The Console War Fought Final Fantasy Style

If the video game console wars were fought not with billions of dollars spent on marketing and exclusives, but with Power Bombs, Biggoron and Spark Shocks - and an Evil Wall with Bill Gates's face - it might look something like this.

"Firewall" is the latest creation from Doctor Octoroc, the talent behind Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog: The Video Game and Christmas chiptunes great "8-bit Jesus." Final Fantasy IV players are sure to get the most out of "Firewall," so if you haven't already, quickly play through that SNES classic before watching.

Seriously, we'll wait. Go ahead.


    LMAO love the RRoD - very well played sir!

    Predictable video is predictable

      Pointless complaining is pointless.

        feeding trolls is feeding

    That's classic :D

    It was a nice idea but it was pretty boring overall. The elite upgrade thing was neat though.

    But yeah, who didn't see the RRoD coming? :P

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