The Complete Kinect Round-Up

Kinect game reviews, good and bad. Kinect stress tests. Kinect photographed near a can of beans. A video diary of nine days with Kinect. A tale of two re-arranged living rooms It's all here in our definitive Kinect article round-up.

What We Loved, What We Hated About the Xbox 360 Kinect Microsoft calls it a new console, but the Kinect is really a fresh coat of paint for the Xbox 360, promising to deliver not just motion gaming, but controller-free gaming to the masses.

Review: Kinect Microsoft says that Kinect is the next big thing for video games, a way to control both games and TV without touching a thing. This expensive future is now. It's amazing, but you can wait for it.

Kinect From All The Angles, Plus Beans Kinect, like you've never seen it before, on one of our roofs, compared in size to everything from a Wii sensor bar to a can of beans. Plus! Cord length!

Review: Kinect Adventures Kinect Adventures is the game that every Kinect owner will soon be playing. That's because it's the one that comes with the hardware. So it should give players a taste of what they can expect from Xbox 360 motion gaming.

Review: Kinectimals Don't mistake Kinectimals for a Nintendogs clone. This is the closest the Kinect launch has to a traditional video game, one that eight year old girls are going to coo at.

Review: Kinect Sports The Xbox 360 finally has its motion-based sports game. Packed with six sports, ten if you include all of the events of track and field, Kinect Sports drops you controller-free into an eclectic mix of athleticism.

Examining Kinect's Minority Report Effect Kinect may be touted as the Xbox 360's answer to motion gaming, but it's not just about making you the controller. Kinect can also let you interact with television, movies, music and the Xbox 360 like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, just without the fancy gloves.

Review: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved At last, I have a way to exercise in front of my TV without any contraptions (or other people) near my body but still with a way to get yelled at if my form is bad.

Review: Kinect Joy Ride Combine racing video games with air guitar and you've got Kinect Joy Ride, a game that just might be the closest we get to a Wii Sports of the Kinect launch.

Configuring A Room For Kinect: A Tale of Two Homes Kinect needs a lot of room, more room than any video game control device before it. But where there's a will to move furniture or rotate TVs, there is a way. This is how we made room in two homes.

9 Days With Kinect, My Video Diary One man lives with a Kinect for nine days. What happens? How does his mind change? What are the surprises? And where in the world does the guy go on Day 7? This is my Kinect Diary, in video.

Setting Up and 'Tuning' Your Xbox 360 Kinect Setting up your Kinect array of cameras and microphones doesn't take too long, but it's much more involved than setting up the Wii or PlayStation move.

Microsoft Says Kinect Won't Invade Your Privacy Microsoft's new Kinect device will put an advanced sensor array in the living room of millions of people, an Internet-connected set of machine ears and eyes capable of capturing voice, recognising faces and tracking body movement.

See Kinect's Thousands Of Points Of Invisible Light Kinect works by projecting infrared light throughout the room it's situated in. Under normal circumstances, it's invisible, but switch to night vision mode and you can actually see the dots floating around your living room.

This Kinect Game Has Halo Surprises The Halo franchise has infiltrated a Kinect launch game. What kind of gesture-controlled Halo are we talking about? Video spoilers below.

Xbox 360 Kinect Stress Test: Dogs, Darkness, Disguises The Xbox 360 Kinect can be confused by large dogs and wildly flailing children. Those are two stress tests that Microsoft's controller-free add-on failed in a series of trials involving lighting, human and dog distraction, rubber masks and voice confusion.

Will Kinect's 'Thousand Points of Light' Interfere With the Wii's Remote? Let's say for some odd reason you want to have both your Xbox 360 Kinect on and your Wii? Why? I haven't a clue, but if you did, would the two systems, which both use infrared, interfere with one another?

Review: Sonic Free Riders Shows How Bad Kinect Controls Can Be Sonic Free Riders is a cautionary tale about the importance of controls in gaming. Make a game interesting, give it solid graphics and some unique hooks, but don't lock down the controls and you're going to have a disaster on your hands.

Phew! We're going to sit down now. Xbox... pause.


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