The PlayStation Move Push Gets Weirder

Unusually dressed models showing off the Move motion controller as part of the PlayStation showcase at last week's Paris Games Week. Never mind the Move, when will Sony release the official PS3 head-mounted disc? As seen on Flickr.


    chick in the middle's laughing

    Up next... Daft Punk?

    Still looks more normal than MS reveal of Kinect... :p

    no no no this was not a MOVE event, it was rock band, cymbal edition, where you what the cymbals on your mates heads to the beat.

    I bet you that the person that designed those costumes has been watching too many Lady Gaga music videos

    Surely the only gaming related outfit that will never ever be cosplayed by anyone ever again.

    Although if little Johnny Howard was to ever take up cosplaying, I'm imagining him in this.

    the model in the middle with the orange dots looks like she's doing it to pay for her next coke hit, the model on the left is taking it really seriously, as if its her big break, and the one on the right is just kinda hot, despite said symbol on her head. I still feel absolutely no desire to purchase a Move, so in that regard I think we can chalk this one up as another EPIC FAIL!

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