This Is Good News For The Future Graphics Of Minecraft

Minecraft has a great personality, but it's not the prettiest game in the world. Fortunately for the more superficial of us, developer Notch has taken some of that Minecraft money and hired a great artist, one you already know.

That'd be the Swedish artist who calls himself "Junkboy". You may remember him from such JPEGs and GIFs as this Portal and Ico mash-up or these 22 spectacular "dem akes" of modern and classic games. The accomplished pixel and digital paint artist is now one of the full-time staffers making Minecraft better and prettier.

To see more of Junkboy's work, hit his deviantArt account and start fantasising about how much better Creeper's will look when Minecraft makes its way out of alpha.

Survival Mode Multiplayer is priority #1 [Minecraft - Thanks Jonathan!]


    This looks really nice. Are we getting a new engine to go with it, or do you suspect it will be just new skins for existing models?

    Also, "Creeper's" is incorrect in the last line of the article.

    Looks like Agent 47s gentleman ancestor.

    It's difficult to imagine how Creepers could look any scarier...

    They could be pink....

    Just saying.

    I don't think he could change the look of the creeper much unless the pixel density changes. I hope he changes the look of cobblestone though.

    Anyone notice that they're pulling a gears of war with the colour saturation?


      But I feel they will be changing the flavour of the game entirely if they change the graphics in any way.. will have to wait and see.

    Am I the only one that thinks the graphics of minecraft add to the experience of the game?

      I just had this discussion with someone i work with.

      It is part of the games charm. I think if overnight it became a HD game in 1080p with all of the bells and whistles, it would end up costing a bunch more, but also just feel like everything else. I think that the game could do with some level of visual improvements but it should stick to the style it has currently.

      Overall, Notch has not put a foot wrong yet so i am really looking forward to the direction this goes in.

      I've never played the game personally but I love watching videos and screenshots from in game because I like how it looks :(

      I certainly don't mind some changes and improvements to certain things but I definitely hope that there is no drastic change.

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