The PlayStation Portable 'Was Doomed' From Launch

Sony's PlayStation Portable, while hardly a failure, hasn't really caught on the way most were expecting it to around the time of its launch back in 2004. Why? Because, as one developer says, it was "doomed".

"It was doomed from the very get-go", says Ready At Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya. "There are some things which aren't conductive to calling it a true portable gaming platform and calling it a connective platform, although it has Wi-Fi."

"There's so many things that publishers and the manufacturer and Sony dropped the ball on - it's natural, it's the first one."

What's interesting about this isn't what's being said - as most people (outside Japan, at any rate) would agree - but who's saying it. Weerasuriya isn't some idle spectator or Sony-hating third party, he's the co-founder of one of the only studios to really shine on the platform, and the developers of perhaps its finest games, the two portable God of War titles.

To hear him speaking like that... well, it reads like a eulogy. Words in memory of a system that's already been wound up. Now, why would that be?

PSP 'was doomed from the start' - God of War dev [EDGE via CVG]


    And the problems with the PSP are....
    I read the article at CVG but these issues are never really revealed. I personally really like my PSP, its just a real shame we don't get many decent games for it here in Aus, Japan seems to have a good collection but alas I don't speak japanese >_<

    PSP is actually decent for a handheld. In fact on paper it actually was great over the DS (and even the ppl at E3 at the time were raving on it.. and rightly so w/ the specs).

    Unfortunately it committed the biggest sin of all portables - short lived batteries. There's no point in touting an awesome portable multimedia/gaming device that would die on you after the first movie you decided to watch or first few hours of a game unless you reduced every setting like volume and brightness to absolute minimum.. even then it bought u an extra hour or 2.

    They fixed it eventually.. but when your facing up against Ninty's experience small mess ups can be costly =P (oh yeah and insert standard Sony didn't market enough to publishers line here)

    Perhaps if Sony talked to developers familiar with the system, like Weerasuriya, they could develop a portable that succeeded where the PSP has 'failed'. It isn't always about fancy graphics Sony. I hope they don't drop the ball on PSP2 as well.

    Everytime someone says the PSP is a failure of some sort, especially compared to its competitors, I laugh.

    50million+ units sold is a failure? Mobile phone companies would be lucky to even sell that many of the same model.

    I just don't like the controls, fix that on the psp2.

    The issues with the psp seem to be only on the developers end. If you're a fan on games from japan its still probably a good purchase, just don't expect many decent western games.

    PSP's biggest problem is it was hacked too soon. Leading to lost of game sales and lack of developers supporting the platform

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