The Coolest Way To Play A Game Boy Game Is With A Samurai Sword

It may not be the most efficient way, but this demonstration of how to play the Game Boy Advance version of Rhythm Heaven with a laser and a Japanese sword is definitely the most impressive.

Originally uploaded to Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga earlier this year, this video of a man playing mini-game "Samurai Slice" from 2006's Rhythm Heaven involves slicing a beam of laser light focused on a photodiode which in turn mashes a rubbery finger on the Nintendo DS's A button, slicing up shit in-game.

The constant sheathing of the sword is just for cool effect.

Samurai Slice from Rhythm Tengoku. With a twist! [YouTube via Reddit]


    A Real Samurai would have got 100%

    Oh man, that makes me want to dig up my rhythm tengoku game... sooo much better than rhytm tengoku gold (aka rhythm heaven). The controls were a lot tighter (based on button pressing and not the touch screen) and since it was the first one it was a lot fresher and more original.

    Holy crap - that guy is my new hero for the day :D

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