The Scariest Snorlax And Venusaur You May Ever See

The Pokémon of your nightmares, as frighteningly re-imagined by Pixiv artist Yoshio. As seen on Reddit. (Click to evolve into larger picture.)




    Things like this make me wish there was a pokemon/monster hunter crossover :D

      Pokemonster hunter?

    Now that's a realistic Poke'mon

    I know Pokemon is intended to be a family oriented game.. But f'me if I dont love that look and want Nintendo to atleast do one game looking more mature.

    I still love you Poke-manz! <3

    looks awesome other then snorlax fix that shit up

    Y'know, I'm really tired of these realistic Pokemon images...

    I would kill for a less G pokemon game. This guy needs to work for Gamefreaks.

    Who ever drew this thinks that spikes makes things look scary (that and having mouths open), but I've got to say that they look better than the official ones do.

    These arn't realistic, they are made to look scary. Also it's old :|

    Damn they look good. Man its been ages since i played pokemon

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