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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Like will you be picking up Kinect today? And what kind of impact do you think it will have on gaming? Do you care at all?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Kinect has surprised us by being less gimmicky than we expected. I still have doubts over the technology and, more importantly, the software, but I'm pretty keen to see where developers go from here.

But what do you think?

Tell us!


    I'm more interested in what the homebrew community can do with it, rather than the Xbox itself. Interesting technology, but unfortunately yet to have any killer games to take advantage of it... much like the Move.

    If I had an Xbox I would DEFINITELY be picking up a Kinect. I've played it multiple times and whilst I played some gimmicky games, it was incredibly responsive and accurate.

    With a larger array of games under its' belt, it could revolutionise games for years to come!

    I'm taking a heavy wait and see stance with this which is being generous, originally I was keen to buy one ASAP... until I saw the game line-up.

    I think the technology behind it has huge potential, its just being squandered on what are basically wii games for 360.

    No Kinect for me. Lack of a killer game.

    I'll be picking up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and NFS Hot Pursuit this afternoon, though.

      I swooped in before work and did the exact same thing, AC:B and NFS:HP are tucked away and at no point did I even consider Kinect, or even entertain the thought that it was out today.

      At the moment, there is nothing that is pulling me towards Kinect and I'll wait and see what it can do with 'real' games.

    Neither move or Kinect have had AAA titles that want to make me buy either.... I bought the wii on impulse for Zelda (which I regret) but now with nothing to keep me happy on this or Move I'm happier buying proper games.

      I picked up the Wii on impulse too for Zelda .. biggest mistake I ever made.

      No Kinect of Move for me, I'm happy with the controller ...

        I bought my Wii for No More Heroes. I rarely play the Wii anymore but I definitely don't regret buying it. Loved No More Heroes.

        As far as Kinect goes, it's a little expensive to just get it for Kinectimals for my kids. I need a tactile response to fuel my gaming illusions, plus I'm lazy so at the moment Kinect is not for me, but we'll see what happens if it gets some A-grade original software.

    I think Kinect needs to go more along the lines of integrating both the normal xbox controller AND the Kinect camera/voice recognition to be used at the same time. As it is right I dont own an Xbox anyway, but thats a direction I'd like to see Microsoft take

      I thought they said they would in the beginning and I think that is a very logical idea.

    Im getting kinect. At work at the moment and cant wait to try it when i get home... Actually i dont, im tired. But more excited because i have a thing for gadgets. I have the move and its awesome with time crisis and resident evil 5. The games i am looking forward to for kinect are steel battalion, project draco and all those mature looking games weve heard little about.

    Preordered it from BigW online hoping it comes today. Hopefully it won't be another Wii and developers use it wisely. Also exciting to see what people can do with it on PC now it's been hacked

    I think the tech is cool, but it's not suited to gaming. I'm much more interested to see what people do with it as a tool for general system interaction/navigation, which appears to be where its strengths lie.

    I don't have a big enough lounge area, nor does Kinect have any games that come anywhere near appealing to me.

    The only thing that interests me about the Kinect is that hacking/homebrew community quickly forming around it - they're coming up with some great stuff.

    Sorry microsoft, but i'd much rather spend my money on actual decent games than a peripheral that lets me play more shovelware...

      Re the lounge area size; I've often wondered how this flows on to the Wii, and the required lounge space for that one. While I've never heard of a required size being mentioned, I've always questioned how reliable it was upon capturing my actions, and it makes me wonder if i was perhaps too close/far/sideways from the TV.

        It's true there is definitely a sweet spot for the wii. I usually sit on my coffee table to play it where I find it works best. To translate into "not in Ian's loungeroom"ese that's about a metre from the tv.

        The problem I can see with kinect is that it's require sweet spot seems to be about 2 metres away which could be a problem for a lot of people, although we've got a big lounge. I might be interested in getting this just for some party fun with the family, and then if some good games come out later that would just be a bonus.

    Kinect has some awesome technology, and I'd love to see what can be done, in terms of homebrew and gaming. But at the moment there are no games that interest me at all, which is a shame, as this would've been the thing to make me get an xbox.

    To answer the OP... meh.

    Won't be buying Kinect, I don't see why anyone would want to get off the couch to play games... doesn't that sort of defeat the whole purpose?

    That said, I'm sure parts of the technology will become mainstream in some very useful ways.

    I've had my kinect for a couple weeks now and Dance Central is fun and easy to recommend. The pack in title isn't too bad either.

    Now if only the wife didn't know Kinectamils existed....

    Not picking up kinect until it drops below $150 (although technically i could do it today since BigW is flogging Kinect + Sonic Colours for $198 and Game is paying out $66 for Sonic so i could pick it up but it is a hassle).

