I'm currently getting though. At the moment it's Gran Turismo PSP.

    If I don't have any handheld consoles on me then I always have Tetris on my Nokia phone

      Same... I don't do phone games, portable gaming for me is with the PSP...

      I've been quietly addicted to Lumines again on the train home... Picked up God Of War today, so that will be a nice trip home tonight!

    Pretty much gave up on DS/PSP once I got an iPhone, dunno where they even are now, lost in the bottom of a drawer somewhere I suppose.

    I've got a few games on iPhone, currently playing Predators, Wordsworth, Fruit Ninja, UConnect, Luxor... basically, games I can pick up and play. I don't catch public transport so don't really have the time to play story games like Phoenix Wright or Puzzle Quest much.

    I've got a dsi so my favourites change from week to week but at the moment I'm playing Glow Artisan which is a fascinating and addictive paint based puzzle game.

    Also, not sure if it counts since it's an app not a game, but I like to use Rytmik to compose music on my dsi. (Mark, can I put a shameless plug to some music here?)

    Some other favourite games on dsi are Alpha Bounce and also Metal Torrent of which I was number one on one of the leaderboards for a short stint. Fieldrunners I was addicted to for a bit and that's also on iPod for any apple lovers. :)

    It was only when I ditched my iPhone that I overcame my Flood-It! and Diner Dash addiction. So now I've banned myself from downloading games on my Android. Not even Sudoku.

    I hardly ever use my phone, I've got no one to call and it's not a smart phone so I can't use it to surf the web or anything. I don't really have any good games on it.

    On the phone I had before this one though I had a game I really liked called Bounce in which you played a red ball and had to go through all the hoops in a level before continuing onto the next one all the while trying to avoide spikes which would kill you.

    Still getting through Angry Birds. Otherwise my favorite is still Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced on GBA (micro!)

    Mobile games = bleh.

    Chrono Trigger on the DS is pretty awesome if you want to look up and realise "Oh Christ My Bus Stop Was Like Ten Minutes Ago Damn You Frog And Your Enchanting Charisma".

      Haha I've been so absorbed in Chrono Trigger that I've looked up and the train was empty and the driver was also walking out. (Lucky I catch it to the end of the line anyway)

    Playing on the Win7 phone - Flight Control and Hexic :D

    Even though I've got a bunch of games on my iPhone, I find it hard to game on the move, mainly because I'm always on peak hour tram services. It's easy to read stuff one handed, but gaming is real hard.

    Recent games on the top of my playing list have been Game Dev Story (ridiculously addictive), Trainyard and Cut The Rope. Trainyard in particular is a devilish little puzzler, I'd highly recommend it. :)

    Advance Wars - the only game that made me miss my stop.

    I play DS on the train to and from work (In the city of Melbourne), since usually my trains never get there on time. I'm currently playing Chrono Trigger :)

    Galaxy On Fire 2. I've missed stops a few times because of it...

    I have the fingers of an elephant so the only game I get enjoyment from is scrabble on the iphone. No reaction times needed.

    I'm currently playing Galaxy On Fire on iPhone, a space flight/fight game, got it while it was free. Also playing Frotz on my iPhone, a text based adventure game app. It plays inform games, and comes with a few pre-installed, like Zork. This app is always free.

    On iPhone, I've been reading a lot of manga instead of gaming, but I love Auditorium. So elegant, beautiful, and goddamn hard towards the end! ><

    On DS, though, Pokemon is always fun, but Final Fantasy Tactics A2 has something stupid like 80 hours clocked on it, so...

      Oh, if I can wish for something on portable, too? I want Recettear DS. That would be absolutely amaaazing.

    Street fighter III 2nd impact giant attack on my netbook with a ps3 controller during my bus train bus work journey.

    I don't own any iProducts, personally.

    Most of my portable gaming is done on either my PSP or DS, but i'm usually driving when i travel so i don't get to use them.

    Also, a round of Worms on my Nokia N95 Glory-Brick is quite good also :)

    For the last two years I've been playing Reset Generation on my Nokia whenever i'm on the bus. It is an awesome little game. With "Unlimited replay value".

    It is a tribute to all things video game with charaters like Plumber and Lv 50 Elf. Each round you have to drop blocks to expand your territory, then move and pick up items and try and capture the other players princess's and get them back to your base. It's is quite deep for such a simple idea with lots of modifiers, items and characters special moves. It also has nice cartoony graphics and a good sense of humor. The Hedgehog is obsessed with "Bling Bling" Rings and talks like a gangster.

    It also has online multiplayer which i played quite a bit of and was quite challenging.

    Samsung Galaxy S - Angry Birds, Abductor, Dungeon Hunter and all the roms on my Gensoid genesis emulator. +700

    Monster Dash for a quick bash.

    Somehow though, it always comes back to PvZ.

    Pokemon on the DS on long journeys, otherwise Game Dev Story on the iPhone. So addictive!

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