This Guy Can Finish Myst Faster Than I Can Make A Cup Of Tea

I can't remember if I ever even finished PC adventure game Myst. There was just so much sitting, and thinking, and doing nothing. This guy, he's finished Myst. And he's done it in under two minutes.

Don't believe me? Check the clip above, which clocks in at around 1:45. The guy has click madness, so swift is the progress through the game, but he's clearly clicking on the right stuff because his progress is wholly uninterrupted.

We shudder to imagine how many hours were spent lost in the game, committing every pixel of every screen to memory, all in the name of internet fame. Shudder!

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    I remember doing something similar to this almost immediately after finishing the game for the first time (so many years ago).

    Back then, I was surprised that you could finish the game without ever leaving the first age. Of course, it required knowledge that was only acquirable in the other worlds. But, the fact that the game didn't force you into the other levels, if you already had all the information, gave the game a lot of credibility for me.

    My memories from playing Myst are still surprisingly vivid. Before hitting play on the video, I could recall how to do most of this. I would only have encountered difficulty in that chimney. I remember the puzzle, but not the solution.

    Myst was such a great game.

    I remember seeing a cousin play this and back then it wasn't very accessible, long and seemed extremely difficult to progress.

    Funny how now it look so short and sickeningly linear.

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