The Wii Is In The Red In Japan’s Hardware Chart

The Wii Is In The Red In Japan’s Hardware Chart

All it takes is a little red plastic to spur Wii sales in Japan. The Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary edition of Nintendo’s console went on sale overseas last week, tripling sales of the Wii.

Japanese gamers weren’t just hungry for fresh red plastic. There’s a copy of Super Mario Bros pre-installed on the hard drive and a Wii Remote Plus inside. That’s value! Despite that, the Wii had to settle for second place this week, selling just a thousand units behind the PSP. Speaking of PlayStation Portables, the PSPgo continues its streak of not being in last place, outselling the Xbox 360 and DS Lite overseas.

For the full numbers from Media Create in handy unordered list form, read on.

  • PSP – 40,328
  • Wii – 39,308
  • PlayStation 3 – 21,114
  • Nintendo DSi LL – 18,711
  • Nintendo DSi – 13,994
  • PSP go – 2727
  • Xbox 360 – 2149
  • Nintendo DS Lite – 1752
  • PlayStation 2 – 1233


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