The Many Reviews Of Kinect And Its Games

The Xbox 360's Kinect launched today with more than a dozen games. We played through half a dozen of them.

Here's a run down of the reviews for quick reference. Click on the game's name to go to the full review which is much more detailed and packed with videos of us playing the games.

Review: Sonic Free Riders Shows How Bad Kinect Controls Can Be Sonic Free Riders is the most broken of the Kinect games I've played and that includes a half-dozen titles. It's unfortunate, because another strong action racing game would be a nice addition to Kinect's game library. If Sega can somehow fix the control issues I'd be the first to recommend picking up this game. Until then don't waste your time or money.

Review: Kinect Adventures Kinect Adventures is the game that every Kinect owner will soon be playing. That's because it's the one that comes with the hardware. So it should give players a taste of what they can expect from Xbox 360 motion gaming.

Review: Dance Central Dance Central is a dancing rhythm game from the folks who created Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Packed with an eclectic mix of music and dance moves from the artists, it hopes to redefine the way we play dance games.

Review: Kinectimals Don't mistake Kinectimals for a Nintendogs clone. This is the closest the Kinect launch has to a traditional video game, one that eight year old girls are going to coo at.

Review: Sports The Xbox 360 finally has its motion-based sports game. Packed with six sports, 10 if you include all of the events of track and field, Kinect Sports drops you controller-free into an eclectic mix of athleticism.

Review: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved At last, I have a way to exercise in front of my TV without any contraptions near my body but still with a way to get yelled at if my form is bad. No joke: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has the potential to be a huge breakthrough in home fitness.

Review: Kinect Joy Ride Combine racing video games with air guitar and you've got Kinect Joy Ride, a game that just might be the closest we get to a Wii Sports of the Kinect launch.

Review: Kinect Microsoft says that Kinect is the next big thing for video games, a way to control both games and TV without touching a thing. This expensive future is now. It's amazing, but you can wait for it.


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