These Brave Souls Lined Up In Darkness To Buy Call Of Duty

As the night rolls on, retailers across the world have opened their doors at midnight to sell large groups of grown men a video game they simply couldn't wait another nine hours to get their hands on. Here's some pics!

Best Buy in South Philly (thanks Javier!)

Around one-quarter of the line at Gainesville, Florida's GameStop (thanks Matt!)

The US Army seizes the moment for a spot of recruitment (thanks knickmaster!)

200+ people waiting in the cold, and George is in shorts (thanks georgeb3dr!)

GameStop, San Bruno (thanks Adam!)

Cornwall, Ontario (thanks Todd!)

Some of the 60-ish in line at the GameStop in Renton, Washington (thanks Ryan!)

Eastlake, San Diego (thanks Chris!)

American Fork, Utah (thanks Jonas!)

Greenwich St, NYC (thanks Zain!)

Portsmouth, England (thanks Parker!)

Huber Heights, Ohio (thanks Nate!)

Top pic of GameStop in LA, courtesy of Treyarch's John Enricco


    just to realized the game is unplayable at this current stage.

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