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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Like what is your favourite first person shooter of all time! And which one do you think is the most influential.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Like it or not, Call of Duty: Black Ops is making news everywhere, and the franchise seems to be one you either love or hate. So we were wondering what shooters you guys like to play, and which ones were your favourites in the past?

Tell us!


    I don't play many modern shooters but really enjoyed the first bioshock and I liked the way M.A.G felt. Old games? I know it's boring... I loved Goldeneye so much. 4 player death matches using my Amiga monitor as a screen are some of my fondest memories. It might've added a few mm to the thickness of my glasses, but totally worth it.

      Mee too.

      I have actually never seen MW2, COD, black ops, or halo reach/odst at all. Never even watched anyone else play them. Just don't interest me.

      Funnily, I loved borderlands, bioshock (1+2) and also really enjoyed Operation flashpoint DR. I just think that I am looking for either a really interesting mechanic (borderlands elemental weapons and levelling, solid co-op (borderlands again), immersive levels (bioshock entire world!) or a super realistic military sim (op flash). I despise competitive multiplayer for shooters so will not go near any of the above mentioned.

      I have nothing against the genre, just that the idea of spawn, die/die/die/kill/die/die/die rematch on a different map is just horrible. I appreciate that you get better and level etc... but even to start off, i would much rather make a boy of meat and smash him into spinning blades hundreds of times than respawning in a shooter... Just me?

        You should really try them out then, you never know what you're missing out on really. After all the hype and the fanboyism they are all pretty good games. They're all getting old so you should be able to pick them up cheap.

        Just remember that the multiplayer is optional and a lot of fun can still be had with the single players.

    Geeeze, I say this as I'm installing black-ops having been of fps since MW1. But I would say the most influential for me would be Rise of the Triad! Why? Well, it was the first game I managed to get talking to a friend of mine via dial-up modems. Yes, back then we had to dial the phone number and take abuse and backlashings from family members who kept missing calls... memories.... But I remember thinking how freaking damn cool this was! Not only that, I think it was an awesome fun game as well :D

      I loved Rise of the Triad. I still remember playing it and listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers at the same time. For some reason, they just went together really well :0

      I loved Rise of the Triad! After a friend introduced me to Quake, Duke Nukem and Doom I was looking for similar experiences and found RotT.
      Can't for the life of me play FPS's on a PC now though, I lost my keyboard/mouse control skills somewhere along the line.

      Yes! I freaking loved RoTT as a kid, with it's ridiculous weapons it was a heap of fun.

        ROTT and a all powerful serial cable. Loved it.

        Unreal Tournament got me hooked on FPS games though. Played that while recovering from a busted knee then went on to Wolfenstein.

        All but missed out on Golden Eye / Perfect dark 4 player sessions. Never could afford a N64. Lame.

    I would have to say probably Doom and Doom 2. I wasted sooooo many hours on those. Then Heretic. That was such an ace game! I also loved Blood and shadow warrior. I mean.. there's so many I loved and wasted many hours on. Even the likes of Kens Labyrinth and Blake Stone, but I think Doom was the first one to really make an impact.

      Kens Labrinth!!! I played that on my old computer (worse than 386 but cant remember the model) at about 2 FPS.... And finished it.

      Those days I was FAR more deicated to gaming! I would play anything that ran, no matter how terribly.

      Heretic and Hexen were awesome. I don't even think i had the whole game. Just played the shareware over and over.

      I just looked at the screens and it is a bit like bioshock with the hands for elemental attacks.

    Most influential? Hrmm... probably quake and bringing 'full' 3D to the masses, rather than 3d+2d (eg Duke in the picture).

    Overall, BF1942/BF2 - it ran great on most PCs, played awesomely both on LANs, Online (and to a certain extent, offline with bots), had great online player tracking, squad-based action, etc.

    Charlie Pike, RIP.

      That picture isn't Duke, it's Wolfenstein.

    Favourite one is the Half-Life mod "USS Darkstar".

    My Kotaku user name.

