The Deaths Of Sackboy

Before Media Molecule decided to end Sackboy's life in a puff of smoke, LittleBigPlanet's creators had other, more gruesome ideas in mind. Check out the developer's Sackboy death reel.

In an extensive and quite interesting article posted on the Media Molecule blog, the developers detail the evolution of Sackboy from a 2D placeholder graphic called YellowHead to the adorable little knit critter we know today. At one point during the process, Sackboy was meant to die in horrible ways.

"It was quite far along into the project, and I'd really started to hate Sackboy at that point, so I kind of relished the idea of coming up with ways of killing him."

All sorts of horrible ways for Sackboy to expire were created, some were way more extreme than others.

"I really liked to describe the way his material behaved, so some of them involved his thread being caught and him unravelling, or his fluff spilling out everywhere.

Glancing at the collection of sketches, I see Sackboy impaled on spikes, horribly squished or burned into a heap of ash. In the end the decision was made to make it a bit less gruesome, kick up the loveable, cute aspect.

Yet the murder reel still exists, and Media Molecule shares it with the world today. Ladies and gentleman, Sackboy fluff n' snuff.

Not quite as gruesome as I hoped, but it'll do.

Check out the article for the full Sackboy story, from birth to death and everything in-between.

From YellowHead to Sackboy [Media Molecule]


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