There's Only One John Marston Action Figure

Rockstar doesn't do action figures. There have been none made for Grand Theft Auto, none for Bully, none for Rockstar Table Tennis. So fans have to step in, do it themselves.

This Red Dead Redemption custom was made by Deathlimbo, out of an old - would you believe it - Remy (from Street Fighter) figure.

Sure, the face is a little off, but if it troubles you as much as it troubles me, you could always just pull his hat down. And just stare at the rest of the thing, which from muddy pants to rope is pretty damn impressive.

John Marston Custom Action Figure [FigureRealm, thanks John!]


    There's something wrong with his face...

    Sorry to nitpick, but that doesn't look anything like big John.

    sorry to burst your bubble but you wasted your time.

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