The Choicest Cuts Of Bowser, Ganon, Yoshi, Chocobo

What's the sweetest meat of Mario's eternal rival, Bowser? Artist Jude Buffum breaks down the choicest cuts of Nintendo villains Bowser, Ganon, Blooper and more in a new series of meat diagrams that video game butchers would swear by.

Buffum answers the questions we never really wanted answers to, like "What's the best way to prepare Yoshi tongue?" and "Where do Chocobo nuggets come from?" in a new series of 8-bit paintings. They'll be available at the upcoming Pixel Pushers show in Culver City, CA, the same event curated by Scion and Giant Robot that boasts that NES-style Scion car.

Hit up Buffum's blog to see the rest of the series.

Koopa, It's What's For Supper [The Jude Abides]


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