The Kinect Is Now In Its Accidental Injury Caught-On-Video Phase

Microsoft's Kinect launch continues to emulate that of Nintendo's Wii with near Civil-War-reenactment precision. 1) Sports mini-game compilation released. 2) Talk show hosts made giddy. Now: 3) Accidental swattings and injuries immortalised on YouTube and elsewhere.

Up top is one unintended swat of one Kinect gamer by another. Here is a second, though the diaper-wearing injured party appears ready for revenge:

And here, in mere photo form, is the busted hand of one Bill Linn, gaming public relations man, who tells Kotaku: "Have exposed beams in my house at 2.7m. Went to spike the ball in deca sports volley ball. Ended up with a flap of skin and a lot of blood. EEEKKK!"

What was that Kinect tag line again? "You are the controller!" Microsoft, I believe the one of the next things Nintendo did was 4) encase the controller in a rubbery shell, for everyone's safety.

For the record, I've had Kinect for over a week and neither injured myself, anyone I played next to, nor my TV (unlike this person).


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