The Soundtrack To The Botanical Apocalypse

It only took two years, but there is now a Plants vs Zombies soundtrack available to purchase. That is, should you wish to pretend your working hours are being spent throwing peas at the undead instead of pushing a pencil.

The entire soundtrack was composed by PopCap's Laura Shigihara, who in addition to her duties at the casual game developer is also — trivia nerds get ready — providing the voice for a companion pet in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm.

The soundtrack will cost you $US10, and for that you get 29 tracks, which is every song from the game (including its adorable closing credits tune) along with a catchy, disco-infused unreleased number called Zombotany.

Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack [Bandcamp]



    OMG!! I was only looking for this 2 days ago!!! I am so hooked on PvZ right now!! This has made my day!! Awesome music, everyone should down load this.

    The "please wait" box stayed on screen forever and did not load a proper checkout screen :(

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