The Best Way To Ask People To Prepare For Your Wedding Cake

Tara and Seth are getting married. They also happen to love Portal. So they hired Gawker artist Sam Spratt to design their save-the-date for their upcoming spring wedding.

Seth tells Kotaku that he and his finance are both big sci-fi geeks and love the game Portal. They wanted to do something incredibly different and quirky to bring some personality to this so the two worked with Spratt to make something untraditional with some sentimental value and nerd-love.

Spratt, himself a big gamer, said it was a treat to bring some flavour from a game he and the couple loves into something so unusual with Seth.

Save the Date Illustration and cards by Illustration by Sam Spratt. Check out Sam's portfolio and become a fan of his Facebook Artist's Page.


    I'm making a note here:


      I really hope the date is set for the release date of portal II with it's co-op mode.

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