    Do i think this will change gaming? No, not really. I think that while motion control is most likely going to be pretty dominant in the future.

    It's an overwrought TrackIR that will never accomodate anything more than Wii-esque minigames, DDR clones or fitness bullshit. If they had of at least included some way of interacting with the device other than flailing limbs, such as gloves that register what your keys are up to more accurately then it might be more worthwhile.

      Oh my god, did I just write "had of"? Shoot me now.

      I disagree about the whole track IR thingy (not the rest of your post). See the issue with Track IR is that it was designed for PC games, which... surprise surprise, require you to be seated. It would enable head tracking but your screen was in a fixed position as were you, so there was really limited use of this.

      IF head tracking was in Kinect games (I have not seen it yet), then it makes much more sense because while your screen is still fixed, the physical movement tracking would actually provide a more realistic application for the TrackIR technology.

      In saying that, I am really looking forward to the Johnny Chung Lee style DesktopIR stuff with the floating targets (Youtube it). I also heard about 2 years ago that he was employed by M$ so keen to know what that lead to???

        That led directly to the Kinect hardware and software, that is what JC has been working on basically.

        I'd like to see some basic headtracking like the targets demo as well.

      Interesting point. I see that one of the 'fitness' games has a heart rate monitor. Not sure how that interacts but what is to stop inclusion of a peripheral that you - er - strap on to your arm that you can use buttons as well as the wild flailing of the kinect... eg button 1 lightsabre, button 2 force lighting with appropriate hand movements and evil grin. That is starting to sound fun.

    I have it on my desk NOW...

    Looks prettier than I thought tbh. I got Kinect adventures and Yourshape fitness (I may be just Shady soon lol) for $194 at JB.

    I can't wait to get home and test it out.

    If there are any questions that you guys want to know, I am happy to try to respond. Also, do we want a reader review or are we doing a community review (I think community review is better for this one.???)

    Also, anyone want to test out multiplayer stuff drop me a line at GT: FatShady Live.

      Sorry, $198 at JB. They are doing the standard Kinect pack for $194 so they game me the other games for $4. They would also do the same deal for Motion sports FYI.

    I'm hoping I'll get one for christmas ;) I'm definitly interested in the tech, but that's just the way I always am. Love to try new things ;)

    Not too bothered at the moment. We have a Wii and are on a budget.
    When they do something evil like making a portion of Dragon Age 3 unplayable without it is when I will reconsider.

    The Wii already surpassed my threshold of willingness to wave my arms around for a game, and the kinect seems intent on taking that a step further and forcing me to use 50 000 elements of my body to do stuff.

    Not even seeing myself interact with things in third person will convince me to get it. I'd rather live vicariously through more awesome people [ignoring the fact I am pretty awesome as is].

    There's no Kinect games at release or on the horizon that interests me.

    It's a little bit concerning that even now we haven't heard much about how Kinect will target the hard core gamer audience with upcoming releases. There's only been the odd rumour like that Gears of War 3 one.

    I've ordered one. Should be funny dancing naked(ish) in front of the TV with the door open so the neighbours can see!

    Like all new technology I'll probably wait at least a year to buy it. By then if there hasn't been at least one paradigm changing game then it probably won't happen.

    Plus it will be cheaper!

    no kinect here. i have zero interest in it. it IS a gimmick and it's aimed at the wii market just like the move. i bought move on a whim and i think it is a pile of junk. i will hang on to my real controllers thanx.

      Sell me your crappy Move, then my daughter can stop bugging me for the eyetoy pet monkey thingo!

    I think the remained of the "Casual Gaming" trend this generation might belong to the Xbox. I can see all the people who rush out to buy the latest Wii fitness game lapping this up.

    I expect to see an increasing amount of shovelware and Wii ports on both HD consoles possibly killing of Nintendo's glorified Gamcube by beating at it's own game. The Wii already has a high install base but the "Casual Gamer" doesn't seem to have much brand loyalty. You won't catch them flaming in a forum about how the 'PS3 sux' or the '360 is EPIC FAIL'. It really all depends on how well Kinect actually works and how well they market to, well, the Wii's market.

    Do I think Kinect will change the way we play games? No. I own a Wii but very rarely do I play with the "waggle stick". I use my Gamecube or Classic Controllers. Gamers might well flirt withe concept of a wireless gaming machine but at the end of the day, it all comes back to the buttons.

      ^Remainder. I need to proof pread before posting

        Reminder: You need to proof read your reminders so your don't type "Remainder" :D

    I'll be waiting and watching. I'm a big fan of the tech, and what people have been doing by hacking it, but the launch titles don't appeal to me at all. I'd be very interested to play with one, though.

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