The Games, Girls And Hardware Of Korea's Biggest Expo

GStar, South Korea's annual video game expo, ended on Sunday, but the show's photos live on.

The event showcased computer games like World at Warcraft: Cataclysm, arcade games like Tetris Giant, iPad games like Kart Rider and console games from the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the festivities in the gallery below with images via website Game Watch Impress.

NEOWIZブースレポート, L&K LOGIC KOREAブースレポート, アーケードゲーム関連ブースレポート, Blizzard Entertainmentブースレポート, SCEK、Microsoft Koreaブースレポート, MGameブースレポート,

NHNブースレポート , SEED9, 完成間近の大作MMORPG「TERA」体験レポート, HanbitSoftブース, NEXONブースレポート , 釜山にて韓国最大のゲームショウ [Game Watch]

Heo Yun Mi, Kim Ha Yul, Bang Eun Young, Hwang Mi Hee [Really Cute Asians]


    thats pretty cool.

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