The Slowest Gran Turismo 5 Race You'll Ever See

Gran Turismo 5 is realistic. How can you tell? Well, a tiny little Fiat 500 has trouble getting up a mountain in the real world, so it makes sense it can't get up a mountain in GT5, either.

Note we're not talking about the rather shiny new Fiat 500. That's fine. This is the original, which could produce a whopping... 13 brake horsepower. Which is not much more than a lawnmower.

If you're lazy, the race starts around 2:00 in, with 4:00 the spot you'll really start willing the little guy up the mountain.



    I learned to drive in one of these baby's! They're great cars! I wonder if you use a manual in the game, if you have to double clutch like you do in the real thing :0

    I love hearing northern UK accents, reminds me of home!

      Holy crap... that's ENGLISH they're speaking? I thought it was Norwegian or something...

    I remember back ages ago playing GT4 with a friend of mine driving the Fiat on Nurburgring. God that was excruciating.

    The only reason I won was because I dropped down a gear while going up the hill.

    Gran Turismo was never a realistic sim on loose surfaces. Rally races feel more like speedboats than real cars.

    Hitting the inside barrier on the first corner at such low speed is an embarrasment.

    You have to appreciate the realism in this game though - not all cars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    At least these are better cars than the Kombi vans.

      How painful is that first TopGear Challenge Race?

      I ended up winning by a car length which I think equated to about 20 seconds.

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