The Sexiest Black Ops Unboxing You'll See All Day

If you thought that Fallout: New Vegas unboxing was sexy, then you've not seen anything yet. A triumph of Call of Duty-themed manscaping awaits!

Felix sends us this dude's second unboxing video, and this time he's pulled out all the stops. He's got camouflage patterns shaved in his body hair. He's upgraded from McDonald's to Wendy's. He mentions Infinity Ward.

He is glorious. Even now I am pondering shaving my copious amounts of body hair in a salute to this man. What do you guys think of tiger stripes?


    HAHAHA the Mexican comments are awesome!

    I want my internets back.

    Tiger stripes are dope.

    His dad was in vietnam? I wonder what he would think of his fatass son if he saw him right now.


    "so yeah you definitely use it to sneek up on people and use it to listen to their conversations, and I will definitely be doing this with my friends... well other people and stuff, I don't have many friends left anymore,"


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