There Are 26,000 Kinects In Japanese Homes

Not just, one Japanese home per se, but oodles more.

Defying the odds, Xbox Japan turned out impressive Kinect sales figures... impressive for Xbox Japan. While the peripheral sold over a million in its first ten days in the US, the motion sensor sold 26,000 in Japan during its first two days. Pretty good!

The Xbox 360, however, sold around 7000 units. That's... better than the 2000 or so consoles Microsoft sold the week before!

Japanese retail bloggers, which initially reported that Kinect was floundering at retail, noted with surprise that the peripheral did better than they thought. While Kinect didn't come close to the 96,000 that the PSP sold, it did put in a good showing - for Japan.

While Nintendo and Sony hardware sales in Japan can get truly impressive, they just don't for Microsoft. Even when eagerly awaited Xbox 360 titles like Star Ocean: The Last Hope go on sale in Japan, Microsoft is able to sell around 24,000 consoles at best. (Typically, Microsoft sells somewhere between 2000 and 4000 a week!)

So Kinect did better than originally thought in Japan, but not as good as the other big gaming markets (the U.S. and Europe). Baby steps, folks, baby steps!

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