    'Marathon' by Bungie in 1994. Nothing like getting lost in corridors and running low on ammo. Even playing it today, it still feels just as awesome. But no jump button makes some parts very difficult. :P

    It's also Freeware for all PC's and Mac's and works on modern OS.

    Most influential? Have to say Half Life and the CoD franchise. One for showing detailed worlds FPS's can deliver, the other for the cinematic linear straight line gameplay that most FPS are these days. Black Ops looks great but to much of the same for me to pay full day 1 retail. Maybe in the sales.

      Agree with the first part, there's something magical about Marathon.

      As for most influential... how do you single something out? Doom, Quake, Halflife (amongst many others) had a big influence early on, until the blockbuster era of CoD. Goldeneye & Halo are two standouts on consoles, but there are just too many to list.

    The first one I ever played was Wolfenstein 3D at a friend's place. The game absolutely terrified me :P The next one that comes to mind after that is that one section of the SNES Toy Story game... I don't think there was much after that til GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, still two of my favourites to this day. I didn't end up playing Doom (and Doom 2) til just last year or so, but they were fantastic. Even managed to pick up Doom 3 for a song ($2.50 from Dick Smith!), but it was kinda disappointing. Didn't really feel like Doom. Other than that, not much comes to mind really. Halo's always been great fun to play multiplayer at a mate's place and I loved both the Red Steel games... OH! Timesplitters! I thought 2 was pretty awesome, but then I got 3... so good, so hilarious. Ok now I think that's it :P

    As an aside, is the new facebook crap below the comments section causing havoc for anyone else? I've had to add a whole bunch of new filters to AdBlock to stop it from reloading every single kotaku tab I have open and slowing my PC to a crawl. And even then it seems to keep breaking itself.

    Favorite would have to be Quake 3 I still play Quake Live, it delivers such satisfaction even when being schooled.

    Most influential though is a tough one. For competitive play I would suggest Quake, it physics and the speed at which Quake World was picked up contributed substantially to the competitive scene and spawned Team Fortress. If you speak to anyone that played during the glory days they will happily tell you how amazing it was, how skillful the best players were and how sad they are that nothing like it exists today.

    Other then that, I hold both Halo and Half-Life as equals in what they did for their respective launch platforms ( console and PC ). Half-Life truly set a bench mark for the genre on PC something to this day I don't think has been met since. Halo on the other hand showed us that FPS does indeed have a place on consoles and needs to be respected, instead of being treated as the read headed step child of the genre, while at the same time creating an IP with instantly recognizable and adored characters, providing inspiration for some of the greatest cosplay costumes I have ever seen.

    Doom 2 is probably one of the most influential. Double barrel shotgun y'all.

    I have very fond memories of Quake III Arena. Mastering that rail gun was something I swore to do (but never did).

    Alos, I know it's all the rage to hate on Call Of Duty at the moment but Infinity Ward made incredible games. MW2 was the first game in a long time that made me hang on for a rollercoaster ride ahhh-holy-shit-my-face white knuckle experience from start to finish.

    While I adore the Halo franchise (which I believe has been incredibly influential in the FPS genre), my most cherished FPS would have to be Goldeneye 64. Anyone who hasn't played Goldeneye cannot call themselves an FPS fan. It's the game that has most directly influenced the genre in the history of FPS games.
    And the 'spiritual successor', Perfect Dark, was pretty damn awesome too. From memory, it was given ~100% rating from the leading Australian Nintendo magazine at the time...

      Also, just found this article elsewhere:
      'Top 12 FPS that changed the game'

      Goldeneye 64 places at #1.

    I have been playing FPS games since I was three; back then I would sit on my father's lap and press CTRL (fire back in the old days)when he tell me (read; scream). So I will always have a soft sport for Doom, Quake I & II and especially Duke Nukem 3D. But my favourite? At the risk of sounding cliché I would have to say Half Life 2. That game is still my all time favourite of all time- its is nigh-perfect. As to what FPS game I believe is most influential I would have to say Doom (in the 90's) and Halo (in the 00's). Both layed the ground work more all modern FPS (even though many of their ideologies are conflicting).

