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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Like what are your first impressions on the Mark Wahberg casting in the Uncharted movie? Which actors do you think could do a better job? And what about other game characters - who would best play Solid Snake for example? Or Kratos?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Hollywood hasn't traditionally been kind to video games, and while we're hoping that the Uncharted movie might reverse that trend, we're not holding out much hope. Who would be perfect for other game to movie adaptations? Imagine a Ridley Scott directed Assassin's Creed starring Christian Bale, or a Mass Effect movie directed by James Cameron.

Now you go!


    'while we’re hoping that the Uncharted movie might reverse that trend, we’re not holding out much hope' - yeah my thoughts exactly. I like David O. Russell films but... they aren't Uncharted. And Marky Mark? Really? Hmmm...

    I'm one of those that just think the game was so well done and already so cinematic that a movie, no matter how good, will never be as good. I can't really imagine any actors doing justice to the already huge personalities and voice/animation performances of the in game counterparts.

    Personally, I don't agree with the idea of adapting video games into films because they will make money or whatever. I believe it takes away from video games as a legitimate medium as it makes me feel like they are just stepping stones for, probably, bad films which alienate the original fan base. If you are going to use video games as a inspiration for films, use them as an inspiration, not as something to copy scene for scene. Use the games 'mythology' and create something within its expanded universe, a good example of this is the live action shorts made for halo, I found them to be pretty neat. This could work for Assassin's Creed as well, just use the animus on someone who isn't Desmond, tell the story of the war between the early Humans and Those Who Came Before. That would be cool cakes.

    Hugh Laurie IS Gordon Freeman

    and yeh... disappointed Mark Wahlberg got the role.... Nathan Fillion would have be awesome. Nothing against Mark Wahlberg but I just think there could be a few better choices

      a link that works maybe?

    I'm thinking that they need to write decent scripts that give off the same vibe as the game it's based on, not just be associated by name only and then create a completely irrelevant story.

    Mark Wahlburg might make a good stunt double for Nathan Drake, but definitely not the main actor. He better learn how to be a wise cracking smart ass REAL quick.

    If Keanu Reeves is "meant" (I don't believe it) to be the emotionless gorm of the movie industry what does that make Mark Wahlburg?

    At least Keanu Reeves is in more well received movies. That and my heart belongs to him after those images of him sitting on a bench eating take out looking all depressed.

    Pooey... why Marky Mark?? Max Payne was blah!!! Nathan Fillion would have been a better choice based on looks, but his voice just annoys the hell out of me!

    I can't really see Mark as Nathan Drake, mostly because I've always pictured Nathan Fillion as perfect for the role, but I suppose we can wait and see. It's a videogame film so there's a 90% chance it will suck anyway. I'd rather they just made an animated film using the graphics and actors from the game.

    I don't trust Hollywood with our videogame franchises. If they ever made a Legend of Zelda film they'd probably cast Justin Bieber as Link and I would probably destroy all my Zelda games in anger.

    Are we forgetting that Mark Whalberg was Max Payne? And you think this film might shift the trend?

    But yeah, do in fact not like Mark Wahlberg at all... he plays the same character no matter what film it is. Nathan Drake is one of the more interesting video game characters, so he'll probably turn what is a quirky and interesting character into his usual old ex-marine, that and he looks nothing like Drake... but then again, people were disgusted when they heard Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker. So I don't know, I might download the film after it's DVD release xD

    Nathan Fillion = Drake
    Bruce Campbell = Sully
    Emily Rose = Elena
    Claudia Black = Chloe

    Thank me later.

      I concur. But I will not thank you now, as per your request.

      Also, Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell in the same anything? OH MOTHERFLIPPING GOD YES!

        Bruce Campbell is required in a supporting role in every film ever made. Run through a mental list of supporting roles, there isn't one that Bruce Campbell couldn't of done better.

        Go on, do it, I dare you.

          I... I can't... I just can't do it... There is nothing i can possibly think of...

      Bruce might not be the spitting image of Sully but god damn if that wouldn't be the best thing ever.

    Who Would be better than Marky Mark? I'm gonna go with a dead cat... On a stick. I say that, but I hear the've already cast the dead cat as Nathan's Aunt, 3 times removed on his mother's side.

    But seriously, I can't see this being as good a Resident Evil. Hell, I can't even see this being as good as Super Mario Bros. I can't see this being good period.

    Why not take a page out of Bob Zemeckis' book and just motion capture the whole darn thing?

    It was utterly disappointing to read that news this morning. No matter what positives you can say about Walhberg (there's not many) he doesn't have the charm, charisma, delivery or dashing needed to pull off Drake.

