The 'Future Of Video Games' Goes On Sale Tomorrow

OnLive, the streaming service that has the potential to change forever the way we play (and purchase) video games, will begin selling its small TV "console" tomorrow. And it's got a rather attractive price point to go along with it.

The small unit, which plugs into your internet connection and then into your TV - bringing you the OnLive service - goes on sale for $US99, which when you consider the service now no longer includes a subscription fee, is a pretty good price, especially since a control pad is also included.

In addition to the box and pad, purchasers will also be given a $US50 credit with OnLive, which means you'll get your first game for free.

For more on what OnLive is and how - lag permitting - it could change the way we play games, check out this.


    It's a great idea, but isn't OnLive still restricted to the US?

      It gets released in the UK next year.

    Now all we need in Australia is the NBN to be rolled out then this will be a viable product.

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