    My favourite is Perfect Dark on 64, I doubt I have to explain that one much. It was really just an expansion upon what was done in Goldeneye though I played Perfect Dark first so preferred it. I am disappointed that the objective style missions are never used in games these days, it's more just run down this corridor gunning and maybe stop to read this computer for a moment. Also the way the difficult was raised by adding more objectives and more obstacles.

    Not to mention the most customisable multiplayer I've seen. Not until we started to see full map editors in FPS in the last few years was there anything that could rival this game for customisation, it was years ahead of its time.

    Duke 3D had strippers! It was so thrilling because it was such a naughty thing that your parents didn't know about, despite me being too young/naive/stupid to realise exactly why it was a naughty thing.

    And who can forget IDDQD? 17 years later, and those 5 letters are still etched in my brain.

      haha Yeah! Ye Olde cheat codes! I actually saw someone wearing the t-shirt of that a little while ago..

      My longest remembered cheats would be M + I + L and M + L + S for Wolfenstein 3D...

      those were the days...

        Slightly off topic but my 'i will never forget' cheat code was Sonic on the Mega Drive(Genesis)...

        Up, Down, Left, Right, A+Start

        At the title screen :D

          hehe so many cheat codes i can still remember.. for example idspispopd and snes street figther 2 down r up l y b x a.. dunno why i still remember crazy things like this, but I just do!

            That code was a bitch to input. Took me ages to get it.

    Man i hate these questions - it's like being asked to pick your favorite child... haha

    I'm not much of a fan of the COD thing - the thing that mainly turns me off it is the blind fanboyism that surrounds it. When a game has a fanbase that can be described as fanatical, i normally give it a wide birth until the hype has dyed down and i can play in peace without somone squaking at me "holy shit dude! How fethin awesome was it when the guy was all like *rattatattatat* and the muslim was all like 'i keel you!' and i was all like 'nah brah' and stabbed him in the face until his legs came off!"


    My very first FPS was Wolfenstein 3d - and man that shiz was the diz! Awesome game!
    After that, Quake became a massive part of my life and we always went to the computer lab at lunchtime to play networked death matches.
    Also got addicted to quake wars for quite a while - i don't care what you all say, that game was awesome!

    Also, anther one that doesn't get the respect it deserves is Prey - ma i loved prey. It made me dizzy as all hell, but prey was rad!

    Best FPS of all time, for me, goes to the halflife series - the only FPS i have never at some point gone "man this is getting kinda repetitive and boring". Those games are masterpieces.

    Also i'd like to give props to the following for being great as well: TF2, Portal, Doom, Black, Killzone, Duke Nukem 3D, Time Splitters, Serious Sam, Fear Multiplayer, The Star wars battlefront Series, and some more which escape my mind at the moment but i'll think of later..

    And a big "Boo" to:
    Halo 1 and Halo ODST - the only 2 halo games i have played and were booooring!
    Fear Singleplayer - you weren't as great as everyone seemed to thing you were. In fact you bored the crap outta me...
    EDEN - I hate you.. i hate you so so bad... You were one of the worst games i have ever played.. EVER!

      Prey was pretty awesome. Well, the singleplayer was. The multiplayer netcoding was horrendous, and caused the game to be almost unplayable for me due to the lag.

        See, i never tried the Multiplayer - it lagged a bit in single on my laptop, so never bothered :)

    To this day the FPS game that I have spent the most time playing, and more so multi-player, still remains Blood for PC.

    It wasn't particularly great but it was back when we had two computers and our first home network going. So the Co-op mode was played endlessly, especially the final levels of each episode.

    Actually what makes it stand out in my memory was that you could have a CD playing, and it randomly chose tracks. Being young we only really had the CD's our parents had, the funniest one we tried was Queens Greatest Hits... Nothing like blasting enemies to Queen belting out 'Fat bottomed Girls'.

    Doom II for sure. Fond memories of GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Quake 3A, Half Life 1 & 2, Operation Flashpoint, Portal, TF2, COD4, Bioshock, L4D1 & 2.