    Mark, please don't put Christian Bale anywhere near Assassins Creed. That guy is a fully fledged cockhole.

    Oh nooooh, not Markey Mark.

    /start Wahlberg impersonation from "The Happening"

    What? No! No Ma'am!

    /end impersonation

      I had to post this.

        Yo dawg, we heard you like Mark Wahlburgs acting, so we got him to act on his acting!

    I often think if they want to do a blockbuster game film, then they don't need a blockbuster actor - it's already popular enough to warrant a movie. Without knowing what they look like (or if they could act), sometimes I think the voice actor has the perfect personality to continue over into a movie. Failing that they should go with an unknown who has some personality and won't make the movie seem like a cheap gimmick. David Hayter, for example, would be awesome in a Snake Eater movie, but I've never seen him act...

    The exceptions to this are Fillion for Unchartered (he just seems a natural choice) and I'd be willing to take a punt on Sean Bean as Snake, pretty versatile and looks the part.

      Sadly a blackbuster game isn't as blockbustery as a blockbuster movie. Same with comic books. Rather than try and hook the established fanbase (Which makes up for only a small fraction of the potential movie audience) the have to market it to everyone. They also have to make it accessible to their target audience. That mean changes to the story and big name stars brought it for their pulling power. In the end, Hollywood doesn't believe a straight video game adaptation will make it money so they change it and when it flops they blame the fact that it was a video game adaptation.

      Sadly David Hayter has piled on the pounds in the last few years. Here he is in action (in 1994).

        Oh, I don't mind - I'd prefer they made it properly for fans and didn't care about anyone else, I don't care if it's a movie blockbuster so much I just want it to be faithful. :P

        As for Hayter, he looked kinda awkward, but has the voice... whip him into shape and it would probably be okay.

    I'd have prefered Nathan Fillion get the roll of Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

    I'd like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kratos.

    Anything with a female has to be played by Tia Carrera, because she is HAWT!

    How about Sly as Nathan drake.. i mean has anyone seen Cliffhanger? I haven't played Uncharted 1 or 2, but i assume there would be some hanging on cliffs or surrounding areas, so why not sly!?

    He's got the credentials.

    Liam Neeson for Solid Snake, I say.

    I first thought of Bradley Cooper for Drake, but yeah, Fillion's a better choice.

    God it's depressing to read articles like this:

    "Uncharted, coming from a franchise that launched in 2007 with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, could appeal to a bigger audience than merely those who while away hours each day with a joystick in hand"

    Firstly, a joystick? What up 1986. It's sad to realise games are still associated with the image concreted in people's mind 25 years ago.

    Uncharted is a perfect example of gaming that is not about "whiling away hours each day". It's a strong linear, finite story that had an amazing ability to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers. My house mates who can't stand video games at the best of times sat and watched me play the first few hours of uncharted 2 then asked me to not keeping going until they got back from work! It takes less time to play through Uncharted than watch lord of the rings for Christ's sake, yet it still seen by the average media as a game and all games are played in a dingy room by a nerd eating pizza with a joystick.

    Mind you, sometimes we don't help ourselves either - the juvenile self image portrayed by shows like Good Game helps to re-inforce these stereotypes and keep gaming from reaching greater widespread acceptability.

    Danny Devito as Kirby!

    Sly would be too old.

    But I hope Mark Walhberg actually pays attention to what gaming communities say. Although, my experience with Max Payne leads me to think otherwise. That movie stank worse than rotten oysters in a badly packed kebab.

    I also agree with Dominic that 'translating' games/comics into movies often stripts the original medium of ligitimacy. Not always (The Dark Knight, case in point) but usually (almost every other comic/game movie).

    As has been pointed out numerous times by various people, games, comics and movies are completely different formats. They require different elements and perspectives. While some might argue that since comic are just stills of movies, then they should be translatable, action in comic is presented in a more suggestive way - often theres a before shot, and an after shot, with the readers imagination filling in the rest. Movies revel in presenting all the action. Dialogue is another area thats different. Iron Man 2 would have had the villian delivering a speach at his death if it were a comic, but in a film, you pretty much cant do that.

    Games are awesome because you have the chance to actively check out the world and the environment (in spacial based games) or choose how you engage with characters, or even how you decide to kill your enemies. Movies clearly cant do that, even if they try and mimic action games by forcing the camera into a 1st person perspective (Doom, Kick Ass).

    Its is arguable that film makers are learning to 'borrow' aspects of games and comics to make films better, but trying to build a movie on the belief that 'It worked in X format, so it should work in film' is just a recipe for disaster.

    Ron Jeremy as Sonic the Hedgehog!!1


    No....just no. Do they want to make everyone hate the movie?

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