There's Now A Shooter To Teach People How To Play Shooters

If you suck at shooters - think Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield - then you probably need help. You could ask your friends, but for a less embarrassing solution, you could try FPS Trainer.

It's a game that's designed to... teach you how to play shooter games, instructing you on the basic (and more importantly transferable) skills required to put a virtual bullet in someone's face.

There's of course a catch: while it'll be free to play, the game's creators will be charging for various tweaks and upgrades. Some of the possibilities raised include charging to "skin" the game to both feel (eg player movement speed) and appear more like a specific title (eg Halo, Modern Warfare).

[FPS Trainer, via Big Download]


    The website is down because too many people can't play FPS. Thumbs up if you agree! Oh wait, this isn't YouTube.

    Anyway, I believe this trainer game is aimed at PC? I kind of need help for Xbox FPS. :(

    Alternatively you could just play the actual game you wanted to in the first place.

    It's odd but I find that people over the age of 30 who haven't played an FPS before have real trouble doing simple things like move and look at the same time.

    I spent several hours trying to teach my wife to play Call of Duty 2 without much luck, she just couldn't walk and turn at the same time. Ditto my dad, my son played Bioshock for a bit with grandpa and the whole concept of move left stick, look right stick was totally beyond him.

      Ahhhh there's your problem. You were playing FPS on a console.

    Spelt Battlefield wrong.

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