      Forgot Mirrors Edge, CS (1.4), BFBC2, Morrowind, Dues Ex, Thief, and Hexen! I'm just a big fan of FPS.

        Wait, what? Morrowind as an FPS?!?
        Sure, you could play in first person, and sure, you could shoot bows/crossbows, but Morrowind was most certainly *not* an FPS. It was an action RPG.

          You're probably right there. I could probably cross out Mirrors Edge in that respect as well because it was more of a first person platformer.

          Oh and mattroe reminded me of BF2.

    In terms of which one I like the most, it's a very tough call between TF2, BF2, and the Halo series.

    I would think of Doom and Halo as the most influential.

    Quake for sure, such strong atmosphere throughout that game.

    I remember playing Doom II on the servers at High School. I was still resistant to using a mouse, so controlled my character using just arrow keys (sacrificing strafing), and I still managed to be competitive.

    Wow, those were the days.

    Probably Battlefield 2. I've dumped hundreds of hours into that game, and even now I fire it up every now and then for a round or two.

    Portal. It wasn't really an FPS as such - you weren't shooting enemies. It was entirely composed of the kind of puzzle segments which should be in every FPS game, but the segments NEVER STOPPED. Glorious.

    The problem with most shooters is that there isn't much thinking involved: run, duck when bullet moves at you, run more, shoot bullets. There isn't as much of a tactical element. The only FPS which really encourages this kind of thing is Team Fortress 2. I know I know, there's Counter Strike and Halo, but in those games it isn't tactics so much as "HAY EVERYONE SHOOT PPL KTHXBAI". In TF2, you need to coordinate with other people and actually plan ahead. It encourages cooperative play with so many support weapons: if you don't work as a team, you're dead.

    I'm not at all a fan of the old FPS anymore but games like Bioshock use their atmosphere and story to make me love them. Still haven't got around to playing any HalfLife. Think this may mean I have to hand in my gamer's card or something.

    Back in the olden days before I discovered console gaming Quake was my world. I'd sit up at the computer all night playing it. I also loved Heretic and Hexen.

    I think the FPS that was the most influential would have to be Goldeneye. No contest.

    The first "FPS" I saw running was Wolfenstein on a PC at my dad's workplace. The first one I played was those FPS sections in Jurassic Park on the Amiga. And then we got a PC and Doom in short order and there was no going back really. I'd tried making my own games on the Amiga with SEUCK, but Doom was the first one I modified.

    Did anyone ever run ROTT with the /DOPEFISH command line parameter? We had a ROTT special from some magazine back in the day that had printouts of all the levels and cheats such as that.

    Half Life was a revelation on its release. It completely overshadowed SiN, which I think ended up being released after. The second half of SiN was actually amazing. Pity there was that whole part in between the bank robbery and the island.

    As for the modern FPS, there needs to be more games like The Darkness and Farcry 2 (two of the most immersive games I've ever played), and less like Bioshock (very pretty, but panifully slow) and Modern Warfare 2 (did Michael Bay make that game?).

    Favourite of all time: a tie, COD: MW1/COD:MW2
    Most influential: COD: MW2

      @least I made myself laugh...

      On a serious note: Bioshock and Half Life 2 blew my socks off and continue to do so. Atmosphere, ambience in spades.
      Back in the day Golden Eye (seeing something like this on a console was awe-inspiring) and Quake certainly made an impression. For some reason I still recall XIII as being cool too.

    Catacomb 3-D, heretic, doom, wolfenstein, Rise of the triad, duke 3d, and chaos warrior are all of my favourites. I couldn't pick between them :D

      Are you related to Spicy McHaggis?

        No foolin'? I'm from North Kiltown!

          I laughed, I cried and I received funny looks but a good time was had by all.


          *wipes tear from eye*
          *starts a slow clap*

            Mike gave you a slowclap last week and now you give one back... Is this like that movie where the dude was always trying to get a slow clap going only to stuff it up.... Not another teen movie!!!!! (I just remembered the name)

            Does this mean that Mike has successfuly brought slowclaps to Kotaku with him??? Time will tell...

            Slowclap anyone???

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