The PlayStation 3 Is For Giant Babies

At least, that's what these new commercials for the console in Latin America are saying.

The Move one below is...OK, but boy that top one is something special. It's great to see some quality PlayStation ads again that don't involve Kevin Butler. It's not that I don't like Kevin, it's just...he's very brash, and Sony's thing used to cool and classy ads, not fake executives talking shit.


    I get the idea behind the ad, but it's still a pretty poor ad. I know, I know, we're all "children at heart" - but people don't want to be told - "hey, you're buying a game, guess you're still a six year old inside, right!?".

      You mean you're not a six year old inside? I know I am.

    I laughed my ass off at the baby guy being so amused at turning his car alarm on and off. Any ad that makes you feel some sort of emotion is a winner.

    Now lets all go down to our local game shops and buy PSP GO's! Huzzah!

    I like these ads better then the kevin butler ones.

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