The PS3's Raunchiest Game Gets A Raunchy Trailer

Female characters eating bananas. Female characters covered in goo. Female characters covered in ferrets?

Strategy game Record of Agarest War 2 is the follow up to, wait for it, Record of Agarest War. The game was deemed "too hot" for GameStop, resulting in the limited edition package (the one with the boob mouse pad) getting stowed behind the store counter.

As in Japan, the American Entertainment Software Rating Board rated the title "Teen" for "partial nudity", "suggestive themes" and "mild fantasy violence". The sequel has not been rated in America, let alone slated yet for US release. However, Record of Agarest War 2 is rated CERO C, which is the equivalent of Teen.

While Record of Agarest War features a "soul breeding" system, the game's event scenes end up being suggestive teases. Record of Agarest 2 doesn't look to be an exception. The writing in the above image reads, "However you look at this, it's a banana". That pretty much sums up Record of Agarest War: bananas.


    It's worth mentioning Agarest Zero (Agarest 2 is the 3rd game I think) is being localised by Aksys/Ghostlight for both US and EU regions. Support for trophies and both are retail releases.

    Agarest Zero is being localised? awesome :D Pity they didnt do a trophy update for RoAW though, thats one game that used its "in game" achievements really well

    It's funny how a game like this can be rated Teen in Japan yet in Australia I doubt it will even make it past the classification board. Shows the cultural differences.

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