The Future Of The Nintendo DS Looks Like Radiant Historia

The Nintendo DS has one more thing to look forward to in 2011 with the release of Atlus' Radiant Historia, which brings an all-new 16-bit style, time-traveling "steampunk" adventure to the handheld next February.

Radiant Historia offers owners more of what the Nintendo DS excels at, namely old-school style Japanese role-playing games that involve saving the world, this time with a unique position-based battle system, magical time-hopping gameplay and a blend of lovingly hand-drawn 2D graphics with 3D environments. Developer and publisher Atlus also seems quite proud of the game's soundtrack, enough to include a CD of the game's original score with every copy of Radiant Historia.

Take control of the heroic Stocke in a battle that bounces through time when Radiant Historia ships in North America in February 2011. Or, knowing Atlus, any time after that.


    That looks pretty damn awesome to me..

      Totally. Looks really awesome! Hmmm... will buy! That little DS Lite of mine, just keeps on chugging along... *hugs DS*

    Lock, Stocke and Two Steaming Screens.

    Wow, looks like it might give Golden Sun a run for it's money.

      Give Golden Sun a run for it's money? You watch your mouth!

    The greatest part is that JRPGs are always accused of having the same old type of hero, now this one literally has a Stocke Hero.
    The adventures of Stocke Hero and his trusty friend Side Kicke, on a quest to save Attractive Wenche!

      He could be called "Hiro" >.>

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