The First Epic iPhone Game Is Now 'Infinity Blade'

The iPhone is getting its first game from the people who make Gears of War and the developer of Shadow Complex this Christmas season. Infinity Blade, the game formerly known as "Project Sword" is coming to your iDevice of choice.

Developed by Chair Entertainment, Infinity Blade runs on the iPhone's version of the Unreal Engine 3, the tech used in a ridiculous number of PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 video games. Epic Games promises an "action-RPG sword fighting adventure" that will also (eventually) feature multiplayer through Apple's Game Center.

There's also a singleplayer side with progression, touchscreen-based sword battles and free content updates planned.

Epic Games says Infinity Blade will hit iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this holiday, but did not provide a specific release date or price.


    I'm hoping they don't release it for $1, I'm hoping it has a decent price tag and still sells really well and sets a new standard. The value of a game in the App Store is just a bit ridiculous at the moment. Odd thing to complain about, since I get games for cheaper but a lot of great devs who can't set that $1 tag are getting ignored.

      Agreed, there needs to be a refresh of people's expectations for the price point on decent games.

      There must be a good price point though. If you can sell it for $1 to ten times as many people than if you sold it for $5, then obviously the lower price is better.

      Although you'll probably just end up with micro transactions or episode 1 free as the standard business model.

    Excellent! I was hoping that tech demo (Epic Citadel) was going to be used for something.

    Those wanting a sneak peek at the graphics, I suggest taking a look at the tech demo found on the app store.

    I hope we get an ios version of the UDK <3

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