This Guy's Car Is Now In Gran Turismo

Earlier this week, the Gran Turismo Awards were held as part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. The prize? Some regular guy would get his custom car made available as a vehicle in the game.

And this year, that award went to Mark Stielow (pictured, right), whose lovely '69 Camaro will now - as is customary for winners of the annual awards - have the car reproduced in loving detail in a Gran Turismo title.

You'd think that would mean more last-minute additions to Gran Turismo 5, but series creator Kazunori Yamauchi (on the left up there) says that no, Stielow has just missed the boat, and his car will have to wait for GT6.

This is the eighth time the awards, designed to "recognise and reward automotive enthusiasts", have been held. It's a pretty cool idea, giving Average Joe - and not Car Company Joe - the chance to have their pride and joy driven and enjoyed by millions.


    Does that mean there's no chance of adding new cars through DLC? That would be a shame.

    Wow! It will be in GT6 - I'm guessing in the vintage car section for 50 years and over?

    His car will be in GT6.. lol, sounds like the booby prize to me..

    Don't hold your breath buddy..

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