There's ANOTHER Battlefield Game In Development

Let's see, recently we've had Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield Heroes. We'll soon have Battlefield 3. But did you know there's another game in the franchise on the way?

EA's Ben Cousins hit Twitter yesterday and wrote this:

Don't forget, DICE - the Battlefield series' main developers - have also been busy with Medal of Honor's multiplayer mode, so maybe this new game should be called Battlefield: Let The Series Take A Breather.

Since Cousins deals mostly with EA's more casual titles, though, we'd expect it to be something along the lines of Battlefield Heroes; maybe a Facebook version of the game?

[via Eurogamer]


    Crosses fingers for 2143... I might actually buy another BF game if they make that.

      Amen. Realistic, modern day-setting shooters don't really interest me at all, but I LOVED 2142. Bring back the titans! (And make the game balance better than BC2!)

    Heroes 2/Facbook Heroes - Calling it now.

      Pfft, there's plenty of heroes on Facebook already.. Or at least they think they're heroes.

    Battlefield: Rehab

    Prepare for... Battlefield: Minesweeper

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