This Guy Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Zero Kills

NeoGAF user water_wendi started a couple of playthroughs in Fallout: New Vegas before deciding to try a complete pacifist run. Fifty-one hours later, he finished the game, with no humans nor animals harmed in the making of his story.

He thinks it's possible to go 70 hours in this game without killing anyone, too, calculating about 2 to 3 hours on a sidequest where kills aren't necessary, and another 10 if you explore and loot everything. All told, he's logged about 100 hours in the game, and is putting it away for now.

It's impressive, but left unsaid is how many times, if any, he found a gun in a locker and just said the hell with it, blew someone's head off, and reloaded his previous gamesave. Or maybe he really was as pure as his messiah rating proclaims.

[NeoGAF via Joystiq]


    His HP is above the maximum - is that normal? I've only played a bit of Fallout NV, so I'm not sure.

      He's probably using Buffout which adds 60 to the maximum health so it is possible he's using it.

      I don't think you can get through without killing anything though as some creatures can't be avoided unless you have an absolutely high sneak factor.

        You can pretty quickly get the animal friend perk which makes animals not attack you, and eventually they attack for you.

        Also, with two companions, I find myself hardly firing a shot now anyway. I would bet that with two friends, this would be possible.

      Chems maybe? There probably is one that boosts your health temporarily.

    Jesus never looted, so Bethesda needs to raise the bar.

    That aside, it's great to see someone achieve something cool in a game that isn't a bleeding achievement. Notice how his accomplishments made the press, how most cool deeds ended up before pay-to-play achievements were invented. Hear-hear for intrinsically interested gamers.

    Its good to see this is possible as it was one of the possible things in the original Fallout and Fallout 2, which were obscenely difficult even when you did allow yourself to kill people and it would have been a disappointment had you not been able to do this again.

    He probably had a high strength and sneak and used boxing gloves and punching tape, and just knocked everyone out haha!


    i dont believe him i mean yeah its impressive and all but wheres the proof? no video, no pics no nothing i just cant believe something so impossible just with a couple of lines of info that could be fake

      You want a video proving he didn't do something, but is an accomplishment in itself? That's like asking someone for proof that they didn't fill up a glass with milk, when you can see the glass is empty.

      If you click on that picture you can see his game stats...

      that would be a 51 hour long video to show the entire game from start to finish without him killing anyone... do you really want to watch that?

    That's impressive, on my first play through on hardcore I never slept, which seems ridiculous that you can go through essentially days of gameplay, never sleep, and it has no effect. Nuka Cola and Atomic Coctails ftw.

    If I did this I think I would play two games at the same time. Play each mission twice, one with kills one without and two separate saves. Great idea!

    Shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and because I've seen quite some shops in my time.

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