This Gran Turismo 5 Dog Finishes In Last Place

There's no denying that the cars in Gran Turismo 5 look fantastic. The game's developers are pushing the realistic racing sim closer and closer to photorealism. The game's dogs, however, need some work.

When GT5 designer Kazunori Yamauchi said that Gran Turismo 5 might have "too much" detail, he wasn't talking about man's best friend. Remember, Gran Turismo 5 loves cars. Not dogs. Screw dogs.

流石の『グランツーリスモ5』も犬のグラフィックまではリアルじゃなかった。 [オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Stop zooming in on dogs!

    I dont get it......

    Thats not a real dog- its a donation box for the Guide Dog Association.

      and an extremely realistic one, so much so you could make it a mini game,

      Guide Dogs Donation Box : The REAL donation simulator

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