The 10 Most Absurd Black Friday Trample Videos You'll See

To get you pumped for the Black Friday rush, here are 12 videos of shoppers gone wild!  If you have a job in retail, quit now.

10. Walmart Stampede Tramples Woman

9. Urban Outfitters Overrun By Hipsteps

8. Best Buy 5am Zombie Attack

7. Watch out for that 4am rush hour

6. Toys R Us Door Jam

5. Salt Lake City, even Mormons go nuts

4. Skate Shop Mayhem

3. Walmart Shoppers Fight Over Computers

2. Walmart Shoppers Fight Over XBOX 360

1. Police break up trampling Best Buy mob

BONUS! Use these amazing shopping tricks:

Republished with permission from Job Descriptions.

Sierra Miller is a career counselor and the managing editor of She is based in Los Angeles, CA and her mission is to educate job seekers and lead them to their dream job.


    Sometimes I feel like I might like to move back to the US, you know, bigger universities, potentially more jobs and things.

    And then other times I don't.

    That last video was full of win. I have an urge to go shopping to do just that, but I'm sure I'll get kicked out after breaking my 5th bottle of tomato paste.

      The video is fake.

        So? Its still win

    Oh man, this is giving me flashbacks to my retail jobs. Customers can be Fing crazy.

    Quick, before they sell out of stupid shit! Honestly, sometimes I don't get things.


      Same shit happens in Australia, stop being a douche.

        I've never seen anything remotely similar in Australia


    America! What a place.

    America's great. It's just Black Friday which is a shithole. 90% of Black Friday is pure marketing, with Best Buy etc hyping the shit out of their 'Door Buster Sales' with maybe 10 units of actually decent bargains per store as loss-leaders. Then they act surprised when the rabid customers take 'door buster' a bit too literally and stomp someone to death.

    Of that remaining 10%, only a fraction of that will be decent sale, with the rest just being mob mentality. Black Friday doesn't even offer great discounts. Most of them can be found comparing online shops and mailed without having to get out of bed at 4am and line up in the freezing cold with fatass cheapskates.

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