The Evolution Of The First-Person Shooter, In One Shot


    this is so sad how the develpers have to hold the hand of gamers these days, where are the days of getting lost looking for blue,red and yellow swipe cards while red fire ball are coming in your direction!

    Metal gear solid maybe but none of the good games do that

      Well MGS isn't an FPS.

      you are an idiot. Ever heard of modern warfare 2? bad company 2? metal gear solid 1,2 and 3 werent even that linear. Just 4

        having to backtrack didn't make the MGS games non-linear.

        Temperature changing keycard my ass.

    Is it sad that I can recognise what map that is from doom?

    Central Processing for anyone playing at home.

      Oh yeah.

      Good times..... good times.....

      lol glad i wasn't the only one that noticed that haha.

      It may be sad, but we'll all cry tears of pride. We salute you sir!

    The alternate version for this should have The RPG Map Design at the top. The left should say 2010 and the right should say 1993. Just a thought.


      Something tells me you haven't played FFXIII yet.

        You read my brain!

        I swear that second map was in 13!

          FFXIII wasn't an RPG. On topic though the image is stupid. I've played those old FPS like Doom and Quack and the map designs wont any more complicated to the FPS map designs today, they're about the same. Maps today are heaps better though because unlike the old FPS you don't spend the whole time running down corridors that all look the same.

    Games did that in the latter '90s, but they subjected the player to backtracking over conquered ground...

    Don't you remember that to be boring... Probably as much as linearity is today come to think of it.

    The best is yet to come.

    I think what the artist is trying to say is just because stories are linear, doesn't mean levels should be.

    I miss 1993.

    This is true, but back in the old days you were basically wandering around a static map, looking for keys, etc... games now focus heavily on cinematics because that's what sells. You might be going on a pre determined path, but the levels are still a lot more complex... it's just that you can't get lost :/

    And don't forget that (if that's Doom) rooms couldn't be above other rooms... the maps would be far less spread out if that wasn't the case.

      Minecraft sold pretty without even an official trailer let alone a cinematic.


        I'm not sure that it's "sold" well.

        There's been a tonne of downloads... but I think the creator said that something like 80 odd percent are still playing the free trial version.

          31.68% have bought the game meaning over 5 1/2 Million Euro. I'd say that it sold really well.

    That's really depressing, especially for those of us who remember Doom.

    There are some recent good examples that break this though nasty trend though, like Borderlands.

      I thought boderlands maps were quite average.

      Sure they are big, but nothing really special. Mostly wide open spaces with some little junkyard towns.

      I did like the old haven part thou. That was very well done.

    The WORST bit is that Doom came in at what, a couple of hundred megs maybe, yet version 2 with it's linear gameplay topples the scales a few gig. Go figure.

      I'm pretty sure you could fit DOOM II on 6 diskettes...not sure about DOOM though I assume a bit less. IDDQD FTW!

      Doom had 3x1.44 discs for install.

    The depressing part is that those cutscenes contribute significantly to the budget blowouts on so many popular releases.

    The truth hurts, my heart sank a little as the realization of what I was looking at downed on me;

    So many arguments summarized in a single image.

    Right there is the perfect example of the difference between game developers and CEOs involved in the creation process.

    I... am incredible depressed after looking at that. I mean I had put this kind of issue into words, but a picture is so much more succinct. Stop making engines and make games.

    Damnit, now I want to go back and play through all of it again.

    Err...that's a stupid comparison, should compared towards something like Far Cry 2 .

    It's tragic because it's true! And funny too, of course...

    This is also the evolution of Sonic games. The one on the left is Sonic 2 and the one on the right is Sonic Colours. ;)

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