The New Pac-Man Is Gorgeous In So Many Ways

How pretty can a Pac-Man game be? Let Pac-Man Championship Edition DX show you, a game that's dripping with sleepy ghosts, new ways to play a very old game and more visual style than you can shake a stick at.

Actually, don't threaten Pac-Man CE DX with that stick. It's too lovely to threaten with a stick-beating. See? Today Namco is showing the myriad visual settings that players can choose from when they play the next potentially great Pac-Man game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, also offering a look at the new courses in the follow up to 2007's Pac-Man Championship Edition.

Whether you prefer your Pac-Man pixelated in neon or soft and round in the Pac-Mania style, you're going to like the way this game looks.

Still no date from Namco, sadly. But pretty pictures will help pass the time.


Visual Select


    Meet Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, Sally, Bob, Sam, Peter, Geoff, Tito, Alfred, Jessica......

    It seriously looks like Pac-Man's been having one too many of these "pellets" and is totally tripping out. Though I must say, the explosion of colour is very pretty.

    When is this released on the iphone?

    Very Minter-ish!

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