The Last, Adorable Breakthrough For The Nintendo DS

With a touchscreen and microphone, the DS has seen some pretty unique games over the years. But wielding the handheld and a giant book at the same time? That's new!

These are a couple of commercials for Level 5's Ni no Kuni, an upcoming collaboration between the Japanese role-playing game developer and Studio Ghibli, the animation powerhouse behind movies like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro.

If you're a parent, this looks like blast. If you're not, well, it still looks like a blast, you may just have to accept you won't be playing it on someone's lap.

The DS version of the game will be out in Japan on December 9, while the PS3 version - which is an entirely different game - will be out in 2011.

With the DS about to be superseded by the 3DS in early 2011, it shaping up to be a novel way for the old handheld to bow out!

[via Go Nintendo]


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