These Are Wood Pokémon

Some people say there are no wood Pokémon. Not true. There are woodcut Pokémon.

Friend of the site Matt Hawkins curated a recent event at New York City arts gaming showcase Babycastles featuring an artist's Pokémon woodcuts. They come from artist Maré Odomo, who used a laser cutter to make them, and will be on sale in the future on Attract Mode shop.

The woodcuts as well as some attractive arcade cabinets were part of Hawkins' recently-concluded turn curating the Babycastles venue that runs through the end of the year in the heart of New York City. The next event, which is ongoing, features games from the Independent Games Festival. (More date/location/content info on that showing here.)

For more on Hawkins' colourful show and more of a look at the art and artists he brought together, check out his Fort90 blog post on the event. Warning: Matt puts a lot of photos in his posts. Prepare your scroll wheels.


    Looks great. You can make smaller versions of these into keyrings :)

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